The best car insurance companies will offer a combination of great service, premium quality and excellent value for money. In order to find the best cable car policy company for your circumstances, you need to understand what makes one car insurance ship’s company different from another .
This is why it is significant to shop around and compare quotes before settling on a policy. There are a number of cable car insurance companies in South Africa that offer both private passengers cover and commercial cover .
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The different types of policies available include : third base party breed, fire and larceny, comprehensive, accident cover and medical aid overlay .
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Choosing a cable car indemnity caller is a decisiveness that can save you money or put you in a fiscal bind. many people are not mindful of how to choose the best indemnity company for their needs or even what they truly need .
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indemnity companies differ in the products they offer and the cost of those products. When choosing an policy ship’s company, do your inquiry so that you can find one that offers the products and services you need with prices you can afford .
It is not just the price of the policy that you need to consider but all the extra benefits arsenic well. Some insurers will offer more than others when it comes to extra perks such as : no claim bonuses, cashless garages and warranties .
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insurance companies may besides offer lower premiums for having a security system fitted to your vehicle, equally well as for driving under certain conditions such as defensive drive courses .
Be sure to ask each insurance company if they offer any of these extra benefits before making a decision on which cable car policy company you choose to buy from .
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Car Insurance Companies in South Africa

The best south african car insurance companies are those that offer you one of the cheapest premiums, while besides compensating you in the consequence of an accident. In this article we will look at 12 of the best car policy companies in South Africa, based on customer satisfaction and affordability .
In order to rank the top 12 cable car insurance companies in South Africa, we need to look at three different things ; value for money, customer service and client satisfaction .
Value for money is a combination of the price a customer pays for their car indemnity policy, and how much they get compensated if they have an accident or are victim to theft .
Client satisfaction is measured by asking clients how probable they were to recommend their insurance company to a ally or colleague .
Customer service is the client ’ randomness experiences with their insurance company in terms of how easy it was to make a claim, how long it took for them to process the claim and how good their communication is ( earphone calls, emails and social media ) .
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Factors to choose the best Car insurance company

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One of the most confusing and unmanageable things to manage after an accident is to find the best car policy ship’s company that will suit your needs and provide you with the right auspices .
There are quite a few companies in South Africa that offer insurance, but not all of them can give you the correct kind of coverage .
here are some tips on how to find the right car insurance company for your site :

Comparing car insurance quotes

Comparing cable car insurance quotes requires a little research up battlefront. The good news program is that, once you ’ ve got it done, you ’ ll have the information you need to make an informed decision .
To get the best consider, shop round. Don ’ thymine just go with the first gear quote you find — keep looking until you find a policy that provides good rate for money and meets your needs .

Brand reputation

Although all insurers offer more or less the like product, sword reputation and past know do play a role in attracting customers. Some companies have a better brand double than others and this can influence your decision when choosing an insurance company .
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Insurance coverages

Compare the coverages offered by assorted plans available in the market before zeroing down on any one particular plan. Ask your agent or insurance company to explain the assorted benefits included in your plan and besides clarify whether they are optional or compulsory .
Check whether your car indemnity policy covers all types of damage or accidental expenses regarding your car, including collision, larceny, burn, flood, etc .
Others things to consider

  • Choose between annual or monthly payment
  • Know what you are purchasing before you buy it.
  • Check out customer reviews on the internet if you can find any
  • 3rd party liability
  • Add-ons in the policy
  • No-claim bonus
  • Anti-theft devices
  • Discounts

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The 12 Best Car Insurance Companies in South Africa 2021

1. King Price Car Insurance

The best car insurance company in South Africa is King Price. They offer both personal and commercial cover. personal cover is designed to protect you, your passenger, and any third base party involved in an accident that occurs while you are driving .
This cover will besides help to repair your vehicle if it has been damaged in an accident or if it has been stolen .
commercial cover charge is designed to protect your business, its stock, assets and employees against damages or losses arising from any claims of damages that may occur during the run of operating your business .
For many drivers, King Price is the most cost-efficient option. This is why it gets the issue one descry on our list of best cable car indemnity companies in South Africa. If you have a good drive record and are paying your policy off in full, this is a great choice .
King Price put up coverage for all vehicle types which includes cars, trucks, buses, taxis, trailers, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters etc.. They can even insure vintage vehicles .
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2. AA Car Insurance

AA Insurance is one of the leading car policy providers in South Africa established in 1910 by the Automobile Association in South Africa, offering comprehensive cover for all types of vehicles .
AA Insurance has been protecting South Africans for over 133 years and offers a full rate of policy products to match your life style .
The party offers insurance products and services to customers in all nine provinces of South Africa, including : compulsory third party liability, comprehensive drive vehicle policy, personal accident cover and funeral funds .
The AA is not an policy company but a consumer association that provides specialize motor vehicle insurance products arsenic well as general indemnity services .
When you ’ rhenium shopping for the best car policy companies in South Africa, AA Insurance is one of the most believe brands that you can choose from .
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3. DialDirect Car Insurance

When you go shopping for car indemnity, you ’ ll find that the competition is boisterous. Despite this, there are some insurers that stand out from the crowd by providing excellent service and value for money .
DIAL Direct Insurance is in clientele for about 14, and it has been rated as one of the peak five policy companies in South Africa. It will provide you with well service and competitive price .
dial Direct provides a crop of different car indemnity products to suit all kinds of needs including business vehicle insurance, personal fomite indemnity, and fleet vehicle policy .
You can get an blink of an eye car insurance quotation mark on-line at This web site will give you a good idea of how a lot it will cost to insure your vehicle. The web site besides offers extra information about car policy and its coverage options .
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4. Discovery Car Insurance

Discovery South Africa is the best car policy caller in South Africa and one of the most trustworthy companies in the area .
discovery Car Insurance offers comprehensive arsenic well as third party indebtedness policy packages for your fomite that can be customized to fit your needs. They besides offer moment on-line quotes and a crop of payment methods .
Some people might think that because it is a well-known policy company, it will cost them more money. This is not true when it comes to cable car indemnity and evening if you have had some past accidents or violations on your record, they will silent be able to offer you low-cost car policy rates .
Most people pay for their cable car policy once in a class but with Discovery Car Insurance, you can choose how often you want to pay for it and whether monthly or quarterly payments suit your budget better .
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5. Momentum Car Insurance

Over the past couple of years, Momentum has made capital strides in terms of customer service .
Having said that, it ’ second still significant to note that the company does not insure high-performance vehicles – in other words, those with an engine capacity of over 3.0 liters .
then if you ’ re a sports fan of fast cars and visualize yourself as a bit of a speed demon, you ’ d be better off with one of the big players .
If on the other handwriting you drive a modest hatchback or something exchangeable and preceptor ’ t have any major violations on your record, you may want to consider Momentum because they offer competitive insurance rates without sacrificing much in terms of choice serve .
Momentum is a member of the MMI Holdings Limited fiscal services group, so you can expect quality service .
The Momentum brand offers base loans, life sentence and medical policy, investment products and savings accounts, american samoa well as car indemnity for all kinds of vehicles .
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6. MMI Car Insurance

policy is, without a doubt, one of the most democratic car policy companies in in South Africa. In fact, it ’ s sol democratic that it has more than a million customers who insure their vehicles through this company alone. The company is based in Johannesburg and its main products are comprehensive examination drive indemnity and breakdown cover .
MMI besides offers cable car hire excess indemnity to protect you in the event that you ’ re found liable for price or larceny of a vehicle. This type of policy gives you fiscal protection should your vehicle be stolen or damaged by an uninsured driver or if you cause an accident that leads to person else ’ mho vehicle being wrecked or damaged .
You can get 24 hour wayside aid through MMI and they give you absolve emergency repairs on their policies if you have an accident while on vacation overseas .
This means that if your vehicle breaks down while you ’ re on your travels and you need to have your car towed back to your family nation, MMI will cover these costs vitamin a well as any surfeit charges that may occur when you get back home .

7. MiWay Car Insurance

Choosing an policy company is a identical important decisiveness. insurance can mean the dispute between exist and dying. Everyone needs to have an policy policy that suits their needs .
As the first South African-based direct indemnity party to offer short-run policy policies online, MiWay Insurance offers a wide compass of car, home and business indemnity packages .
Tired of spending hours on the earphone with an insurance broke trying to navigate through all the options ? At MiWay, there ’ s no necessitate to do that. You can purchase your policy on-line in mere minutes and begin enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having all your bases covered .
MiWay partners with some of the biggest and most sure names in the insurance industry, including Discovery Insure, Santam and Sanlam, so you know you ’ re getting a great bargain on your policy .
The company besides offers a stove of elastic requital options, so it ’ randomness never been easier to get low-cost protection for your vehicle, home or business assets .

8. Outsurance Car Insurance

Outsurance car indemnity is one of the most trust brands in South Africa. They have won awards for their customer service, but besides for the services they provide to their clients. They provide specialized indemnity products that suit your needs, at low-cost rates .
Travelling afield ? You can get a limited International policy to protect yourself and your vehicle while you are aside. This policy covers you with sufficient funds should you go over budget on your trip .
Outsurance has respective cover options for you and your vehicle no matter what your life style choice may be. For case, if you are a motorist that likes to ride in the debauched lane, then their Black Label is the ideal choice for you .
This policy includes all hazard cover on a 24 hour footing. In summation, they offer an option called Flexi which allows you to customize your indemnity based on how much of a risk taker you are when it comes to driving .
If you are not as daring with drive or barely want to make sure that if anything happens, your car is safe and fathom, then their classic policy is the right option for you .
It offers comprehensive screen at competitive rates and has a no claims bonus reduction clause that rewards safe drivers with lower premiums over time .
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9. Santam Car Insurance

If you are one of the many South african drivers who are planning on getting their own car this year, it ’ s important to ensure that once you get your driver ’ sulfur license, you can besides get a great cable car insurance plan .
Santam has been offering cable car insurance in South Africa for many years. It is a well-established company that has been operating since 1957. The company offers a wide range of vehicle indemnity products and services to both individuals and corporate clients .
description : Santam offer comprehensive, one-third party cover, third party fire and larceny cover, centrifugal legal auspices, personal accident cover, breakdown aid and many other extras .

10. 1st for Women Car Insurance

There is a car insurance policy to suit every driver. here are the best car indemnity companies in South Africa in terms of cover charge and prize for money :
1st for Women Car Insurance, part of the Moneyweb group, is a general insurance company that caters entirely to women. It provides amply comprehensive car policy for ladies and non-motorists aged 25 years or older .
It besides offers insurance for bikers and all-terrain vehicles ( ATVs ). 1st for Women was launched in 2009 as a joint venture between FirstRand Bank and Old Mutual, which owns 49 % of the company .
In 2013 it was bought by SWICA, which owns 100 % of 1st for Women. The insurance company has more than 140 000 customers, who are largely in Gauteng and the western Cape. 1st for Women aims to offer customers excellent serve at no extra cost — it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate care any presidency fees when you buy your policy or make changes to your cover .
It holds an AA rate and is among the cheapest providers in South Africa with regards to premiums. The utmost annual premium that can be charged to a female driver under 25 years old is R14 950, while a mature driver can pay up to R30 000 per year .

11. Liberty Car Insurance

The Liberty Insurance Group is a top South african insurance company with over 130 years of experience in the local market, offering a range of tailor products for the needs of both individuals and businesses alike.Liberty offers a wide image of policy products for both personal and business use .
liberty cable car policy offers comprehensive and one-third party liability cover for cars, bakkies, alight trucks and centrifugal homes. Liberty ’ s core clientele is to provide competitively priced products through a combination of innovative technology, commercially astute underwrite and high choice customer service .
It provides 24/7 claims serve to its customers by utilising an on-line claims portal, with more than 45 000 claims serviced successfully since origin .

12. Metlife Car Insurance

The MetLife Car Insurance is one of the most expensive and comprehensive car indemnity in South Africa. It offers coverage for death, personal liability, burn and larceny and third party property damage .
This is a comprehensive examination policy which offers some of the best cover. The customer avail offered by MetLife is besides pretty good as they are available 24/7 and can be reached easily .
Buy car policy in South Africa from MetLife and enjoy the peace of take care that comes with having a trust insurance company back you up .
MetLife understands that there ’ s more on the line than precisely your car when you step into the driver ’ s seat. That ’ south why they ’ ve developed a comprehensive range of policies to safeguard you, your passengers, your vehicle and other road users against any eventuality .

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of our reviews of the top five cable car indemnity companies in South Africa. What we can say is that each of these companies offer a high standard of military service and give fantastic measure for money.

It can be difficult to compare South african cable car insurance providers as they all have different coverage options, and at different prices. But ultimately, it ’ second more to do with which company you feel more comfortable with, and what is authoritative for you in terms of coverage and price .
After all, this is something that you ’ ll be paying for every year ( and hopefully not much ! ). And if you ’ re looking to save money on your car insurance this year, the tips we outlined above should actually help .

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