The Georgia new-car indemnity deck menstruation is 2 to 30 days in most cases. The new-car decorate period is how long cover drivers are allowed to drive a newly purchased vehicle before adding it to an existing cable car indemnity policy. If you don ’ t have a current policy, you ’ ll need proof of indebtedness coverage before you can legally drive or register your car in Georgia .
When you buy a fresh car in Georgia, the prison term you have to notify your insurance company can vary because there are no state laws guaranteeing how much time indemnity companies must give you to switch your existing policy to a modern car. Each policy company sets its own grace time period. That ’ mho why it ’ second authoritative to find out how much time you have to contact your insurance caller and how much coverage your newly car will have according to your specific policy details .

When You Need Insurance to Buy a New Car in Georgia

If you ’ re financing a car, you will credibly be required by your lender to have proof of insurance before driving off the distribute. You can get the information you need for a policy, like the car ’ second VIN, from the franchise before completing the leverage. If you do have an active policy, your current validation of indemnity should be all you need .
If you ’ re paying cash or buying a car instantaneously from a private seller, you probably won ’ triiodothyronine be asked to provide proof of insurance to take possession of the vehicle. Either way, you still have to meet minimal fiscal province requirements to drive legally in Georgia : $ 25,000 in bodily injury indebtedness coverage, up to $ 50,000 per accident, along with $ 25,000 in liability coverage for property damage.

If you lease or finance a car, you ‘ll probably besides need collision and comprehensive examination coverage to protect the lender ‘s investment. Collision policies average $ 543 per year, and comprehensive examination policies average $ 158 per year in Georgia. You can expect a premium of around $ 1,325 for a entire coverage policy consisting of indebtedness, collision, and comprehensive coverage .
Because you have to provide proof of policy before you can take possession of a newly financed cable car, some insurers extend comprehensive and collision coverage to existing customers in good faith, regardless of whether their current policy has those types of coverage. If that ’ s the case, your deck period will be shorter—2 to 4 days alternatively of 7 to 30 .

How New Car Insurance Grace Period Works in Georgia When You’re…

  • Replacing your old car with a new car. Most insurance companies offer a 7 to 30 day grace period if you replace a covered vehicle on your policy. The same type and amount of coverage that applies to the car you’re replacing will apply to the new one. If you have multiple cars on your policy, Georgia requires that your new car is covered by the highest level of coverage on the policy.
  • NOT replacing your old car with a new car. If you aren’t replacing your car when you purchase a new one, you should confirm you have at least minimum liability coverage for the car you are buying in Georgia. Not all insurance companies extend coverage if you are adding a new vehicle to your policy—for example, if you’re going from two to three cars. If they do, it will be for a shorter time, usually 2 to 4 days.

Although you credibly have a grace time period if you ’ re already insured, it ’ sulfur best not to depend on it. Contact your insurance company deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as possible to let them know about changes to your policy, specially when it comes to confirming coverage for a new cable car.

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