Handling the Claims Process with GEICO Insurance The Government Employees Insurance Company—commonly known as GEICO—is the second-largest provider of car policy in the United States. GEICO covers over 13 million drivers who operate over 22 million vehicles and has widespread and well-known advertising campaigns often featuring a delightfully anthropomorphic british gecko. Despite the entreaty of its commercials and the company ’ s commercial success, many hurt car accident victims have experienced challenges in receiving adequate settlements for their car accident claims from GEICO. If you need to make a claim with GEICO, it is always a good theme to discuss your situation with an car accident lawyer familiar with the GEICO claims process . Saving Money on Premiums Can Limit Payouts GEICO regularly advertises that it saves policyholders “ fifteen percentage ” by spending only “ fifteen minutes ” by switching their policy. GEICO besides offers perks such as “ accident forgiveness, ” 1 which means that your premiums will not increase upon a claim if you have not had an accident in the past five years. however, saving customers money along with an extensive ad budget airless to $ 1 billion 2 means that GEICO much works to save money by limiting indebtedness in injury claims. GEICO may offer an inadequate sum or may wholly deny a claim based on allegations of disputed demerit, the severity of injuries, the lawsuit of injuries, and more. An know lawyer can review your sheath to estimate the appropriate respect and can present tell and arguments to GEICO to negotiate a much higher offer in your casing . Examples of Our Dealings with GEICO Insurance At the Steven M. Sweat, Personal Injury Lawyers, APC in Los Angeles, we regularly aid clients with GEICO claims and liquidation negotiations. The pursuit are some examples of our dealings with this insurance company :

  • Our client was hit from behind by a car while riding his bike on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. The vehicle clipped his handlebar causing him to lose control, fly off his bicycle, and hit the concrete sidewalk with such force that he broke his pelvis. GEICO denied liability due to their allegation that there was no “property damage” to the bike. After we stepped in and obtained statements from witnesses testifying to the client’s account of events, the client was able to have hip replacement surgery and obtain the full policy limits from the driver of $250,000.
  • Our client was hit while riding a motorcycle by a driver making a left-hand turn in front of her. GEICO driver claimed that he never came into contact with the motorcycle but, couldn’t explain under oath in a deposition how the client came to loose control of the bike and lay it down immediately after he made a left in front of her. No offers of settlement were made prior to our representation. After conducting an investigation and obtaining evidence proving our theory of liability, GEICO Insurance ultimately paid almost $400,000.
  • Our client’s foot was run over by a GEICO insured driver. The insurance carrier tried to claim that vehicle never came into contact with the client and that she “fell down.” Our firm was able to subpoena the medical records which clearly indicated an injury consistent with being run over rather than “falling down.” This auto v. pedestrian claim was ultimately settled for a significant five figure amount.

Though every case is different, contacting an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney can greatly increase your chances of receiving the full insurance payout you deserve. Call us today at 866-966-5240 for help. Read our exclusive 5-part series about car accident policy carriers here :

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