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As we previously discussed, there ’ second surely more to Mexico than meets the eye. This country is packed with unique and diverse attractions scattered throughout the nation, from the beaches along the Pacific Coast to the Mayan ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula. If you ’ re a tourist or business traveler on a tight schedule, driving gives you more exemption and flexibility. Though mexican roads have a less-than-stellar repute, it ’ south not arsenic bad as pop culture makes it seem. You not only cover more ground in less time, but you can drive to “ off the beat path ” destinations that can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate otherwise be reached. And let ’ s face it, what better way to enjoy the coastlines of Cancun, Los Cabos, and Tulum then by car ? While driving in Mexico is quite straightforward, there ’ s a overtake : Mexican car insurance is not only necessary but mandatory .
But don ’ thyroxine get that dissuade you from driving in Mexico ! Simply keep calm and read on to arm yourself and learn more about mexican car policy and why you need it.

Why You Need Mexican Car Insurance

Before you start thinking this is some money-grabbing schema targeting foreigners, all drivers are required to have liability policy. unfortunately, the Mexican legal system is much less lenient if an accident occur. When it comes to driving, Murphy ’ sulfur Law is a very real menace, no topic how carefully you drive. If you get into a car accident while in Mexico, there may be trouble even if authorities can ’ metric ton determine who ’ randomness at mistake. mexican authorities can legally arrest you and impound your car .
If you ’ re at defect, you ’ ll be detained until money matters are settled. Herein comes the car security plans, which ensures that there ’ s a proper means to pay the damages. consequently, compulsory car policy is merely “ proof of fiscal responsibility ” to ensure that damages during an accident can be paid. Without indemnity, paying for the damages will take longer to resolve and surely put a damper on your vacation .
Rent a cable car in Mexico

Renting a Car in Mexico? You need car rental coverage

For those that live north of the boundary line, you ’ ll find that renting a car in Mexico is no different than renting a car in the US. Same as in the US, you need to arm yourself with a valid accredit poster, driver ’ randomness license, and passport. You can besides book in advance on-line or through the App to get a better rate. The entirely dispute is the compulsory car lease policy in Mexico .

Mandatory: Third Party Insurance (TI)

When you rent a car with Sixt in Mexico, we offer a Third-Party Insurance at check-out. This is basic personal liability insurance that will satisfy the mandatary policy prerequisite. In shell of an accident, this covers personal injury claims or fabric damages you cause to the other driver. however, it does not cover injuries you may suffer or damage done to the lease car. If you decide to rent with another car rental supplier, review the terms and conditions before booking. Oftentimes, this is mechanically included during bookings, but if in doubt, check it.

Protection coverage for the vehicle rented includes Third Party Liability with a maximum cover for personal injuries and material damages .
Excluded from the protection is the manipulation of the fomite for the ecstasy of dangerous goods. All protection as contribution of the rental contract will become void, in particular, if an unauthorized driver has used the vehicle or if the driver of the vehicle does not possess the ask driver ’ sulfur license at the time of the consequence giving rise to title .

Additional Peace of Mind Options

In shell you need some extra protection, you can besides opt for extra auspices options. These are not mandate, so you are barren to add them for your own peace of mind while driving through Mexico .

  • Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI): This is additional liability insurance that protects the renter against claims made by a third party for -bodily injury- and/or property damages sustained due to an accident while the renter is operating a -rental vehicle-.
  • Loss Damage Waiver (LDW): Does not hold the driver accountable in case of damage or theft. Some major credit card companies or your auto policy insurance can cover rentals in Mexico. However, before you decline this, be sure to double-check it.
  • Personal Accident Protection: This is monetary compensation in the event of invalidity or death of the driver. If your health insurance doesn’t include ambulance, doctors, and hospital, you might find this useful.

Driving to Mexico? You Still Need Insurance

unfortunately, careless of how comprehensive your united states indemnity policy is, it won ’ thymine traverse you while driving in Mexico. therefore, you must buy a separate policy cover if you cross the molding in your own car. This indebtedness insurance must be purchased from a caller that is licensed in Mexico. Please note that it must be specifically for foreign-plated cars .
fortunately, this coverage can be purchased online through a sure car policy company before your trip. If you ’ re insured by one of the big car indemnity players, they normally have partnerships with Mexican insurance companies that specialize in international car indemnity policies. If you ’ re making a spontaneous trip, you can besides purchase it at the boundary line, but at a more expensive rate.

As you can see, while car insurance in Mexico is mandate, there ’ south nothing to stress about. Of course, it ’ sulfur easier to simply rent a car that includes this legally required indebtedness coverage rather than insuring your own vehicle. If that ’ s the lawsuit, you ’ rhenium free to choose from one of our many branches across Mexico and take to the roads to discover everything this state has to offer .

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