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Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts in Texas

many people take the Texas Online Defensive Driving Course to fulfill a court order or to keep points from a traffic ticket off their drive record. But did you know that you could save up to 10 % on your car policy by taking the run voluntarily ? According to the Texas Department of Insurance, car indemnity companies may provide a deduction to drivers who successfully complete a defensive drive course. This coach is designed to make you a safer and more skilled driver, and most indemnity providers happily reward safe drivers with discounted rates. The handiness of the discount rate and the requirements will vary depending on your insurance company and your ZIP code. It ‘s constantly a good theme to contact your policy provider and ask if it offers a defensive drive discount .

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Who Qualifies for the Discount?

Each indemnity party can decide who qualifies for its defensive tug discount rate. Your supplier may offer the discount to drivers of any senesce. But some extend the savings only to young drivers or people ages 50 and up. The reason you take the defensive drive course can besides affect your eligibility. Some insurance companies provide a rebate to customers who complete the course to dismiss a ticket or fulfill a court order. Others require you to take the course voluntarily to qualify. Contact your insurance agent to find out about your supplier ‘s requirements for the dismiss .

How Much Can I Save with the Defensive Driving Discount?

Texas car policy providers that offer a defensive drive deduction will reduce your rate anywhere from 2 % to 10 % if you complete the path and meet all eligibility requirements. Your insurance ship’s company determines the exact share amount taken off your bill. Most defensive drive discounts last for three years, and many companies allow you to take the run again to renew your discount. Over multiple years, this can add up to hundreds of dollars in keep open !

How Do I Redeem My Discount?

After you complete your train, we ‘ll send you a digital or print security that proves you passed a state-approved defensive drive course. You ‘ll receive two versions of the security : an insurance imitate for your car insurance supplier and a copy for the court ( if you need to dismiss a ticket ). To redeem your dismiss, contact your insurance caller and ask how to submit your defensive drive completion certificate. then, follow the company ‘s instructions and submit the policy transcript of your certificate .

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company

The best way to find out if you qualify for a defensive drive dismiss is to contact your car indemnity company. If your provider does offer the discount rate, remember to ask for extra details about the discount and how it works. Some crucial questions to ask your insurance agent include :

  • Do you offer a defensive driving discount?
  • What are the requirements for the discount?
  • Can I get the discount if I took the course for ticket dismissal or by court order?
  • Is there an age requirement for the discount?
  • What is the amount of the discount?
  • How do I apply for the discount after finishing the defensive driving course?
  • How should I submit my course completion certificate?
  • How long does it take for the discount to go into effect?
  • How long does the discount last?
  • Can I renew my discount after it expires? How?
  • Will the discount be terminated if I get a traffic citation or file an insurance claim?
  • Is there anything else I should know about the discount?

even if your insurance company does n’t provide a defensive tug dismiss, you should ask if any early discounts are available to you. For case, many companies offer a safe driver discount of up to 20 % to people who avoid dealings tickets and policy claims for at least five years .

Which Insurance Companies Offer a Defensive Driving Discount?

Most car indemnity providers offer a defensive drive dismiss. Learn more about the discount rate rates and eligibility requirements of some of the leading policy companies in Texas.


Drivers insured by GEICO could save up to 10 % on applicable coverages by taking an on-line defensive drive course. Upon successful completion of the course, GEICO will be notified and update your policy to include the deduction. Some GEICO companies provide the dismiss only to drivers 50 and older, and the dismiss typically lasts for three years. Ask your GEICO agent about the defensive repel rebate for more information .


Texas drivers insured by AAA can complete a defensive drive path to save up to 3 % on their car policy premium. For details on eligibility, contact your AAA agentive role and ask about the driver educate discount .

21st Century Insurance

Drivers ages 55 and up can complete a state-approved defensive driving course to save money on their car policy. twenty-first Century Insurance customers who complete the class save an modal of 2 % on their policy rate. In accession, keeping your drive record free from tickets and accidents for multiple years can earn you an extra dismiss ranging from 10 % to 20 % .

State Farm

Texas drivers insured by State Farm can save 5 % on their insurance if they complete a defensive drive course and suffer certain eligibility requirements. To qualify, you need to be the principal driver of the vehicle and provide proof that you voluntarily took a state-approved defensive drive course within the past three years. State Farm ‘s defensive drive discount rate lasts for three years, and you can retake the course again to renew your rebate .


USAA provides car insurance discounts to eligible drivers who complete an approve defensive driving course. Contact your USAA agent to learn specific details about the come of the dismiss and the eligibility requirements. In some locations, you will not qualify if you were involved in any accidents or received any driving convictions in the past three years .


Nationwide provides a discount to drivers 55 and up in certain locations after they complete a state-approved defensive drive course. The dismiss varies, but it is typically about 5 %. To qualify, drivers must not have been involved in an at-fault accident in the past 35 months .


Allstate rewards condom drivers with a assortment of policy discounts. adolescent drivers, for example, can earn policy discounts by completing an approve defensive driving program. full-time students insured by Allstate can besides save money on their rate by maintaining thoroughly grades. Contact an Allstate agent to learn about the ship’s company ‘s discount offers .


MetLife provides insurance discounts to customers who complete defensive drive, driver education or driver improvement courses. The company besides offers a mature driver discount rate to customers between the ages of 50 and 65. If you recently completed a driver education course, you may qualify for an indemnity dismiss. Reach out to your MetLife agent to learn more about defensive drive discounts .


Texas drivers insured by Travelers may qualify for an indemnity discount for completing driver coach. The company offers a dismiss of up to 8 % for young drivers who take an approved driver education course. The company besides provides discounts to safe drivers who avoid accidents, moving violations and policy claims for extend periods. You could save up to 10 % for demonstrating three years of safe drive and up to 23 % for five years of safe drive. Contact your Travelers agent to learn about old age requirements and other factors related to eligibility .

American Family Insurance

Texas drivers ages 55 and older may qualify for a 5 % to 10 % policy discount rate if they complete an approved defensive driving course. american Family Insurance besides reduces policy rates for drivers who have no accidents, violations or claims on record within the final five years. Your american Family Insurance agent can explain the discounts available in your sphere. even if your car indemnity supplier is n’t listed above, you may still qualify for a defensive drive rebate. closely every insurance company offers discounted rates to people who can prove their commitment to dependable drive .

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