Although Progressive offers the most low-cost cable car insurance in Virginia on average, respective factors determine your car indemnity cost, including coverage sum, driving history, age and credit score. For example, GEICO has the cheapest offers for drivers with bad accredit or a traffic slate. And if you ’ re from a military family, you may be eligible for USAA, which is one of the cheapest options on the market .iconribbon cheap car policy

Virginia 2022

The Cheapest Car Insurance in Virginia

Cheapest Minimum Liability Car Insurance in Virginia

Liability-only coverage is the most low-cost car indemnity available in Virginia. however, it ’ mho significant to keep in mind that it only covers the other party ’ sulfur expenses in an at-fault accident, not your costs. To cover your own aesculapian and vehicle repair costs, you need to buy a fully coverage policy. The cheapest car indemnity providers in Virginia for minimal coverage are :

  • Progressive: $333 per year
  • Erie: $350 per year

For members of military families, USAA besides offers minimal policy coverage for an average of $ 333 annually. The most expensive car policy for minimum coverage is MetLife, costing an average of $ 681 per class .

Cheapest Minimum Car Insurance in Virginia
  • company per annum monthly
  • 1 .USAA $ 333 $ 28
  • 2 .Progressive $ 333 $ 28
  • 3 .Erie $ 350 $ 29
  • 4 .GEICO $ 350 $ 29
  • 5 .State Farm $ 392 $ 33
  • 6 .Mercury $ 425 $ 35
  • 7 .Nationwide $ 439 $ 37
  • 8 .Allstate $ 460 $ 38
  • 9 .Travelers $ 464 $ 39
  • 10 .MetLife $ 681 $ 57

These prices are merely estimates based on rates for an average Virginia driver and should not be used to compare insurance prices. Loading …moneygeek-logo Loading …

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Virginia

A full coverage package with higher liability limits and comprehensive and collision insurance will ensure you ’ re covered in the event of most road accidents and off-road incidents in Virginia. While this plan costs more than minimum coverage, it protects against the price of damages to your car, not equitable others. Consider comparing car policy quotes from multiple providers to reduce your costs for this extra coverage. The least expensive full coverage car policy carriers in Virginia are :

  • Progressive: $504 per year
  • GEICO: $670 per year

USAA ‘s modal rate of $ 664 per year is the moment bum in the state but it ‘s alone available for military personnel and their families. MetLife is the priciest supplier of full coverage, with average annual rates of $ 1,183 .

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Virginia
  • party annually monthly
  • 1 .Progressive $ 504 $ 42
  • 2 .USAA $ 664 $ 55
  • 3 .GEICO $ 670 $ 56
  • 4 .Erie $ 676 $ 56
  • 5 .Nationwide $ 714 $ 60
  • 6 .State Farm $ 744 $ 62
  • 7 .Travelers $ 849 $ 71
  • 8 .Mercury $ 864 $ 72
  • 9 .Allstate $ 908 $ 76
  • 10 .MetLife $ 1,183 $ 99

Please bear in judgment that your premiums will be different than these examples. The prices listed above are for a policy with comprehensive and collision insurance and $ 100,000 in bodily wound liability coverage per person, $ 300,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per accident and $ 100,000 in place damage coverage per accident.

How to Compare Cheap Virginia Car Insurance Quotes Online

Most insurers offer a convenient on-line quote cock. While comparing quotes, you should use consistent coverage limits. For example, if you get a rate from one supplier for comprehensive and collision indemnity with a $ 500 deductible, you should use the same figures while obtaining prices from another carrier. Use MoneyGeek ’ s calculator to find out how much car indemnity will cost for an average driver. To receive a personalize quote, you ’ ll need to enter more details or use MoneyGeek ’ second price information to select desirable company websites to shop on. In Virginia, the three least expensive companies for liability coverage are USAA, Progressive and Erie. We recommend you kick off your search by getting quotes from these providers .

Auto Insurance Calculator

state Virginia historic period 40 drive commemorate clean credit rating score excellent Vehicle Type covenant Vehicle year 2020 Liability Coverage state Min Comprehensive and Collision Insurance none gender female Click the section of the bicycle in your price range to see options. low goal on average high end Click your preferable price range to see company options. Click an insurance company below to visit their review page or continue to your personalized quotation. company average annual Rates 1 .USAA $ 347 2 .Erie $ 358 3 .GEICO $ 371 4 .Progressive $ 380 5 .State Farm $ 408

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With a DUI in Virginia

In Virginia and other states, a dangerous drive discourtesy, such as driving under the charm ( DUI ), can importantly increase your cable car policy premiums. The average price increase demonstrates the actual cost of a DUI : A Virginia driver with a DUI on their commemorate needs to pay $ 1,414 per year on average for their car indemnity, compared to $ 790 for a driver with a clean commemorate. The cheapest cable car indemnity companies in Virginia for a driver with a DUI and full coverage are :

  • Progressive: $706 per year
  • State Farm: $814 per year

interim, MetLife ‘s average rate for DUI policy is the state ‘s highest, at $ 3,397 per annum .

Average Car Insurance Rates With a DUI
  • company annually monthly
  • 1 .Progressive $ 706 $ 59
  • 2 .State Farm $ 814 $ 68
  • 3 .Erie $ 1,064 $ 89
  • 4 .Mercury $ 1,159 $ 97
  • 5 .Nationwide $ 1,198 $ 100
  • 6 .USAA $ 1,214 $ 101
  • 7 .Allstate $ 1,325 $ 110
  • 8 .Travelers $ 1,375 $ 115
  • 9 .GEICO $ 1,684 $ 140
  • 10 .MetLife $ 3,397 $ 283

Driving under the determine is one of the run causes of fatal accidents in the area. In Virginia, 2,278 people were killed in alcohol-related car accidents between 2009 and 2018. 1.6 % of Virginia drivers report driving after drinking besides much in the past 30 days. Being cited with a DUI will likely result in imprison clock time, fines, a license pause and a spike in your indemnity rates. In the state of Virginia, DUI offenders can face a minimum of five days in imprison, a minimum of $ 250 in fines and a annual license suspension. The above table showcases what drivers in Virginia who get a DUI can expect to pay in car indemnity. It ’ south not uncommon for indemnity rates to double overnight after a DUI. The minimum estimated price for a DUI is estimated at $ 45,435. Finding brassy car policy with a DUI in Virginia will require requesting quotes from multiple indemnity providers who will look at your crime in accession to other regularly considered factors ( age, gender, etc. ) to give you the best rate possible.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Virginia for Drivers With an At-Fault Accident

In Virginia, having an at-fault accident on your drive record can significantly increase your car insurance premiums. On average, drivers with at-fault accidents pay $ 1,162 per year for their policies. The cheapest car insurance for drivers in Virginia with at-fault accidents are, on average :

  • Progressive: $869 per year
  • State Farm: $884 per year

If you ’ rhenium eligible, USAA is besides an low-cost option : it cost our sample driver an modal of $ 972 per class .

Cheapest Car Insurance With an At-Fault Accident
  • company annually monthly
  • 1 .Progressive $ 869 $ 72
  • 2 .State Farm $ 884 $ 74
  • 3 .Erie $ 887 $ 74
  • 4 .USAA $ 972 $ 81
  • 5 .GEICO $ 995 $ 83
  • 6 .Nationwide $ 1,021 $ 85
  • 7 .Travelers $ 1,247 $ 104
  • 8 .Mercury $ 1,483 $ 124
  • 9 .Allstate $ 1,508 $ 126
  • 10 .MetLife $ 1,757 $ 146

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With Tickets in Virginia

even a ticket for a minor discourtesy, like distracted drive, can hike your car indemnity premiums. A Virginia driver with a speeding slate on their phonograph record needs to shell out an modal annual amount of $ 977 for their car insurance coverage, compared to $ 790 for a driver without any tickets. The most low-cost car policy carriers in Virginia for a driver with full coverage and a accelerate ticket are :

  • GEICO: $670 per year
  • Progressive: $670 per year

once again, MetLife records the highest average annual rate for full coverage indemnity with tickets, at $ 1,443 .

Average Car Insurance Rates With a Ticket

Distracted drive can raise your car policy rates. It might feel like distracted force or speeding shouldn ’ thymine result in a citation or an increase in indemnity rates, but they are intended to discourage distract drive and to keep people safe. According to, a texting ticket can cause your indemnity rates to increase by 26 % on average. The follow chart features the rates that drivers in Virginia can expect to pay for car indemnity after receiving a perturb drive or speeding tag. If you do receive a accelerate or distracted driving ticket, don ’ triiodothyronine panic. The amount your rate increases will depend on your policy supplier and your former driving history, but you will likely see a change in your fees for months or years. To find bum car policy after getting a ticket in Virginia, speak with multiple top-rated car policy companies in Virginia to request a absolve car insurance quote before choosing your plan.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Virginia for Drivers With Bad Credit

To get loans easily and to reduce your car insurance costs, it ’ mho important to maintain a goodly credit score. In Virginia, a driver with a poor people credit score is charged $ 1,296 per year on average for their car policy, compared to $ 790 for the average driver with good credit rating. The least expensive full coverage indemnity policies in Virginia for drivers with poor credit are offered by :

  • GEICO: $779 per year
  • Progressive: $868 per year

MetLife ‘s $ 2,196 average rate is the highest for Virginia drivers with bad credit .

Average Car Insurance Rates for Drivers With Bad Credit
  • company per annum monthly
  • 1 .GEICO $ 779 $ 65
  • 2 .Progressive $ 868 $ 72
  • 3 .Nationwide $ 944 $ 79
  • 4 .Erie $ 1,125 $ 94
  • 5 .USAA $ 1,134 $ 95
  • 6 .Allstate $ 1,382 $ 115
  • 7 .State Farm $ 1,411 $ 118
  • 8 .Mercury $ 1,486 $ 124
  • 9 .Travelers $ 1,500 $ 125
  • 10 .MetLife $ 2,196 $ 183

According to Experian, the average credit score in Virginia in 2019 was 709 — meaning most drivers score “ good ” on the FICO credit sexual conquest scale. however, if you do have bad credit, it ’ mho significant to recognize the root of your credit issues to improve your credit rating mark.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Virginia for Seniors

senior drivers are typically charged slenderly higher prices than the average driver. Car insurance for seniors in Virginia costs $ 852 annually, on average, compared to $ 790 for the average 40-year-old driver. The cheapest car insurance companies in Virginia for aged drivers with full coverage are :

  • Progressive: $567 per year
  • Erie: $699 per year

meanwhile, Mercury records Virginia ‘s highest average annual premium for seniors, at $ 1,170 .

Average Car Insurance Rates for Seniors
  • company per annum monthly
  • 1 .Progressive $ 567 $ 47
  • 2 .Erie $ 699 $ 58
  • 3 .State Farm $ 732 $ 61
  • 4 .Nationwide $ 737 $ 61
  • 5 .USAA $ 757 $ 63
  • 6 .GEICO $ 892 $ 74
  • 7 .Travelers $ 929 $ 77
  • 8 .Allstate $ 962 $ 80
  • 9 .MetLife $ 978 $ 82
  • 10 .Mercury $ 1,170 $ 98

senior drivers face a unique plant of driving challenges that come with historic period, such as vision and learn loss, slower reflexes and shorter attention spans. therefore, the state of Virginia has implemented a series of procedures and rules for suppurate drivers to ensure the guard of everyone on the road. Drivers over the long time of 75 must renew their license in person at the DMV every five years. The above board shows what senior drivers in Virginia may pay for car policy. due to the increased risks older drivers face behind the wheel ( 16.5 % of fatal car crashes in 2017 involved a driver over 65 ), indemnity companies are much probably to increase their rates. however, senior drivers tend to have a set of know behind the bicycle and frequently take more precautions— they ’ re more likely to wear a seat belt while driving and avoid texting and talking on the phone. If you ’ re looking for low-cost car insurance in Virginia as a aged, a good drive record can help keep your rates down.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Virginia for Young Drivers

car insurance is more expensive for younger drivers due to their relative inexperience behind the steering wheel. In Virginia, car indemnity costs approximately $ 2,298 per class for a 16-year-old driver, while a 25-year-old driver is charged an median annual rate of $ 843. In Virginia, the cheapest car insurance policy supplier for young drivers between the senesce of 16–25 is Progressive. MoneyGeek found it was the cheapest ship’s company on modal for every age in that image for our sample drivers .

Annual Car Insurance In Virginia for Young Drivers

scroll for moreswipe icon

  • old age average price Cheapest company ship’s company cost
  • 16




  • 17




  • 18




  • 19




  • 20




  • 21




  • 22




  • 23




  • 24




  • 25




The table above demonstrates approximate rates for young drivers. unfortunately, adolescent drivers lack experience behind the wheel and consequently are the most expensive demographic to insure. Compare car policy quotes and don ’ t forget to ask the policy company about discounts for good grades and safe drive. Letting your adolescent use a large-frame kin sedan with advanced crash protection and guard features may besides lower your premium.

Insurance Rate Information for Military Drivers and Veterans

The major policy carriers in Virginia offer reduced rates for the express ‘s active-duty military personnel and veterans. Geico maintains a special military center to serve the numerous bases in Virginia. In addition, there are besides forte insurance carriers who work merely with military families on their coverage needs. Get at least three price quotes in writing to make a good comparison of prevailing rates. The submit DMV lead for military personnel covers insurance, license and registration requirements for enlist men and women. While stationed in Virginia, if you purchase a fomite, you can register that vehicle in your home submit or in Virginia. Vehicles titled and registered in your list can be driven with a valid out-of-state license plate, but only if you are the sole owner. Co-owners must besides be on active duty ; otherwise, the vehicle must be registered in Virginia. If you ‘re from Virginia but stationed outside the submit, most of the commercial enterprise you would normally need to conduct with the DMV can be done on-line. Insurers operating in Virginia that give discounts to military personnel and veterans include GEICO and USAA. With GEICO specifically, you may see discounts of up to 15 %. The following table reflects estimates of what active-duty and veteran military personnel can expect to pay in Virginia for car indemnity .

Average Rates for Virginia service members

male 25 years


50 years


female 25 years


50 years


Car Insurance in Virginia: What You Need to Know

In Virginia, car owners are financially responsible for their vehicles, whether they ‘re actively driven or parked by the curb. The state does n’t require policy for vehicles stored on secret property, but only if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate register them for road use. For example, if you ’ re restoring a classical Mustang in the garage, you don ’ t need to insure it until you ’ re cook to register and drive it .

Proof of Insurance in Virginia

Virginia drivers need to carry proof of policy while driving. Although indemnity carriers placid recommend keeping a card in the glovebox, the Virginia code allows drivers to store their insurance information on a smartphone. The indemnity card should have :

  • Your name
  • The policy number
  • A telephone number to call for help in filing claims

You must provide proof of policy after an accident or if a law enforcement officeholder requests it .

Minimum Liability Insurance Requirements in Virginia

Virginia requires liability insurance coverage of at least :

  • $25,000 for injuries per person
  • $50,000 for injuries per accident
  • $20,000 for property damage

Virginia cracks down on uninsured motorists with an on-line verification arrangement that detects fomite owners who do n’t comply with country law .

Alternatives to Insurance in Virginia

If you own clientele vehicles, you may be able to self-insure them or purchase a security alliance in stead of policy. If you do n’t have car insurance, you can however register your fomite in Virginia and buy license plates by paying a compulsory $ 500 uninsured motorist tip each year. Paying this fee does not provide any car insurance coverage. If you ‘re an uninsured driver in Virginia, remember that you are personally liable for any accident you cause .

How Much Coverage Do You Need in Virginia?

about everyone wants cheap cable car policy, but the needed minimum is n’t always enough to protect you. If you can afford excess coverage, diligence experts recommend a policy that pays $ 100,000 per injured person and $ 300,000 for all people injured in an accident. Consumer advocates besides recommend uninsured motorist insurance, which covers your expenses if a driver hits you without car indemnity. If you have a fresh car loan, you ‘ll probably besides have to buy collision and comprehensive examination insurance. Are you having worry getting insurance because of a poor drive record or early reasons ? Virginia has an assigned risk car indemnity program that will help you get coverage, although it will likely cost much more than regular insurance.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Virginia by City

In Virginia, your address can greatly impact your cable car insurance monetary value. An median driver in Virginia Beach pays the cheapest full coverage car indemnity premiums at approximately $ 777 per year. meanwhile, residents of Alexandria pay the highest in Virginia ’ randomness car policy market at an annual average rate of $ 843. Click on your city to know more about car indemnity costs in your area .

Average Insurance Rate by City in Virginia

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  • City annually monthly
  • 1 .Alexandria $ 843 $ 70
  • 2 .Chesapeake $ 762 $ 64
  • 3 .Newport News $ 739 $ 62
  • 4 .Norfolk $ 816 $ 68
  • 5 .Richmond $ 819 $ 68
  • 6 .Virginia Beach $ 777 $ 65

FAQs About Car Insurance in Virginia

To help you buy the correct policy for your needs, MoneyGeek answered common questions about car indemnity rates and coverages in Virginia .

USAA is the cheapest provider of liability coverage in Virginia. however, this provider entirely serves current and former military members and their families. The following most low-cost option is Progressive, with average annual prices of $ 333 .

In Virginia, the average driver pays $ 790 per class, or $ 66 per calendar month, for their car indemnity coverage .

As per MoneyGeek ’ s research, Progressive and GEICO are the top companies in Virginia for car policy .

To pay lower rates, make certain to purchase a desirable coverage level for your needs and compare quotes from multiple carriers to find the lowest prices.

Expert Advice on Finding Cheap Car Insurance in Virginia

To help you find trustworthy and accurate details on cable car insurance in Virginia, MoneyGeek received expert advice from prove professionals. The perspectives and sentiments shared are those of the individual contributor .

  1. What are the key factors drivers in Virginia should look for when searching for the best car insurance coverage ?
  2. What steps can drivers in Virginia take to find low-cost car indemnity ?

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