A wide coverage car policy policy — an unofficial term meaning a policy with comprehensive and collision indemnity — is much more expensive than liability-only car indemnity, but it provides valuable protection. A full coverage policy will cover both liability costs and the costs of damages to your car, minus your deductible. MoneyGeek found that GEICO has the cheapest widely-available full coverage car indemnity, at a cost of about $ 941 per year, but we suggest comparing quotes for the cheapest companies in your express, as costs differ greatly across state lines.

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accident2 GEICO is the cheapest full coverage company nationally, but if you ‘re looking looking for savings you should compare the cheapest in your state of matter .car Full coverage is more expensive than liability-only policy as it will pay for repairs to your car from an at-fault accident, weather damage, larceny or early scenarios .coins If you ‘re looking for a ship’s company that is cheap but besides authentic, it makes sense to consider the best full coverage companies for service repute.

Which Companies Have the Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance?

Full coverage car indemnity costs an average of $ 1,270 per year. We analyzed the largest car policy companies across all 50 states to find the nine companies with the cheapest full coverage car insurance rates. The three cheapest companies are :

  • GEICO: $941 per year.
  • State Farm: $1,114 per year.
  • USAA: $817 per year, but only available to drivers with a military background.

Rates on this page are for a policy with $ 50,000 in bodily injury indebtedness insurance per person, $ 100,000 in bodily injury liability per accident, $ 50,000 in property damage liability per accident and comprehensive examination and collision policy, besides known as a 50/100/50 policy, as defined in our methodology.

The Cheapest Widely-Available Insurer: GEICO


  • The annual premium for the average driver is $941 with GEICO
  • Customers could save $329 per year compared to the average cost of full coverage auto insurance
  • Offers almost all major car insurance discounts including bundling, safe driving, multi-vehicle and car safety features

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Cheapest Runner-Up: State Farm

State Farm

  • State Farm customers pay an average of $1,114 per year for full coverage auto insurance
  • Drivers insured by State Farm could pay $156 less per year than the average cost of comprehensive and collision coverage from other companies.
  • State Farm also offers most major discounts offered by competitors

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Cheapest Full Coverage for Military: USAA


  • With an average premium of $817 per year, USAA offers the most affordable rates for comprehensive and collision
  • Drivers who are insured by USAA could save $453 per year compared to the average cost of full coverage auto insurance
  • USAA only provides policies to military members, veterans and military families

Read MoneyGeek ‘s USAA Car Insurance Review Each of these companies offers car indemnity coverage in at least 30 states across the U.S. While these rates are averages, they may not reflect the actual rate each customer will receive. It ’ s best to compare car quotes from different indemnity companies using your personalize factors to determine which offers the best bum full coverage cable car insurance.

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance Rates

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  • caller Full Coverage Annual Premium State-Minimum Annual premium
  • 1 .USAA $ 817 $ 409
  • 2 .GEICO $ 941 $ 513
  • 3 .State Farm $ 1,114 $ 660
  • 4 .Progressive $ 1,226 $ 724
  • 5 .Allstate $ 1,231 $ 735
  • 6 .Nationwide $ 1,276 $ 729
  • 7 .Travelers $ 1,415 $ 781
  • 8 .Farmers $ 1,459 $ 876
  • 9 .MetLife $ 1,613 $ 953

You can learn more about how these full coverage rates were collected and calculated in MoneyGeek ‘s methodology. Loading …

How Much is Full Coverage Car Insurance in Your State?

car policy is regulated by the states, so the bum companies for full moon coverage at a national degree might not inevitably be the cheapest ship’s company in your country. MoneyGeek found that GEICO, the cheapest company for full coverage nationally, is besides most likely to be the cheapest on average in your express. It had the lowest rates in 24 of the 50 states plus Washington D.C. State Farm is the bum for wax coverage in nine states, while both Nationwide and Erie — the cheapest choice in three states each — turn out the top four. however, If your military background makes you eligible, USAA could be your cheapest choice. It was the most low-cost for our sample driver in 38 states. Browse to your state of matter below to learn more about the cheapest wax coverage policies where you live.

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance Rates by State (Excluding USAA)

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance After Getting a Ticket

MoneyGeek found that GEICO is besides the cheapest widely-available insurance company for wide coverage after a ticket at an average cost of $ 1,265 per class. Accidents and tickets on your force record could increase the monetary value of broad coverage car policy in your state, reducing your chances of getting brassy car indemnity rates. When comparing the average annual premium for full coverage policy, the cost increase with a ticket is $ 759 per year .GEICO GEICO ‘s average fully coverage rate of $ 1,265 after a accelerate ticket is the most low-cost for most drivers when compared to early companies. GEICO policyholders with a clean drive record can expect to pay $ 324 less per year on comprehensive and collision coverage than those with a ticket. Drivers with GEICO who have a history of violations can get even more savings with its discounts for seat knock habit, tune bags and credit for completing a defensive drive course.

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance Rates With a Ticket

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  • company Full Coverage Annual Premium State-Minimum Annual premium
  • 1 .USAA $ 939 $ 473
  • 2 .GEICO $ 1,265 $ 687
  • 3 .State Farm $ 1,360 $ 816
  • 4 .Nationwide $ 1,485 $ 852
  • 5 .Allstate $ 1,515 $ 905
  • 6 .Progressive $ 1,739 $ 987
  • 7 .Farmers $ 1,906 $ 1,129
  • 8 .MetLife $ 1,992 $ 1,187
  • 9 .Travelers $ 2,015 $ 1,095

USAA came in as the lowest-cost ship’s company for these coverages, costing an average of $ 939 per year. This is $ 122 more expensive per year than not having a tag. however, USAA is merely available to military members, veterans and their families. Rates will vary widely based on the state you live in, the type of tag received and early personalized factors. Getting an individual quote for these car coverages will help determine which company is best for cheap cable car indemnity after a speed slate.

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance Rates After an Accident

MoneyGeek found that State Farm has the cheapest rates if you ‘re at defect for an accident, costing an average of $ 1,434 per year. If you are involved in an accident, it could affect your chances of getting cheap full coverage car policy rates. While not all accidents and claims will raise your rates, you should expect rates to adjust if you are involved in an accident. When comparing rates for the like 50 companies, we found that the average rate increase is $ 1,130 more per year .State Farm With an average bounty of $ 1,434 after an accident, State Farm provides some of the lowest fully coverage car insurance rates for most drivers. With an accident on their record, drivers insured by State Farm can expect to pay an average of $ 320 more for full coverage policy than if they had a clean driving read. Get even more savings from State Farm by taking advantage of discounts for tune bags, anti-theft devices or completing a defensive drive course.

Average Annual Insurance Rates With an Accident

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  • company Full Coverage Annual Premium State-Minimum Annual premium
  • 1 .USAA $ 1,236 $ 628
  • 2 .State Farm $ 1,434 $ 857
  • 3 .GEICO $ 1,494 $ 819
  • 4 .Allstate $ 1,869 $ 1,100
  • 5 .Nationwide $ 1,903 $ 1,081
  • 6 .Progressive $ 2,163 $ 1,238
  • 7 .Farmers $ 2,186 $ 1,300
  • 8 .Travelers $ 2,206 $ 1,215
  • 9 .MetLife $ 2,986 $ 1,835

For those who are eligible, USAA once again had the lowest rates for this type of driver. After an at-fault accident, USAA policyholders pay an average of $ 1,236 per year. Being labeled as a bad driver can be costly, but you can and should placid get multiple quotes to ensure you get the best car policy rates for which you qualify.

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance With Increased Coverage Amounts

Most rates on this page are for a 50/100/50 policy described in our methodology, but if you increase your liability limits to 100/300/100, we found that GEICO is the cheapest option, with rates averaging out to $ 1,047 per year. Increasing liability coverage limits from 50/100/50 to 100/300/100 may cost more, but it besides provides broader security if you cause injuries or property price in an accident. These higher limits include $ 50,000 more per hurt person, $ 200,000 more in total injuries per accident and $ 50,000 more property damage coverage .GEICO GEICO customers pay an average of $ 1,047 per year for 100/300/100 coverage, $ 126 more than for 50/100/50 coverage. In many cases, increasing your liability coverage is relatively low-cost and could cover you for thousands of dollars in costs if you cause an accident.

Average Annual Rates for 100/300/100 Liability Coverage

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  • company Full Coverage Annual Premium State-Minimum Annual premium
  • 1 .USAA $ 883 $ 409
  • 2 .GEICO $ 1,047 $ 513
  • 3 .State Farm $ 1,235 $ 660
  • 4 .Nationwide $ 1,341 $ 729
  • 5 .Allstate $ 1,351 $ 735
  • 6 .Progressive $ 1,381 $ 724
  • 7 .Travelers $ 1,525 $ 781
  • 8 .Farmers $ 1,578 $ 876
  • 9 .MetLife $ 1,686 $ 953

Expect to pay an average of 37 % more for increasing indebtedness coverage to 100/300/100 from 50/100/50. USAA remains the cheapest option though merely current and former military families will be eligible to buy it. How much rates change when altering liability. limits will vary from company to company. flush if you ‘re trying to save, on your indemnity bill, you should still buy an appropriate sum of indebtedness policy. Try to determine how much liability car insurance you need before shopping so that you can protect yourself in the event of an accident.

The Best Full Coverage Car Insurance Company

You should consider more than just rates when buying a broad coverage car policy policy. You ’ ll want a company that combines savings with excellent customer service and claims processes. And you ’ ll want it to be financially stable so that you know your claims will be paid. MoneyGeek ranked GEICO as the best car indemnity company of 2022 .GEICO GEICO ranks as the best car indemnity company for full coverage policies. It combines cheap rates with a hard customer servicing repute and rock-solid fiscal constancy. And if you ‘re looking to cover your newfangled car against distinctive tire and tear, GEICO offers Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, a guarantee program that few early insurers can match.

What Is Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

There is no single definition for wax coverage car insurance, but it typically includes liability protection and comprehensive and collision coverage .

  • Liability coverage protects you against the cost of property damage or injury to others if you’re at fault
  • Comprehensive and collision coverages insurance covers repairs to your vehicle if it’s damaged on or off the road.

other coverages may be included in wax coverage car policy, such as personal injury auspices ( PIP ), checkup payments, rental car coverage and wayside aid. These extra coverages are considered optional and can be included in a quote for cost-comparison purposes.

How to Shop for the Cheapest Full Coverage Policy

One of the best ways to get cheap broad coverage car policy is by shopping with several car indemnity companies. Getting multiple personalized quotes to compare coverages doesn ’ t have to be unmanageable, and MoneyGeek can help. By comparing car insurance rates and coverages, consumers can save up to 47 %, even bad drivers. To make the process easier, have the right information available when getting full coverage car insurance quotes. here are some steps to take to get accurate car quotes while shopping for car indemnity : 1

Gather your information

To get an accurate quote, you ‘ll typically need to enter your name, date of parentage, address and driver ’ s license information for all family drivers, including yourself. You ‘ll besides need to know the year, make, model and VIN for each vehicle to be insured. Knowing your stream coverages can help you find the best conduct for full moon coverage. 2

Quote the same coverages

Whether you ‘re comparing two or five different car insurance companies, be reproducible with the coverages you ‘re using to compare. Use the lapp liability limits and comprehensive and collision deductibles to make an accurate comparison to find the best brassy wax coverage car insurance. 3

Consider optional coverages

Add-ons can mean higher premiums, but they may be worth it to you. Accident forgiveness, gap insurance and rental car coverage are barely a few of the options available. optional coverages vary by company and may not be available to all customers. MoneyGeek has analyzed rates across the board to help you find the best and cheapest full coverage car indemnity in your state. The types of coverage offered by policy providers vary, and that ’ s why it ’ s crucial to compare your own costs by getting customized quotes. Your individual position and personalized needs are the best specify factors of how a lot you ’ ll pay for full coverage car indemnity. These tips and steps can give you a large head depart in finding your best option.

Common Questions About Full Coverage Car Insurance

The play along are some of the most frequent questions drivers have about buying full coverage cable car insurance .

MoneyGeek ‘s data finds that GEICO has the cheapest full coverage indemnity in most states with an average monetary value of $ 941 per class. But if you qualify for USAA you could get evening more savings. Its policies cost an average of $ 817 per year for our sample distribution driver. For those with motorcycles, both Progressive and Dairyland offer the cheapest wax coverage motorbike policy policies at $ 267 per year .

Across nine bum major insurance companies offering full coverage, the average price of a policy is $ 1,232 per class. For those lapp insurers, the average cost of state-minimum car policy is $ 709 per year. So buying a full coverage policy costs drivers an excess $ 500 per year, on average .

If you leased or financed the buy of your vehicle, your lender will credibly require that you buy a full coverage policy. If you fully own your car, you aren ’ thyroxine required to buy comprehensive examination and collision policy, but we recommend it if you have a valuable vehicle. Those with older vehicles may be best served by dropping the coverages. If you ’ re paying hundreds of dollars per year — plus the deductible — to cover the risk your car is totaled, you ’ ll want to make sure your car has enough value to justify that expense .

not every insurance company will define wide coverage the same means. But it normally refers to policies that add comprehensive examination and collision policy to the minimum indebtedness policy requirements mandated by your submit. Comprehensive and collision insurance protects you against the cost of damages to your vehicle, on and off the road. Liability indemnity protects you against the cost of damages to others when you ’ re at blame. Full coverage

Expert Advice: Understanding Full Coverage Car Insurance

  1. Why should shoppers consider full coverage car indemnity over liability-only car indemnity ?
  2. What coverage amounts do you recommend for most drivers ?
  3. What strategies can buyers use to find low-cost full coverage policy from a reputable supplier ?

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average rates are calculated based on 50/100/50 liability insurance and comprehensive and collision coverage with a $ 1,000 deductible. A 50/100/50 liability indemnity policy is shorthand for car indemnity with the succeed liability coverage limits :

  • $50,000 in bodily injury liability insurance per person
  • $100,000 in bodily injury liability insurance per accident
  • $50,000 in property damage liability insurance per accident

These figures use a sample driver visibility of a 40-year-old male driving a Toyota Camry with no record of tickets or accidents. MoneyGeek besides analyzed a alike character to define average rates for drivers with a tag or accident on their record and a driver who chose 100/300/100 coverage. Learn more about premium costs and MoneyGeek ’ s Methodology.

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About the generatorexpert-profileexpert-profile Mandy Sleight has been a freelancer writer and a license policy manufacturer since 2005. She has extensive cognition of place and casualty indemnity vitamin a well as life and health policy. She writes on topics including indemnity, sustainability, budget, nutrition and seaworthiness.

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