Car Totaled and Not at Fault? Here’s What to Do

A car accident is a awful and consuming experience, particularly when the damage is austere adequate to total your vehicle. But what happens when the accident wasn ’ t your mistake ? Working with the other driver ’ s indemnity party can be a challenge. Keep recitation to find out your next steps after an accident that totals your car .

Exchange Information

After a collision, it ’ mho always best to call the patrol and switch over information with the other driver ( s ) involved. The police can arrive on the fit and complete a report that outlines all the details while they ’ re fresh in everyone ’ randomness minds, adenine well as interview any witnesses to get more information. Responding patrol officers may besides take photos, but you can take photos yourself american samoa well to have for your records. The police report will become critical in determining who is at mistake in the accident.

When you exchange information, make certain to get the diagnose of the insurance company that insures the other driver ( s ), a well as their policy number and agent, if available. You may besides want to request their contact information, such as their appoint and phone issue, in case you need to make contact after you disperse from the picture of the collision .

Determining Fault

While the police may make a determination as to who is at demerit for citation purposes, the policy companies will work together to make their own decision as well. In some cases, this determination will not match who law enforcement determines to be at fault. The indemnity determination is what matters when it comes to who will pay for the damages .

Filing a Claim

When person else involved in the accident is deemed to be at demerit, the following gradation is filing a title with their car policy company. This process is called filing a third-party car claim while filing a claim with your own insurance company is a first-party claim. however, it ’ randomness crucial to check the laws in your state. Some states are considered no-fault states and these states require drivers to file first-party claims with their own policy companies first base .

Should I Call My Insurance Company if I’m Not At Fault?

You may choose to file a call with your policy party anyhow, as they can become your preach during the probe and determination process. If your insurance adjuster determines that the other driver is at fault, they will likely fight the other driver ’ s policy party to pay for the damages .
technically, the at-fault driver is responsible for informing their car indemnity provider of the accident, but some are reluctant to do indeed as they don ’ metric ton want their rates to go up. You can always contact the policy company after the accident to make sure they have reported the situation. When reporting an accident, it ’ sulfur best to state the facts and avoid bringing your opinion into it. Supply any information you may have gathered, such as photograph, a copy of the police report card, and witness statements .

When Is a Car Considered Totaled?

insurance companies must determine the entire prize of the fomite ( s ) involved. This value should include any modifications made to the car, such as upgrade wheels or tires, a dainty stereophonic system, or exterior enhancements for storage purposes .
When calculating the full prize of the fomite, an indemnity adjuster will besides calculate the sum cost associated with all the repairs needed to restore it to its pre-accident express. There is a massive cost dispute between cosmetic damage and more severe price, so it ’ south important to document the stream state of the car. In ordain to make this calculation, the vehicle owner will typically have to take it in for an estimate from an car consistency denounce that is approved by the indemnity company. If the fomite is not safe to drive, the policy company can arrange for it to be towed from the site of the accident to the car body shop .
Each department of state has a jurisprudence in place that dictates when a car should be totaled. When the full price of rectify amounts to a certain share of the vehicle ’ second sum value, the car is totaled based on state jurisprudence .

Receiving Compensation

A totaled car often can ’ t be repaired, so the insurance company of the at-fault driver should provide payment that you can use to purchase another vehicle. The liquidation offered may not be enough to replace your car or purchase a exchangeable vehicle, thus make sure you understand what the company is offering to you before you accept .

Will the Other Insurance Company Give Me a Rental?

During the waiting time period, when the companies are determining demerit and reviewing the information, you should be able to get a lease car for equally long as it takes to receive the payment. Before obtaining a lease car, make certain to check with the insurance caller as they may require you to go through certain providers in club for the monetary value to be covered .

Will My Premiums Go Up if I Am Not At Fault?

In most cases, your indemnity premiums shouldn ’ thymine increase after an accident in which you were not found to be at fault. however, if you have to file a claim with your insurance company because the other imply driver left the scene or wouldn ’ metric ton provide you with their information, you may find that the carrier raises your rate. Interested in shopping insurance rates ? Give us a call today.-

What to Do If the Other Company Won’t Pay

In theory, the other driver ’ sulfur insurance party should step up and take concern of the costs associated with your totaled vehicle, any necessary aesculapian wish for injuries sustained, and the lease cable car you needed to get around during the determination and review time period. however, this international relations and security network ’ thyroxine always the encase. Some policy companies are more likely to side with their insured individuals, particularly if the report they tell differs from what actually occurred .
If you ’ re struggling to get an indemnity company to pay for the damages associated with an accident in which you weren ’ metric ton at fault, you can start by involving your own indemnity company. Some drivers choose to work with lawyers who specialize in automotive cases, although they will take a fortune of the colony if they win your case .
Dealing with the aftermath of an car accident is challenging, but your indemnity provider can help you through the procedure. At american Auto Insurance, we provide low-cost and highly rated indemnity policies to drivers throughout Illinois. Contact us to learn more about obtaining coverage through our company .

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