Did you know insurance companies in New York provide significant discounts to safe drivers ? You can save money on your insurance without changing your provider. Take control of your indemnity costs by completing our DMV-approved New York defensive driving course. New York ‘s Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program ( IPIRP ) is an on-line class that provides a compulsory 10 % policy rebate for three years. And when your reduced rate expires, you can take the course again to extend your savings. The defensive drive discount is applied to the base rate of your current liability, no-fault and collision indemnity premiums. It takes no time for the savings to add up. In accession to your deduction, the defensive drive course reduces up to four points on your driving record. Premiums, fees and other discounts that you may qualify for vary with each indemnity company. While every supplier in New York accepts the defensive drive insurance reduction, be certain to contact your insurance company and ask about any specific policies related to the IPIRP deduction.

During the visit, you can besides ask about other discounts you might qualify for, such as safe driver discounts and discounts for teens with well grades .

Who Qualifies for the Insurance Discount?

The New York IPIRP policy dismiss is available to anyone who voluntarily completes a DMV-approved defensive drive naturally. You can learn more about how IPIRP works on the New York DMV web site. Every policy company is different, therefore be surely to check your supplier ‘s policies for the rebate. The argue you take the run plays a factor, excessively. If a court orders you to take the course, you might not qualify for the indemnity deduction .

How Much Is the New York Defensive Driving Insurance Discount?

According to the New York DMV, the defensive drive path reduces car insurance premiums by a mandatary 10 % that lasts for three years. After the discount expires, you can retake the defensive drive course to secure your discount for another three years .

How Do I Redeem My Discount?

After you pass the course, we will mail you a certificate that proves you completed our state-approved defensive drive run. You must send the certificate to your policy company to redeem your 10 % discount. Be surely to contact your indemnity company to find out how to submit your certificate of completion. Instructions may vary depending on your provider .

Which Insurance Providers Offer a Defensive Driving Discount?

Find extra information about indemnity providers in New York who accept the 10 % defensive drive discount rate. You may qualify for other discounts to your rate as well .


New York drivers that take an approve on-line defensive driving course qualify for a 10 % policy reduction. GEICO ‘s indemnity discount is applied to your collision, no-fault and liability premiums for three years. It is important to submit your security of competition in a timely manner. Contact your GEICO indemnity agent to learn how to redeem your defensive repel dismiss .


abdominal aortic aneurysm Auto Insurance provides a 10 % discount on collision, liability and no-fault indemnity premiums after you complete an on-line defensive drive path. The course besides allows for a four-point reduction on your repel record. Remember to submit your certificate of completion to your AAA policy agentive role .

21st Century Insurance

twenty-first Century Insurance offers a variety of discounts to New York drivers. The 10 % policy decrease is available to those who complete a state-approved defensive driving course. You can access extra savings if you qualify for the party ‘s well driver discount, superior driver deduction or good student discount rate. Talk to your twenty-first Century agent to make sure you ‘re taking advantage of every rebate available to you .

State Farm

express farm believes in rewarding safe drivers. When you voluntarily take a New York IPIRP path on-line, you can get a compulsory 10 % policy rebate for three years. The company ‘s Drive Safe & Save plan gives you extra access to savings. By using an app or OnStar to monitor your drive, you could save up to 30 % on your insurance rate. This discount is provided to drivers who avoid bad behaviors like speed, intemperate brake and distracted drive. Your State Farm agent can provide data about the defensive drive discount rate, the Drive Safe & Save plan and other discounts that can reduce your indemnity rate.


The United State Automobile Association ( USAA ) provides a variety of insurance reductions in New York, including a 10 % discount for completing a state-approved defensive drive course. That rebate remains in effect for three years. The company besides offers a commitment course of study for drivers, along with a discount for accident-free drivers. Contact your USAA agent to find out how to entree the best savings .


nationally rewards its safest drivers with indemnity discounts. New York drivers who take a DMV-approved defensive drive course receive a 10 % indemnity dismiss for three years. other discounts are available for people with a safe drive record and teens who maintain good grades. Check with your nationally indemnity agent about terms for the 10 % policy reduction and other driver discounts .


Drivers of all ages can benefit from Allstate indemnity discounts. Allstate customers in New York can receive a 10 % policy reduction by completing an approved on-line defensive drive course. Your Allstate agent can explain the defensive drive discount rate and a variety show of other options that can save you money on your indemnity premium .


Drivers with clean records can save with MetLife car indemnity discounts. New York drivers can get a 10 % insurance reduction after taking a state-approved on-line defensive driving course. MetLife besides offers 15 % off to high school and college students with good grades and a 12 % to 20 % dismiss to drivers who steer net of claims and violations for five years. Your MetLife insurance agentive role can walk you through the discounts you qualify for .


Improving your understand of traffic laws and safe drive strategies is never a bad theme. Travelers provides a 10 % insurance discount rate to New York drivers who complete a defensive driving class voluntarily. Contact your Travelers agent to learn about early insurance deduction offers, including a 23 % safe drive deduction or improving to 13 % off for holding multiple indemnity policies with the ship’s company .

American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance provides a range of insurance discounts. New York drivers can take a state-approved defensive driving course to qualify for a 10 % policy reduction that is full for three years. Reach out to your american Family Insurance agent for specifics on the IPIRP deduction and early ways you can bring down your car insurance premium. even if your cable car insurance company is not listed above, you ‘ll qualify for a 10 % defensive drive deduction if you meet your supplier ‘s requirements. Keep in mind that most companies offer a variety of other discounts as well. Do n’t let insurance premium discounts pass you by !

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