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It is a common practice for car owners to lend their vehicles to early drivers when the need arises. For exemplar, relatives or friends visiting from out of town may borrow your fomite to get around. similarly, a roommate or colleague may ask to borrow your cable car to make a promptly travel. While you may not hesitate to let others borrow your vehicle, the possibility of an accident occurring should at least cross your mind. What precisely happens in this situation ? besides, what should you do if the adopt car in an accident belongs to you ? Our South Carolina car accident lawyers give their responses below .

Does an indemnity policy Follow the cable car or the Registered Driver ?

Before covering what to do after a adopt car accident, it is important to discuss your indemnity policy. South Carolina requires all drivers to purchase minimum car indebtedness policy coverage. This minimum prerequisite covers bodily injury, property wrong, and uninsured motorist incidents. While this coverage follows the driver, your car indemnity may pay out damages in a adopt car accident. This is because car insurance typically follows the car, regardless of who may be driving at the clock. While particular car policies may vary, you can probable expect that your policy :

  • Does not cover car larceny incidents

If your policy covers the person who borrowed your car, then the car indemnity company will pay out damages if this person was at defect for the accident. This payout will occur up to your policy ’ s limits. therefore, the driver may have to cover any remaining damages left over.

What Should I Do if the Borrowed Car in an accident Is Mine ?

so, a member of your family or early permissive driver borrowed your car and got into an accident. What immediately ? Of course, the first base thing to do is check in with this person to make indisputable they are o. then, you should take the pursuit steps :

dance step One : file a Police Report

Often, after an accident, one party will call the police to file an official report. hopefully, this will have already occurred prior to your hearing about the crash. however, if a police report was not filed, then get this taken care of american samoa soon as possible. You should besides obtain a copy of the report when it becomes available. official reports are a authentic informant of crucial information you may need later when filing a claim .

measure Two : check-in With Your indemnity party

future, you will want to inform your car insurance carrier of the accident. You should let them know that this was a borrowed car accident. With this information, they can review the terms of your policy to determine coverage. Since the doss involved your car, you will be responsible for filing a claim with your car indemnity company.

footprint Three : Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer

Like any car accident, a lot depends on proving fault in a adopt cable car accident case. This is where seeking legal advice from a lawyer can help, whether you are pursuing or fighting a claim .
It is important to note that you may become a party to a lawsuit if you lent your vehicle to the at blame driver. By giving this driver license to use your cable car, you could be legally liable for negligence. This is particularly true for cases in which the driver had a history of negligent or foolhardy drive. An have lawyer can help you secure the best possible result in this situation .

Have More Questions ? Contact Our South Carolina Car Accident Lawyers to Learn More

car accidents are never pleasant. unfortunately, dealing with an indemnity company and the legal system afterwards can be equally as unpleasant. That is why our South Carolina car accident lawyers take on these excess burdens for our clients. If you would like to learn more about our services, then get in touch with us today. You can receive a free case evaluation by filling out our confidential on-line shape or by dialing ( 803 ) 324-7200 .

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