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Alex Healey Oct 15, 2021 · 3 min readCar insurance has been mandatory for most American car owners since the ‘70s, and today, 48 states and the District of Columbia require you to have it. But when did car indemnity become a legal requirement in your department of state ? And which states are hush holding out ?

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A brief history of car ownership in America

There is no denying that America was the first state to embrace the car. While german engineers were ahead of us with the invention of the inaugural Mercedes model in 1901, Ford and General Motors caught up promptly. By 1913, the U.S. produced 485,000 of the world ’ s 606,124 motorize vehicles. At the time, Americans were enjoying a higher per capita income than Europeans, and the necessity of owning a cable car was greater here, due to the huge distances between american english towns and cities. As a resultant role, American car ownership took off, particularly after Ford ’ s rollout of the Model T .

Car insurance comes to America

By 1927, 15 million units of the Model T had been sold. Massachusetts became the first state to mandate car indemnity the like year. But according to the Ryan Agencies, the first position to offer liability policy was actually Connecticut. Under Connecticut law, drivers were to be held financially responsible for centrifugal accidents resulting in injury, death, or property damage. however, while forth thinking Connecticut drivers could buy indebtedness insurance equally early as 1925, they did not have to. It was completely optional.

Massachusetts took the concept a mistreat far, mandating all drivers to have car policy in 1927. It remained the only country to have compulsory car insurance for about thirty years ! The New York legislature passed a compulsory insurance law in 1956, and North Carolina followed suit in 1957. By the 1970s, 48 states had mandatary car policy, with just New Hampshire and Virginia leaving it up to personal choice .

Car insurance today

Because it is mandate in about every submit, about every driver in America purchases a car policy policy these days. But times have changed. Liability indemnity is no long the only coverage available. There are now 13 different types of car indemnity, from traditional options like collision coverage, to raw ones like rideshare indemnity. Every country has its own mandate minimums when it comes to how much indemnity you need. tied in Virginia and New Hampshire, where car indemnity is not required, insurance alternatives exist to ensure drivers can afford to pay up if found to be at-fault for an accident .

Finding great car insurance is easier than ever

While it might seem like a fuss, finding a great car indemnity policy has never been so easy. It doesn ’ t have to cost a luck either. It ’ s this simple : just download the Jerry app. In less than 45 seconds, Jerry collects all of your information from your existing insurance company. Choose from competitive quotes from up to 45 lead policy companies and Jerry takes care of the rest–securing your new policy and cancelling your old one. No retentive forms. No calling about. No heavily work. just savings. The average Jerry drug user saves $879 a year on car insurance .

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