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GEICO is ranked higher than Liberty Mutual when it comes to the cheap car policy for an average driver, estimable customer gratification and fewest complaints. Liberty Mutual has the edge when it comes to discounts and unique types of extra coverage. Which insurance company is best for you ultimately depends on your particular position, including where you live, your old age, and any especial insurance needs. When comparing policy policies, be certain to get a personalize quotation from both insurers to make an inform decision about which one is a better match for you. GEICO is good for drivers who value affordability and customer satisfaction.

Liberty Mutual is effective for drivers who want access to extra discounts and types of coverage.

Is Liberty Mutual or GEICO Cheaper Overall?

In cosmopolitan, GEICO provides cheaper car policy than Liberty Mutual. According to J.D. Power, GEICO has a 5/5 affordability evaluation, while Liberty Mutual has a 3/5 affordability rat. That said, policy costs vary according to many different factors, including where you live, your age, your driving history, and your credit score. Be certain to compare personalized quotes from both companies to ensure you ’ re getting the best possible rate .


Liberty Mutual vs. GEICO: Which Is Better for Discounts?

Most major insurers, including Liberty Mutual and GEICO, offer discounts for cable car base hit features, a condom drive history, and for paying your policy early or in full moon. While many indemnity companies offer alike deals for qualify drivers, what matters most is not the number of discounts you are eligible for but the final quote you receive for your policy. Some of the most meaning discounts include bundling home and car policy policies and usage-based cable car indemnity programs. Liberty Mutual offers slightly more competitive usage-based and bunch discounts. If bundling your home and car policy policies is an significant factor to you, you can use our data analysis to see who offers the best base and car indemnity bundles in the U.S. GEICO offers a multi-policy discount for drivers, with the claim rebate varying depending on your policy. Liberty Mutual besides offers a variable multi-policy deduction. According to the company, if you bundle a car and home indemnity policy with Liberty Mutual, you could save an average of $ 842 per class. Both insurers besides provide usage-based discounts. GEICO offers potential savings through its DriveEasy platform, where drivers are rewarded for safe drive and penalized for distracted drive, hard brake and corner. Liberty common offers two types of usage-based discounts : their RightTrack broadcast, which tracks entire miles tug, night drive, braking and acceleration, and their ByMile program, which bases your monthly rate on how many miles you drive .

Available Discount by Company

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  • rebate available With Liberty Mutual ? available With GEICO ?
  • Homeowners

  • Military discount

  • Early signing

  • Good student

  • Distant student

  • Anti-lock brakes

  • Advanced safety features

  • Alternative energy

  • Anti-theft system

  • Safe driving

  • Bundling

  • Multiple Car

  • Automatic payment

  • Pay in Full

  • Sign up online

  • Paperless

  • Air bag

  • Daytime running lights

  • New vehicle

  • Seat belt use

  • Defensive driving

  • Driver’s education

  • Emergency deployment

  • Federal employee discount

  • Affinity organization

Liberty Mutual vs. GEICO: Which Has Better Customer Service?

MoneyGeek measures customer experience based on how satisfied customers are according to J.D. Power, and how frequently they lodge complaints according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ( NAIC ). The top cable car indemnity companies have high customer atonement and few complaints. GEICO receives fewer customer complaints and has a higher customer satisfaction sexual conquest than Liberty Mutual, making it the achiever in this class.

Liberty Mutual vs. GEICO: Customer Satisfaction Rating

Compared to Liberty Mutual, GEICO has a higher sexual conquest for overall customer satisfaction. J.D. Power rated company 843 out of 1,000, while Liberty Mutual only scored 821. First Notice of Loss : 3 /5 estimate of process : 3 /5 Repair summons : 4 /5 Claims Servicing : 4 /5 rental experience : 5 /5 settlement : 4 /5 First Notice of Loss : 4 /5 estimate of process : 4 /5 Repair process : 4 /5 Claims Servicing : 4 /5 lease experience : 5 /5 settlement : 4 /5

Liberty Mutual vs. GEICO: Customer Complaint Ratio

GEICO besides has a lower complaint proportion than Liberty Mutual. Customer complaints are measured by the NAIC, which compares a company ’ mho complaints against an average ailment volume of 1. If a party receives higher than the modal, it receives more complaints than median ; if it ’ sulfur scored lower than 1, fewer. Liberty Mutual scored 3.56, well over the average charge volume, while GEICO received a 2.04. While both companies received over double over the average number of complaints, GEICO had less, making it the achiever in this class. Liberty Mutual GEICO

Liberty Mutual vs. GEICO: Coverage Options

Every cable car indemnity company offers standard coverages, including indebtedness insurance, comprehensive and collision insurance, uninsured motorist insurance and personal injury insurance. When it comes to other types of coverage, Liberty Mutual has a rebuff border, with ten types of extra coverage to GEICO ’ s four. Both GEICO and Liberty Mutual offer rental car reimbursement, roadside aid and accident forgiveness. GEICO besides offers mechanical breakdown insurance. Liberty Mutual offers new cable car substitution coverage, better car refilling coverage, deductible alteration, car death indemnity coverage, disability coverage, break policy, and master equipment manufacturer ( OEM ) coverage .

Coverage Options by Company

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  • coverage available With Liberty Mutual ? available With GEICO ?
  • Rental Car and/or Travel Reimbursement

  • Roadside Assistance

  • New Car Replacement

  • Accident Forgiveness

  • Better Car Replacement

  • Deductible Modification

  • Auto Death Indemnity Coverage

  • Disability Coverage

  • Gap Insurance

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Coverage

  • Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Liberty Mutual vs. GEICO: Which Is More Financially Stable?

fiscal constancy is significant in an insurance company because it indicates that the company won ’ t have perturb reimbursing you if you need to file a claim. Like most large insurance companies, both Liberty Mutual and GEICO are very financially static. GEICO does have a slightly higher stability score of A++, the highest possible denounce according to A.M. Best. Liberty Mutual received an A, which is still impressive but not arsenic high as GEICO.

Liberty Mutual vs. GEICO: Online Tools

GEICO edges out Liberty Mutual for on-line tools because of its Coverage Calculator, which helps you determine which GEICO coverages you need before getting a quotation. But both insurers offer a full-bodied choice of on-line and in-app tools. For exemplar, you can make payments, entree ID cards, file claims, and add a vehicle to your policy, all in the GEICO mobile app. similarly, Liberty Mutual lets customers file claims, pay up bills and align policy details wholly online.


Liberty Mutual and GEICO were analyzed by MoneyGeek based on affordability, coverages, military service, fiscal stability and on-line tools. Customer atonement and complaints data were drawn from J.D. Power surveys and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ( NAIC ). fiscal forte was based on ratings from A.M. Best, an insurance credit rat representation. The MoneyGeek team compiled data on available coverages and discounts for each insurance company. Quotes were compiled from hundreds of ZIP codes across the country for a sample distribution car policy policy for a 40-year-old male. The policy covers :

  • $100,000 on bodily injury liability insurance per person
  • $300,000 on bodily injury liability insurance per accident
  • $100,000 on property damage liability insurance per person
  • Comprehensive and collision insurance with a $1,000 deductible

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