PEMCO and Progressive offer the cheapest full moon coverage car insurance and state minimal policies respectively in Tacoma, while GEICO is the best option for drivers with a accelerate ticket. For drivers from military families, USAA may be the cheapest choice in most instances. Hartford is best overall on MoneyGeek ’ s alone fink system. It offers a counterweight of low-cost rates and good customer service .iconribbon best car indemnity Tacoma


The Cheapest and Best Car Insurance in Tacoma

The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Tacoma

The companies with the cheapest full coverage car indemnity policies in Tacoma are :

  • PEMCO: $868 per year
  • GEICO: $943 per year

For active voice and former military members, USAA is the most low-cost option at $ 674 per class. PEMCO is the cheapest insurance company in the city for wide coverage car policy, while MetLife is the most expensive. In fact, PEMCO ’ sulfur average premium is 219 % ( $ 1,903 ) less than the lapp coverage offered by MetLife. Full coverage car insurance includes comprehensive examination and collision coverage. It besides includes liability insurance which is mandated by state laws across the U.S .

Cheapest Car Insurance in Tacoma

Full Coverage 100/300/100

  • company 100/300/100

    per year

  • 1 .USAA


  • 2. PEMCO


  • 3 .GEICO


  • 4 .Progressive


  • 5 .State Farm


  • 6 .Travelers


  • 7. Allied


  • 8 .Allstate


  • 9 .American Family


  • 10 .Farmers


  • 11 .MetLife


This analysis, as set out in MoneyGeek ’ second methodology, compares the monetary value of wide coverage car policy policies from multiple insurers for a 40-year-old male driver. A full moon coverage policy provides comprehensive and collision policy. Liability policy is besides included as per submit requirements, although the monetary value may vary depending on the limit you choose. While liability insurance covers damage to other vehicles, comprehensive and collision policy protects you in case of wrong to your car .

  • Comprehensive Insurance: Covers any damage to your vehicle caused by a non-accident event such as vandalism or theft.
  • Collision Insurance: This pays for repairs to your car due to an accident.

The premiums for a full coverage policy may turn out to be more than the replacement measure of your car if you have an older model. In such instances, you may wish to choose a state minimal policy or flush liability-only insurance. Loading …

Cheapest Car Insurance in Tacoma for Minimum Coverage

When it comes to car indemnity costs in Tacoma and elsewhere, the measure of coverage you buy plays a huge function. A policy only meeting state minimums in Tacoma costs $ 783 on average, while a full moon coverage policy typically costs $ 1,358. That means you can save angstrom much as $ 575, depending on the coverage level that you choose .

Cheapest Minimum Liability Car Insurance in Tacoma

state Minimum

  • company State Minimum

    per year

  • 1 .USAA


  • 2 .Progressive


  • 3. PEMCO


  • 4 .GEICO


  • 5 .State Farm


  • 6 .Travelers


  • 7. Allied


  • 8 .Allstate


  • 9 .American Family


  • 10 .Farmers


  • 11 .MetLife


By law, Washington drivers must have car insurance with a country minimal of 25/50/10 coverage. While it ’ s the cheapest indemnity available, it may not protect you wholly in an accident where you could end up paying big sums not covered by your insurance company. For example, if you ’ re in an at-fault accident that leads to $ 45,000 in aesculapian bills for the other driver, your state minimum indemnity will cover $ 25,000 of that. You will be responsible for the remaining $ 20,000 .

Washington Minimum Liability Requirements

  • detail description
  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage $ 25,000 per person, $ 50,000 per accident and $ 10,000 for property damage. A more protective level is 100/300/100 .

Cheapest Car Insurance in Tacoma if You Have Driving Violations

If you have driving violations such as speeding tickets, a DUI or an at-fault accident, you may see your policy premiums resurrect. In Tacoma, the cheapest insurers for drivers with prior violations are :

  • Cheapest after a ticket: GEICO, $943 per year
  • Cheapest after an at-fault accident: PEMCO, $1,170 per year
  • Cheapest after a DUI: State Farm, $1,206 per year

For drivers who are current or former members of the military, USAA provides the cheapest coverage for drivers with a speed ticket and an at-fault accident at $ 790 and $ 956 per class, respectively. If you have a bad drive record, you can still get cheap policy by improving your history over time. While you ’ re improving your drive phonograph record, check the cheapest rates from multiple insurers in Tacoma to find the best bum car policy .

Cheapest Car Insurance in Tacoma With a Violation

Speeding ticket

  • company Speeding Ticket

    per year

  • 1 .USAA


  • 2 .GEICO


  • 3. PEMCO


  • 4 .State Farm


  • 5 .Allstate


  • 6 .Progressive


  • 7. Allied


  • 8 .Travelers


  • 9 .American Family


  • 10 .Farmers


  • 11 .MetLife


Average Cost of Car Insurance in Tacoma







Car insurance in Tacoma is by and large modal in terms of cost. It ’ sulfur more expensive than the department of state average, compared to Washington ’ s $ 1,264 average annual rate. however, cable car policy companies in Tacoma still charge a fiddling less than the national average of $ 1,424 per class at $ 1,358. In specific terms, the typical policy in Tacoma is 7.4 % more expensive than Washington ’ s annual agio, while it ’ s 4.7 % cheaper than the national average. If you want the best rates, you should get a personalized quote.

Personalized Quotes to Get You the Cheapest Car Insurance in Tacoma

A variety of factors can impact the cost of your annual premiums, such as ZIP code, gender, marital status and driving know. Depending on your personal risk level, you can get higher or lower premiums compared to the modal car indemnity rates in Tacoma. Do you want the best premium ? Get a personalized quote from unlike car indemnity companies in Tacoma to give you a find for likely discounts and rebates. Loading …

The Best Car Insurance Companies in Tacoma

The top two car policy companies in Tacoma that scored highest for customer service and affordability as per MoneyGeek ’ sulfur analysis are :

  • Hartford: MoneyGeek score of 93 out of 100
  • GEICO: MoneyGeek score of 85 out of 100

With a score of 100 out of 100, USAA ranked highest as per MoneyGeek ’ second analysis ; however, we did not include it as good overall because cable car indemnity policies from USAA are exclusive to veterans, current members of the military and their families. The concluding scores out of 100 were calculated based on several factors, including customer satisfaction, affordability and insurance company fiscal stability ratings by data analytics and consumer intelligence company J.D. Power .


score :


5/5 Affordability 5/5 Claims Ratings

5/5 User Satisfaction A++ fiscal stability 2


grade :


4/5 Affordability 5/5 Claims Ratings 4/5 User Satisfaction A+ fiscal stability 3


score :


4/5 Affordability 2/5 Claims Ratings 3/5 User Satisfaction A++ fiscal stability 4


score :


3/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 3/5 User Satisfaction A+ fiscal stability 5

American Family

score :


3/5 Affordability 2/5 Claims Ratings 4/5 User Satisfaction A fiscal stability 6

State Farm

score :


3/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 3/5 User Satisfaction A fiscal stability 7


score :


3/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 3/5 User Satisfaction A fiscal stability 8


mark :


3/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 2/5 User Satisfaction A+ fiscal stability 9


grudge :


2/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 3/5 User Satisfaction A fiscal stability 10

Liberty Mutual

mark :


3/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 2/5 User Satisfaction A fiscal stability 11


score :


2/5 Affordability 2/5 Claims Ratings 2/5 User Satisfaction A+ fiscal stability

Average Cost of Car Insurance by Postal Code

ZIP code is another factor that influences car policy quotes in Tacoma. Different neighborhoods have varying rates, considering the differing frequency of accidents, uninsured motorists and more in each venue. In Tacoma, drivers in ZIP code 98444 can expect to save around $ 20 on average compared to policyholders from ZIP code 98404 .

  • Zip Code State Minimum

    per year

  • 98444


  • 98404


Factors That Impact Insurance Costs in Tacoma

In addition to individual driver needs and history, location-specific factors like the percentage of uninsured motorists and the rate of black accidents besides contribute to car indemnity rates in Tacoma. How Tacoma ranks compared to the 300 most populous cities in the United States can have a significant shock on premium costs .accident2 icon Most Accidents With Fatalities


/ 300handcuffs2 icon Most car Thefts


/ 300uninsured icon Most uninsured Motorists by State


/ 50insurance2 icon personal Injury Protection Required Norain icon Most annual rain


/ 300umbrella icon Most showery Days


/ 300

Methodology and Assumptions

MoneyGeek ’ south median agio rates for Tacoma are based on 100/300/100 comprehensive collision coverage with a $ 1,000 deductible for a 40-year-old male driver. The average driver profiled drives a 2010 Toyota Camry LE and has no tickets or accidents on their record. Additional premiums are added based on coverage type, location and drive record. Learn more about MoneyGeek ’ south data and methodology hera. About the writer

expert-profileexpert-profile Mark Fitzpatrick is a senior content director with MoneyGeek specializing in indemnity. Mark has years of feel analyzing the policy market and creating original research and contented. He graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts and Johns Hopkins University with a chief of Arts .

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