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Texting behind the bicycle is dangerous, and is illegal in 47 states, yet about half of drivers ( 46 percentage ) surveyed by admit to texting and drive. Of those, 43 percentage have texted while driving with children in the car, 20 percentage have gotten a texting tag and five percentage have had an accident as a result. If you ’ ve been convicted of texting and drive, here you ’ ll learn how the consequences play out regarding your car insurance .

Texting ticket increases by car insurance company

While there are many variables that influence precisely how much your finical rate goes up after a texting ticket, found that the average driver will see the watch increases after a texting-and-driving trespass.

Company Average rate Rater after texting % increase $ increase
Geico $1,109 $1,237 12% $128
State Farm $1,400 $1,594 13% $194
Nationwide $1,598 $1,866 17% $268
Allstate $1,868 $2,204 18% $336
Farmers $1,663 $1,956 18% $292
Progressive $1,483 $1,913 31% $430

How insurance companies treat texting tickets

When it comes to distracted drive, texting is often treated differently than talking on the phone. In many states, talking behind the bicycle is not illegal, l so it doesn ’ triiodothyronine result in a ticket or have any impact on your policy .
Texting behind the bicycle is different in the majority of states and will normally result in a slate, and may finally impact your indemnity premium, particularly if it puts points on your license. In some cases, the penalties can be fairly severe. In Alaska at one point in time it was a misdemeanor to text while driving. It came with a $ 10,000 finely and a year in imprison. fortunately, that very well has been adjusted in late years and nowadays tops out at $ 500 .
While Alaska took it to the extreme, there are even some hefty penalties out there. Colorado will ding you $ 300 and put four points on your license. Oregon ’ s fines run up to $ 1,000 for a first discourtesy and go to $ 2,500 if you are caught again. New York will send you a circular for $ 200 and adds five points to your license .
On the early end of that spectrum are states like Florida where the fee for texting is a measly $ 30 and no points on your license. Wisconsin is even lower with a fee of $ 20. On average though, expect to spend between $ 50 and $ 250 on a texting ticket .
In a alike vein, insurance companies often treat texting tickets in different ways and there is no manner to know precisely how your insurance company will react .
“ There is a lot of variation regarding how insurers handle texting tickets. This is in part due to variations in express laws. Some, but not all states include texting tickets on a driver ’ s drive vehicle record. In states where texting tickets are not part of an MVR, they will not have any effect on insurance. In states that include them, each insurance company will make the decisiveness regarding how to treat them based on their experience, ” explains Jeffrey Brewer, Vice President of Public Affairs at Property Casualty Insurers Association of America .
Some insurers tend to overlook a texting ticket while others will increase your rates ( surcharge for it ). “ We are still in the early days of people getting tickets for texting. As a consequence, some companies may just track the tickets, so they can look at the personnel casualty data and then based on the data decide how to handle them. On the other hand when texting tickets show up on an MVR many insurers treat them as minor moving violation, ” says Brewer .
The surcharge can vary but in most cases it is treated like a minor rush ticket, which normally results in a little rate increase. It is besides possible that you will lose your dependable driver deduction, which will result in a premium increase

Texting ticket insurance increases by state

While it will vary by a variety show of factors, on average, indemnity rates go up approximately 23 percentage after a texting ticket. Increases ranged from 12 percentage on the low end, up to a 45 percentage increase, based on a survey done by of six insurance carriers in 10 ZIP codes in every express .
California leads the nation with a 45 percentage increase after a texting ticket, while Ohio placed a distant second with a 34 percentage leap. The increase in premium varies dramatically across states but if you do end up with a texting ticket on your criminal record don ’ t start panicking immediately, it may not impact your rates at all .
“ Because states charge a tip for every centrifugal vehicle record ( MVR ) pulled, many insurance carriers don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate pull MVRs every year. The fees can range from the $ 1.60 to over $ 13.00 per driver, which cursorily adds up for insurance companies with thousands of policyholders, ” says John Espenschied with Insurance Brokers Group .
If your insurance company doesn ’ t pull an MVR on a unconstipated basis it will never know about your texting slate, and your rates will stay the same. In a few states it ’ s actually illegal for car insurance companies to bump up your rate for a texting tag. In Idaho and North Carolina, department of state law prohibits insurers from raising rates based on texting violations .
In states where points are assigned to your license you may find your license suspended if a texting citation puts you over the top. In New York for example, a texting ticket puts five points on your license and if you hit 11points in an 18-month period you can say adieu to your license for a bit which will absolutely raise your indemnity premium .


% increase

California 45%
Ohio 34%
Indiana 34%
New Hampshire 34%
Rhode Island 34%
Minnesota 29%
Maine 29%
Alaska 29%
Texas 28%
Florida 27%
Michigan 26%
New Mexico 26%
Iowa 26%
Illinois 26%
South Dakota 26%
Arkansas 26%
Virginia 26%
Utah 25%
Alabama 25%
Oregon 25%
Arizona 24%
Oklahoma 24%
Georgia 24%
Connecticut 23%
New Jersey 23%
Wisconsin 22%
DC 20%
Nevada 20%
Delaware 20%
Hawaii 19%
Washington 19%
Mississippi 19%
Kansas 19%
Maryland 19%
North Dakota 17%
West Virginia 17%
South Carolina 17%
Montana 17%
Tennessee 17%
Kentucky 16%
Vermont 15%
Nebraska 15%
Pennsylvania 15%
Missouri 14%
Colorado 13%
Wyoming 13%
Louisiana 12%
New York 12%


How long will a texting ticket stay on my record?

How retentive it stays on your drive phonograph record can vary by state but in general, expect it to impact your driver ’ south license and indemnity rates for three to five years. In most cases, your insurance company will discover the ticket at reclamation time ( if they pull your commemorate ) and if they surcharge for texting tickets ( not all insurers do ) your rates will be headed up .
fortunately, there are a few things you can do to drive your premium down even with a texting ticket on your record. here are just a few tips :
Shop your coverage: This is the best way to lower your indemnity costs in most situations. Insurers rate risk differently, so premium quotes can vary dramatically between insurance companies. Always make certain you are comparing apples to apples when it comes to coverage levels and the deductible .
It ’ sulfur never advisable to lower coverage levels to reduce your bounty. While slashing your coverage levels will about always lower your premium, you may find yourself regretting this decision if you are in a serious accident .
Defensive driving: Taking a defensive drive course can work on multiple fronts. In some states, taking one of these courses may knock a ticket off your record, which means your indemnity company may never see it .
If your submit doesn ’ t volunteer forgiveness, your insurance company might. Some insurance companies offer a discount on your premium for completing a defensive drive course. Check with your policy company for courses that meet their requirements .
Ask for a deferral: This one can be bad but if you keep your record clean for a year your rates may not go up. many states allow you to defer a tag for a year which means that it will not go on your drive record. If you stay ticket loose for 12 months the ticket never hits your drive criminal record and your insurance company is never the knowing .
however, if you do get a ticket during that year, both of them hit your drive record and your rates will absolutely be headed up. Contact your local clerk of motor hotel to see if deferral is an choice in your sphere .

Texting dangers by the numbers, state laws

here are a few statistics put together by the National Safety Council and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration :

  • Cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year
  • 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving
  • 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving
  • Texting while driving is 6 times more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk
  • Answering a text takes away your attention for about five seconds. Traveling at 55 mph, that’s enough time to travel the length of a football field

Texting while driving is extremely dangerous, which is why it ’ sulfur illegal in about every state in the nation .

presently, it is illegal to drive while texting in 47 states plus Washington D.C. In most of these states, texting while driving is a chief jurisprudence, which means that you can be pulled over for equitable texting and driving. In a few states, it is still a secondary law meaning you must be pulled over for another misdemeanor before a texting ticket can be issued .


Rate data — commissioned Quadrant Information Services to battlefield rates from up to six major insurers in 10 ZIP codes in every state for a driver of a 2017 Honda Accord, senesce 40, with good credit and wide coverage and $ 500 deductible ; increases shown are an average from the basal rate .
Survey — in May 2018 commissioned Op4g to field a survey of 1,000 drivers with children to find out about their drive behavior .

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