The average cost of a full moon coverage car insurance policy in Florida is $ 2,914 per class, higher than the national average. however, rates vary greatly from one city to the future — the median monetary value of cable car policy in Miami is $ 4,222, while drivers in Titusville pay an average of $ 2,476 a year. fix to shop cable car indemnity ? Start calculator Rates in Florida may be higher than in most early U.S. states, but understanding drivers can still find cheap car insurance. The key is to get quotes from respective companies. Policygenius can help you compare quotes from top car policy companies to find the coverage that ’ s correct for you.

Key Takeaways

  • GEICO has the lowest average rate for full moon coverage car indemnity in Florida at $ 1,110 a year
  • The average monetary value of car policy in Miami is $ 4,222 per year
  • Florida minimal indebtedness requirements are $ 10,000 in personal injury protection and $ 10,000 in property damage liability

Cheapest car insurance companies in Florida

Every indemnity company has its own recipe for setting rates, so you can get very different rates from two companies for the like coverage. indemnity costs vary based on where you live, your senesce, your driving history, and the kind of car you drive. The board below shows the five bum car policy companies in Florida and their J.D. Power scores. company average cost JD Power Rating GEICO $ 1,432 871 state farm $ 1,630 881 Travelers $ 2,245 861 nationally $ 2,503 876 Mercury Insurance $ 3,187 849

Cheapest car insurance companies by age in Florida

How old you are besides plays a share in how a lot you ’ ll pay for car policy. Younger drivers pay significantly more than older drivers. The longer you ’ ve been driving, the more experience you have on the road, while younger drivers may be more likely to take risks or make mistakes behind the rack. In Florida however, GEICO has the lowest average rate no matter your age. age Cheapest company average cost 16 GEICO $ 4,218 18 GEICO $ 3,848 21 GEICO $ 2,488 25 GEICO $ 1,779 30 GEICO $ 1,527 35 GEICO $ 1,394 45 GEICO $ 1,376 55 GEICO $ 1,291

Choosing the right car insurance company in Florida

Choosing the correct car policy company may seem like a daunting undertaking, but it ’ second easier than you might think. There are some key factors to consider when shopping :

  • cost : You don ’ thyroxine want to overpay for cable car indemnity. Get quotes from multiple companies so you can compare .
  • coverage : Choose a policy with coverage that protects you, but there ’ s no want to go overboard .
  • Customer Service : The serve you get when you buy your policy is the service you ’ ll get when you file a claim. If buying the policy was a hassle, then filing a claim won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be any better .

Policygenius can help you compare quotes and see which coverage is included so you can make an inform decision about the policy you purchase .

Car insurance rates for drivers with driving violations in Florida

Your driving history can have a incontrovertible or negative impact on how much you pay for car insurance, depending on your phonograph record. Speeding tickets will increase your rates, and accidents will increase them even more, particularly if you ’ re determined to be at fault. The more violations you have on your drive record, the more you ’ ll pay for cable car policy. Do your best to keep a clean phonograph record and you ’ ll save money on coverage. The table below shows the average annual cable car policy rates for drivers with a assortment of violations for both GEICO and State Farm. misdemeanor GEICO state farm Travelers countrywide Mercury Insurance At-fault accident $ 2,088 $ 1,916 $ 3,018 $ 3,535 $ 5,125

duet $ 2,696 $ 1,785 $ 3,381 $ 5,331 $ 4,431 Suspended license $ 1,514 $ 1,785 $ 3,381 $ 5,331 $ 3,079 open container $ 1,514 $ 1,785 $ 2,861 $ 5,331 $ 4,431 Expired registration $ 1,514 $ 1,785 $ 2,861 $ 2,926 $ 4,346 Driving without lights $ 1,514 $ 1,785 $ 2,861 $ 2,512 $ 4,346 not showing documents $ 1,514 $ 1,785 $ 2,861 $ 2,926 $ 4,346 Running a loss luminosity $ 1,514 $ 1,785 $ 2,861 $ 2,926 $ 4,346

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with bad credit in Florida

You might be surprised to learn that indemnity companies consider your credit mark when determining your cable car policy rates. here ‘s how the five bum cable car insurance companies in Florida stack up for drivers with bad credit. company Rates for drivers with bad credit GEICO $ 2,837 state farm $ 3,113 UAIC $ 3,484 AIG $ 3,611 send Auto $ 3,831

Car insurance costs in Florida cities

car indemnity costs vary greatly from one city to the future count on a number of factors, like crime rates and previous claims. As you might imagine, rates are higher in cities than in more rural areas. Lots of cars on narrow-minded streets leads to more buffer benders, which means higher car insurance rates. The tilt below shows the average annual cable car indemnity costs for the 10 biggest cities in Florida based on population size .

  • Jacksonville : $ 1,736
  • miami : $ 4,222
  • tampa : $ 3,824
  • St. Petersburg : $ 1,868
  • orlando : $ 1,636
  • Hialeah : $ 4,239
  • tallahassee : $ 2,483
  • Fort Lauderdale : $ 3,654
  • Port St. Lucie : $ 2,738
  • Pembroke Pines : $ 3.528

fix to shop car indemnity ? Start calculator

Buying car insurance in Florida

The state of Florida requires car insurance to register a vehicle, but it has very low minimums. Every file vehicle must have :

  • personal Injury Protection ( PIP ) $ 10,000 per accident
  • personal wrong Liability ( PDL ) $ 10,000 per accident

proof of insurance must be provided at the time of registration and coverage must be maintained even if the vehicle is not being driven or is inoperable. additionally, the policy must be from a carrier licensed in Florida. If you move to Florida from another express, talk with your agent about having that policy transferred. Driving without the want policy can result in a suspension of your repel privileges and your license plate for up to three years. It may be reinstated, but it will require the payment of a $ 500 fee. Florida is a no-fault state. This means that no one driver is named as being at fault for an accident. It besides means that you can not expect the early driver ’ randomness insurance to pay your claim. Every claim you file needs to be filed with your own carrier who will pay you for the claim. This makes it particularly important to have enough coverage in the consequence of an accident. Make sure you ’ re comfortable with any deductibles you choose and that the full sum of the coverage you select will cover any necessary repairs or medical bills incurred .

How to get cheap car insurance in Florida

  • Drive safely : avoid accidents and moving violations, including speeding tickets, to keep your rates low .
  • Watch your credit : good credit will help you get a adept deal on cable car insurance while bad citation can raise your rates .
  • shop around : compare rates from multiple indemnity companies to see which offers the best rates .
  • Choose coverage carefully : Look at your coverage options, including deductibles, and choose the best coverage for your needs .

Find car insurance in your city :

Frequently asked questions

Who has the cheapest car insurance rates in Florida?

According to our data, the cheapest cable car insurance companies in Florida are GEICO and State Farm .

Is Florida a no-fault state?

Yes, Florida is a no-fault state. This means that no one driver is determined to be at-fault for an accident and that each needs to file claims with their own indemnity company .

Does Florida require car insurance?

Yes, like most states, Florida does require car indemnity, but in very moo amounts. You must have $ 10,000 each of Personal Injury Protection ( PIP ) and personal wrong Liability ( PDL ) .


Policygenius has analyzed car insurance rates provided by Quadrant Information Services for every ZIP code in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C. For full coverage policies, the follow coverage limits were used :

  • Bodily injury liability : 50/100
  • property damage indebtedness : $ 50,000
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist : 50/100
  • comprehensive : $ 500 deductible
  • collision : $ 500 deductible

In some cases, extra coverages were added where required by department of state or insurance company.

Rates for overall average rate, rates by ZIP code, and cheapest companies determined using averages for unmarried drivers ages 30, 35, and 45. Our sample fomite was a 2017 Toyota Camry LE repel 10,000 miles/year. Rates for driving violations and “ Poor ” credit determined using average rates for a one male 30-year-old driver with a credit sexual conquest under 578. Some carriers may be represented by affiliates or subsidiaries. Rates provided are a sample of costs. Your actual quotes may differ .

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