You ’ re a timid driver – you have no travel rapidly tickets on your drive record and you haven ’ t recently even hit a park car in a garage. therefore, if you have seen your car indemnity premiums increase, you ’ re credibly asking why your car insurance went up for no obvious reason .
If you ’ re touch frustrated about a premium hike, you ’ ra hardly alone. Data from the Bureau of Labour show that between 2006 and 2016 auto insurance costs increased 50 percent — well above the overall rate of ostentation and the addition in raw car prices.

so why is your cable car indemnity so expensive ? You may think changes in your rate are based largely on your own gamble factors as a driver. For exemplify your premium payments can rise following an accident for which you are at fault, or if you receive a tag for a traffic misdemeanor .
That ’ sulfur easy to understand, but there ’ s a set more factors that can increase your rate .

Beyond being a cautious driver

If you ’ re dependable on the road shouldn ’ t your premium besides be dependable from large hikes ? not inevitably. There are many many other factors that can besides lead to agio increases. Some are largely beyond your control .
car indemnity is a business, after all. If costs go up for insurers, this can mean higher rates for customers, even those who do everything right on the road .

“ Auto insurance is heavily regulated, so there is no margin for insurers to absorb increases in costs. therefore when costs rise, rates rise, ” explains James Lynch, headman statistician and VP of research and department of education with the Insurance Information Institute .

Why did my car insurance go up?

To help you understand why your rate could go up without an immediately obvious reason why, here are 11 factors that could be pushing your premiums up .

1. Moving house

You likely know that car insurance rates can vary wide by state. But even moving to a different ZIP code just a few miles away can cause your rates to jump. There are many reasons this might happen .
You may have moved to an area where the crime rate – including car larceny – is higher. Or there may be more population concentration in your fresh area. This means more cars on the road and the higher potential for accidents. Or there plainly may be a higher pace of claims in the neighborhood .
Moving just a few blocks away to a new home could raise your rates by more than 60 percent, a 2015 Bankrate study found .

2. A lower credit score

In most states ( presently excluding California, Massachusetts and Hawaii ), car insurers factor in not barely your habits on the road but besides your credit-worthiness when considering bounty rates .
As Cover recently reported, 95 percent of auto insurers use credit history in their underwriting decisions. indeed even if you have a clean drive record, a poor credit score might push up your rates .
shockingly, a low credit grudge might affect your policy rates even more than a DUI .
Estimates suggest your average annual rate might increase approximately 27 percentage if your credit rating score goes from excellent to fair. If your sexual conquest drops from excellent to poor your rate could double.
consumer advocates have come out against this rehearse. It may discriminate against those with lower wealth and education levels, and disproportionately affect minorities .

3. People are driving more

Accidents can drive up your premium rate – evening if you ’ ve never been in one yourself. Economic growth, urban sprawl and broken natural gas prices have people driving more than always, according to the Federal Highway Administration .
And even overall dear news can be bad newsworthiness for your rates. “ As the economy improves, people drive more miles, ” Lynch says. “ The previously unemployed are driving to work, and everyone drives more discretionary miles. This puts more cars on the road at any given time, which increases the find of an accident. ”
Lower accelerator prices may besides encourage more frequent drive. The more drive, the more accidents, the more claims – and the more rates can go up across the board .

4. Distracted drivers

More accidents means more likely claims for insurance companies to pay. Accidents have been on the rise in late years .
While intemperate to draw a conduct line of causing, distracted repel is suspected to play a separate. Distracted drive has become more prevailing with the emanation of smartphone habit and home car engineering – 3,166 people were killed in distracted drive incidents in 2017, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
“ Car consoles have gotten more building complex, and more people have smartphones. People have a touch inclination to fiddle with both while drive, ” Lynch says. “ These cause more accidents. ”
The more accidents, the higher the overall costs for car insurers. These costs are passed on to all drivers, even those who make sure to avoid distractions while on the road .

5. Uninsured drivers

You ’ re doing the right thing by having an car policy policy. Your rate may go up, however, because not everyone is doing the same. The countrywide rate for drivers without indemnity increased from 12.3 percentage in 2010 to 13 percentage in 2015, according to the Insurance Research Council .
Florida has the largest percentage of uninsured motorists at 26.7 percentage. Maine has the lowest at 4.5 percentage.

Dealing with the uninsured claims process can be a massive expense for insurers. Uninsured motorist claims totaled $ 2.6 billion in 2012, per the IRC. The average cost of an uninsured motorist claim is approximately $20,000 .
This expense can then be passed on to policyholders. You may besides spend more through adding uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to your policy ( some states require this ) .

6. Higher speed limits

You may besides live in an sphere that has recently raised its focal ratio limits. This could bump up your car insurance rate .

“ A number of states have increased their speed limits, and this leads to an inevitable addition in traffic fatalities, ” Lynch says. “ More fatalities mean higher liability payments, which puts pressure on rates to rise. ”

Texas has the country ’ s individual fastest highway with an 85 MPH accelerate limit. It besides has the fastest average allowable rush of 78.3 MPH .

7. Rising repair costs

The costs for car repairs are steadily rising, and this can be passed along to the consumer through increased premiums .

“ Newer cars have more twist admonitory devices built into bumpers, and they have more gadgets – like automated seats and sound systems, ” Lynch says. “ When these things get damaged in a car, it costs more to fix the car. ”

Government regulation has besides led to more safety features being added to autos. These increasingly expensive car parts may not only lead to higher compensate costs but besides to increased levels of larceny with the intent of selling these parts on the black market, according to a reputation from the National Insurance Crime Bureau .

8. Rising medical costs

Since people are driving more and more, accidents are on the advance. This causes an increase in how much is paid out by indemnity companies for each claim. Rising aesculapian costs is the argue for the exorbitant raise in price for cost per claim, which translates to higher car policy premiums .
Health concern costs are climbing. National health outgo is projected to rise at an average annual rate of 5.5 percentage from 2017 to 2026, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Spending will reach $5.7 trillion by that time.
policy payouts for bodily injury claims grew 6 percentage between 2012 and 2017. That ’ s roughly double over the rate of aesculapian inflation .
When car companies have to pay out increasingly larger medical costs following at-fault accidents caused by their policyholders, the whole pool of policyholders – even those who have never been at demerit – may be affected .

9. Extreme weather

If there has been a significant weather event in your area – hurricane, blizzard, flood – this may affect your car indemnity pace, even if it isn ’ t right off. such catastrophes lead to an overall increase in claims in a specific area. indemnity companies are forced to raise rates to make up for that .
Across the U.S., there has been increasingly severe weather – from hail storms to flash floods – over the past few years, according to a 2017 report from Farmers Insurance. If such patterns persevere, the weather report card may increasingly affect your premium .

10. Insurance fraud

You may have never told sol much as a white dwell to your car indemnity ship’s company. But other people ’ randomness lies, both big and little, may be adding to your premium rate. Insurance imposter comprises a range of behaviors, which can be apparently minor ( inflating the damages for an accident that did occur ) or extreme ( wholly fabricating or staging an accident ) .
According to Verisk Analytics, automotive insurers lose $ 29 billion per class in ‘ premium escape ’ – missing or erroneous cover information that undermines their fink plans. This adds to insurers ’ costs and since they want to remain profitable, this can lead to you paying more for your policy .

11. Smoking gun?

While this component will presently affect entirely an extreme minority of drivers, Lynch says it ’ s deserving noting that, if you live in a state that has recently legalized recreational cannabis use, your premium could see a second-hand effect .

“ This is only an consequence, ” he notes, “ so far as we know in the states that legalized cannabis for amateur use a couple of years ago [ Colorado, Washington, Oregon ], but it is an important one there. Something like can be expected in states where amateur sales have equitable begun or are about to begin – Nevada, California, Massachusetts. ”

In all three states that first legalized cannabis, “ the second coming of the legal retail sale of marijuana is correlated with increases in collision claim frequency, ” according to a 2017 reputation from the Highway Loss Data Institute .

Taking Action

even with all these factors at play, no one wants to pay more than they have to for car indemnity – specially when it feels like it went up for no rationality .
You don ’ t have to just accept your modern increase car agio rate. There ’ sulfur a few things you can do, like consider increasing your deductible, or when it makes sense, opting for liability preferably than broad coverage .
But one of the best ways to save on car insurance is to keep shopping around. There ’ second plenty of rival for your car insurance dollars, so it could pay well to shop around and switch car policy companies to find a better deal. This doesn ’ t have to be time-consuming experience it used to be.

Cover will get you an auto quote in as little as five minutes. All you have to do is answer a few short questions.

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