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column Guidelines : We are a free on-line resource for anyone concerned in learning more about life insurance. Our finish is to be an aim, third-party resource for everything life sentence insurance related. We update our site regularly, and all content is reviewed by life indemnity experts .
Like all early major ( and minor ) car insurance companies, GEICO offers a murder of discounts to help drivers save money on car indemnity .
It seems to be in every cable car insurance company ’ mho playbook these days as a incentive to get customers in the door .
But we know if can be unmanageable sometimes to keep up with the many discounts offered by these companies, what with their changing ad campaigns .
thus in an campaign to simplify matters, we ’ ve created lists of discounts for popular insurers, with GEICO being the latest installment in the serial .
We ’ ll do our best to add ( and subtract ) discounts when warranted. And please feel free to chime in if there ’ s a rebate we missed .
[ You can see car policy discounts from twenty-first Century, Allstate, Esurance, Mercury, and USAA equally well. ]

What auto insurance discounts does GEICO offer?

  • GEICO car insurance discounts are abundant
  • Here are the many you can take advantage of
  • To lower a portion or all your car insurance premium
  • Note that some can’t be combined or may not be available in certain states

ABS Discount – if your vehicle has an anti-lock brake system, you may receive 5 % off just the collision part of your car insurance costs .
Accident Free Discount – if you ’ ve avoided a car accident for five years, GEICO can offer up to 26 % on most coverage options .
Air Bags Discount – you can save 25 % for driver-side air travel bags and 40 % for full-front seat air bags ( this dismiss applies to med yield or PIP dowry of your agio ) .
Anti-Theft Discount – you can besides save up to 25 % on the comprehensive parcel of your coverage if you ’ ve got a built-in anti-theft system .
Daytime Running Lights Discount – you may receive a 1 % discount plainly for having day running lights installed on your cable car. This only applies to certain car indemnity coverage types, and it ’ s a bare 1 % so you credibly won ’ metric ton notification it…
Defensive Driving Discount – you may be eligible for a discount rate if you ’ ve taken part in a defensive Driving course ( we debunked this one already ). But it ’ randomness worth mentioning careless .
Driver’s Education Discount – new drivers may be able to save their parents some money by completing a driver ’ mho education run. This can help cut down that brawny bounty, and believe us, every little bit helps there !
[ How much is car policy for a adolescent driver ? ]
Emergency Deployment Discount – GEICO offers up to 25 % off to those deployed in the Enduring Freedom or Iraqi Freedom campaigns, along with other “ imminent-danger zones. ” Be sure to tell GEICO about any military participation to obtain all eligible discounts .
Federal Employee Discount – active or go to bed politics employees may be eligible for the “ eagle rebate, ” which offers up to 8 % off the entire premium. The eagle discount refers to federal politics employees at GS-7 and above. GS stands for General Schedule .
Those who hold a federal place on the non-GS pay system that is the equivalent to GS-11 and higher may besides be eligible for this GEICO discount rate .
Federal Group Discount – if you belong to one of many federal groups listed on the GEICO web site, you might be able to take 8 % off your full car policy premium. but it can ’ t be stacked with the eagle deduction. One or the other folks .
Good Student Discount – full time students ( typically aged between 16 and 24 ) with a “ B ” average can get up to 15 % off certain coverage types. Yet another reason to study, do your homework, and pay attention in course !
Military Discount – get up to 15 % of your stallion bounty if active duty or retire military, or a member of the National Guard or Reserves. This is big because it applies to the entire policy premium. You will besides get a deduction if you are deployed abroad and leave your cable car parked on a military establish .
Multi-Car Discount – if you insure more than one fomite with GEICO, you can save up to 25 % on most of your coverage options .
Multi-Policy Discount – if you besides purchase GEICO Home Insurance or renter ’ s policy, you can get a pack discount that will lower your car indemnity pace.

National Geographic Subscribers – if you subscribe to National Geographic, you may be eligible for extra discounts .
Partnering Organization Discount – if you ’ re a member of one of 500+ groups, such as alumnus organizations, credit unions, brotherhood or sorority organizations, student organizations, or flush Berkshire Hathaway companies, you can save an extra 8 % off your policy bounty .
You ’ five hundred be surprised at the organizations listed, including the american Kennel Club, BJ ’ s Wholesale Club members, and even USA Water Ski !
Seat Belt Discount – get up to 15 % off master of education pay or PIP if you and your passengers constantly wear your seat belts. It ’ mho unclear how they prove this one…
If you ’ re in the military, keep in thinker that military car policy discounts are very common. Get a quote from the USAA car indemnity company before you make a decision .

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 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption
Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

What other types of insurance products does GEICO offer?

Since you ’ re entitled to a multi-policy deduction if you bundle multiple lines of indemnity with GEICO, you might be wondering what other kinds of coverage the caller offers. In addition to car insurance policies, here is a list of some of the policies you can get with GEICO .

  • Life insurance policy
  • Motorcycle insurance policy
  • Boat insurance policy
  • Homeowners insurance policy
  • Business owners policy
  • Professional liability policy
  • Umbrella insurance policy

You can besides get valuable coverage through GEICO ’ south jewelry policy options .
GEICO ’ randomness experienced agents can walk you through the specifics of any types of coverage you ’ ra concerned in, american samoa well as discus any special discount rate you might be entitled to for bundle .

How do you contact GEICO?

You can reach a GEICO customer service agent by calling the company ’ south customer service note at ( 800 ) 207-7847. Keep in mind that if you ’ re a GEICO customer, you have on-line access to many policy overhaul options through the party ’ second web site and the GEICO mobile app .

How do you make sure you’re receiving all of the GEICO discounts available to you?

Both existing GEICO customers and prospective ones should take the time to go through the entire list of discounts to ensure they receive any and all they are eligible for. Just remember that all the discounts in the global might still result in a higher agio monetary value .
If you get a quote from GEICO, or already have coverage in position, you may want to take the time to comb through this list line by telephone line to ensure you ’ re getting all the discounts you deserve .
Keep in mind that while discounts are by and large a good thing, if you find lower car indemnity rates with a different provider that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate offer discounts, you ’ re better off going with them .
The final price is what matters, not the discounted rate if it ’ randomness still higher than competing offers .
additionally, these GEICO discounts may not be available in all states or by all GEICO companies .
And as noted above, many discounts entirely apply to small portions of your overall policy premium, so the savings many not be equally substantial as they appear .
For case, if you receive a 10 % premium reduction on your policy that only costs $ 50, that ’ s just $ 5 off. sure, it ’ second placid money, but you might be disappointed .

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 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption
Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

What’s the bottom line?

GEICO provides a fortune of great discounts, and it ’ s known to offer low-cost car insurance rates as well. Regardless of how many discounts you can get with an car policy from GEICO, make sure to shop around and compare rates from other companies before you make a decisiveness .
enroll your zip code code into our comparison tool to get start comparison shopping car policy quotes right now .
Read more : How to reduce your car indemnity costs .

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