Is it Safe to Provide Personal Data for an Online Car Insurance Quote?

Young Couple shopping for insurance online In the digital old age, the Internet makes it easier for everyone to stay connected and perform routine tasks. Included in this is getting an on-line car indemnity quote. however, with all of the good things that come from the Internet, badly things including cybercrime has become a hazard equally well, with personal information hacked and stolen all excessively much. In fact, it ’ s about a daily routine to hear about a database being hacked, leaving exploited consumers holding the bag. With cyber security being such a major exit, it is not surprising that some people are leery of providing personal information in order to receive a personalized on-line car policy quote. Continue reading to find out more about why insurance companies ask for sensitive information and whether or not you should give it out on-line.

Why Do Insurers Want Your Social Security Number?

Along with the dozens of personal questions that are asked with getting an on-line car indemnity quote, many indemnity companies and comparison websites will insert a interrogate casually asking for your Social Security phone number. As it turns out, indemnity companies care about much more than just your drive record and claims history when it comes to evaluating your gamble. Insurers use Social Security numbers to confirm your identity and pull information from your credit report that helps them generate a more accurate quotation.

For drivers unaware of the quoting march, this might be a bolshevik flag. evening with the promise of a guarantee web site, the mind of submitting such private data may cause some to shy away – and with good argue. Hackers have been known to break into web servers and steal millions of Social Security numbers in one fell swoop. In fact, some experts believe ampere many as 60 to 80 percentage of all Social Security numbers have been compromised. If you put your sensitive data into the on-line shape, there is no direction of knowing what could happen to it in the future. On the other hired hand, leaving the spot blank will compromise the accuracy of your on-line quote – potentially by hundreds of dollars.

What You Can Do

unfortunately, indemnity companies do need your Social Security number to process your information and provide a quotation on coverage. however, that doesn ’ triiodothyronine mean you have to provide that kind of medium information over the Internet. alternatively of completing the integral process on-line, consider working directly with an mugwump agent alternatively. With an representation like Gutman Insurance, you can still save prison term by starting your search for car insurance on the Internet. We don ’ metric ton ask for sensitive information on-line. rather, you provide basic information about what type of coverage you are looking for, and we will set up a time to speak with you immediately. All sensitive data stays between you and your agent, who will use it to obtain quotes directly from insurers on your behalf. For more information about how you can safely request a quote for cable car policy on the Internet, contact our team here at Gutman Insurance. We look fore to serving you soon .

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