If you have a car and a motorcycle, you need insurance for both of them. Buying both policies from the same ship’s company, or bunch, can save you money, since most major cable car indemnity companies offer bundling discounts. Bundling your car and motorbike policy means purchasing each policy from the like insurance company. You ’ ll still get two separate car and motorbike policies, with their own limits, deductibles, and exclusions, but bundling the policies together will save you money on your premiums. If you ’ rhenium shopping for car and motorbike insurance together, you should still shop around and compare bundles deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as standalone policies, in case you can save more money by buying the policies individually.

Key Takeaways

  • Bundling policy is when you purchase multiple policies through the same company .
  • Most major policy companies offer a rebate when you bundle policies .
  • Bundling your cable car and motorbike policies together can help you save money on your premiums and you can gain access to both your policy policies with a individual call or log in .
  • You should still shop around in case you can save more money by buying policies individually rather than bundling .

Can I bundle car and motorcycle policy ?

In short, yes. When you sign up for policy, most policy companies offer the option to insure more than one place type with them. This frequently means buy home and car indemnity together, but you can besides bundle your car and motorcycle policy with a single carrier. many companies make it easy to bundle your car policy with insurance for your soil motorcycle, golf cart, segway, ATV, or moped in addition to motorcycle policy. You can besides bundle a renters indemnity policy or a family policy policy on top of that for even more overall savings. cook to shop car indemnity ? Start calculator

Best car and motorcycle bundles

not every insurance ship’s company offers motorbike coverage, but you can bundle car and motorcycle insurance, vitamin a well as coverage for other property types, with the following major car policy companies :


not only do you get a discount for bundling your cable car and motorbike indemnity with Acuity, but you can besides add coverage for vessel, snowmobiles, ATVs, and RVs which will unlock even more chances to save. Of the 700+ reviews on Trustpilot, 87 % of policyowners rated the ship’s company “ Great ” or Excellent, ” making Acuity a leading company when it comes to customer satisfaction. → Read our wax review of Acuity


You can get a rebate by bundling two or more property policy policies at Allstate, but you can besides save by switching your motorcycle indemnity to Allstate from another carrier. Allstate besides offers discounts for insuring more than one motorcycle or passing a motorbike safe driving course of study in the past 36 months. → Read our full revue of Allstate

American Family

American Family offers an impressive list of discounts, including an opportunity to save when you bundle your indemnity. Policyholders who bundle car and motorcycle indemnity, in particular, are besides entitled to a collision deductible release that will excuse the less expensive deductible when your car and motorcycle are damaged in the same incident. → Read our full review of american Family


In addition to a deduction for bundling cable car and motorcycle indemnity, Amica besides offers discounts for every extra motorcycle you insure with them. According to the company, you can besides save up to 25 % by insuring two or more vehicles, and an extra 30 % when you combine your car indemnity with other property assets, such as homeowners insurance. → Read our entire review of Amica


You ’ re eligible for a total of discounts when you switch to GEICO policy, including 10 % off when you transfer your motorcycle indemnity from another insurance company, 20 % off for active voice Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructors, and an extra 5 % for bundling your cable car and motorcycle indemnity policies with them.

→ Read our full review of GEICO


MetLife offers coverage for motorcycles and recreational vehicles, which extends protection beyond your motorcycle to any crap bikes, motorhomes, travel trailers, and golf carts you may own. Unlike many other property insurers, MetLife is available in all 50 states and rates are locked-in for a full 12 months when you sign up, compared to a six-month policy. → Read our entire reappraisal of MetLife


countrywide customers can add up to 12 motorcycles to their insurance policy, and earn a motorcycle insurance dismiss for bundling multiple vehicles. The vanishing deductible discount besides subtracts $ 100 from your deductible for every year of condom drive, intend after five years, you could potentially be nontaxable from having to pay a deductible when you file a claim. → Read our entire review of Nationwide


You ’ ll earn a rebate at Progressive for bundling your car and motorcycle indemnity together. You can besides add small accident or large accident forgiveness to your motorbike policy for the electric potential of extra savings. minor accident forgiveness means your rates won ’ t increase after an accident worth $ 500 or less, and large accident forgiveness is for drivers who ’ ve been with Progressive for four years or more and go three years without getting into an accident. → Read our fully review of Progressive


A child company of Liberty Mutual insurance, Safeco offers a host of unique discounts and a customer satisfaction have that compares to major companies like GEICO. For remaining claim-free, you can decrease your deductible for collision coverage by $ 100 when it ’ randomness time to renew your policy, and safe motorbike drivers earn $ 1,000 ( per person, per incident ) on motorcycle gear replacements at no extra cost with no deductible. → Read our full review of Safeco

Should I bundle cable car and motorcycle policy ?

If you own a car and a motorcycle, then bundling your car and motorcycle insurance is normally a capital idea. You would need to insure both vehicles anyhow, and policy companies will typically make it worth your while to purchase more than one policy from them .

1. Bundling saves you money

many policy companies offer multi-policy discounts when you bundle your car and motorbike insurance with them ( or any other property policy for that count ). Customers can typically save equally much as 30 % on their insurance premiums for purchasing multiple policies with an insurance company, and the more assets you insure, the more you may be able to save. In the consequence that both your car and motorbike are damaged, say they are keyed and defaced overnight, you may alone need to pay a individual deductible when you go to file a title quite than two classify ones, saving you money .

2. Bundling is convenient

Bundling your car and motorbike indemnity besides means you can access both your policies whenever you contact your policy company. With entree to both your policies, you can review your coverages, make payments, and file a call all in the same place. You ’ ll besides never have to worry about which indemnity company to call when it ’ randomness time to file a claim for your car or motorbike, and you save yourself from having to explain your fiscal position to multiple providers. If an indemnity agent is already familiar with your property assets and named insureds, they can more easily recommend policies, apply discounts, and modify your coverage based on your needs .

3. You may miss out on better deals

Bundling your car and motorbike policy can normally save you money on your premiums, but it ’ s not constantly the best deal. Every now and then, you should shop around for better bundles or better coverage for both vehicles with separate providers. tied fair switching indemnity companies can help you save, but occasionally you ’ ll find it ’ sulfur cheaper to insure your car and motorbike with offprint policies from two different companies .

How to shop for a car and motorbike policy bunch

Whether you ’ ra applying for indemnity on-line or over the earphone, you ’ ll have the option of bundling multiple place types and getting two or more policies at once. Just like when you ’ re shop for a single policy policy, you should compare coverage and policies from multiple carriers before you decide on a bundle. If you ’ rhenium give for both car and motorcycle indemnity in concert, you should have all your personal information at the ready a well as information about your property, including your car and bicycle ’ s make and models and their vehicle identification numbers. An mugwump insurance agentive role can help you decide between bundles, or choose between bundling your cable car and motorcycle policy or finding exclusive carriers for each vehicle based on your fiscal situation and insurance needs .

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to insure a car or a motorcycle?

It ’ randomness typically cheaper to insure a motorcycle than a car. Motorcycles cost less to replace than cars, so it would cost your policy company less if they were totaled in an accident, one argue why a motorbike policy that includes comprehensive examination and collision coverage is still less than a full coverage car policy.

Do you have to declare motorbike accidents on car insurance?

Yes, you should notify your car indemnity companies of any motorbike accidents. Accidents, either in your car or on your motorcycle, will be listed on your drive vehicle record anyhow, so future insurers will be able to see them and they ’ ll likely have an impact on your future rates .

How can I get cheap motorcycle insurance?

Besides bundling your policies, you can get the cheapest rates on motorcycle insurance by shopping round and comparing quotes from multiple companies, dropping any unnecessary coverage, and earning discounts .

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