Why Would an Insurance Adjuster Ask For My Social Security Number?

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Hi, this is Ann Margaret Perkins with Perkins Law firm and I ’ d like to welcome you to this podcast today. I ’ meter going to be answering a interview a bunch of people ask which is why would an insurance adjuster ask for my social security number .
One thing you need to understand at the beginning is in the business of indemnity, information is baron. Any personal identify information an insurance company can get on you helps them to get extra information about you. That ’ second true not only for claims, when you ’ re making a title but besides when they ’ ra measure gamble, assessing you if you apply for policy, whether they want to insure you. So data is baron to them. Date of parturition is a dependable way for them to identify you and get information about you but because social ’ second are very specific and cipher else has yours, that ’ s the best way for them to track you. surely, if you make a claim one of the things they ’ re going to do is want to put your social in and see if it hits on any anterior claims. And the ISO database is, one of the things insurers do when they put you in there is they look for patterns, they look to see if it looks like you have a history of claims, and then sometimes that will throw you over into the class of people that they ’ re going to look identical critically at is to see if you might be making a deceitful claim. And of course, the fact that you ’ ve had a claim in the past or claims in the past doesn ’ metric ton mean that you ’ re person who ’ s trying to commit policy imposter. It can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mean that you ’ ve been the victim of bad drivers or irresponsible people. so sometimes they will take that as patterns and impute motives to you that are not true .
You have absolutely no duty to give an indemnity adjuster your social security number. They will tell you that they have to have it. That ’ s possibly internally their company says that they have to have it but there ’ s no law that says you have to give them your sociable security phone number. If they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate ask for it on the front end and most of them will, when it comes clock time to settle they ’ ll ask for it. They ’ ll tell you that they can ’ t, like State Farm will tell you, “ We can ’ thymine write a check. Our software doesn ’ metric ton let us write a check without putting your social security system issue in our system. ” I will tell you they can write checks without putting your social in their system. I have them do it all the time. I had them say that in one shell that was in litigation, we settled the font, and the lawyer called me and said I need your customer ’ s social security. I said I ’ thousand not giving you my client ’ s social. And she said well they can ’ metric ton write the check. I said well then I ’ m going to need to file something with the woo because I know that ’ s not on-key. And I did file a motion with the court and before the court could rule on it, State Farm backed down from insisting on my client ’ s Social Security number because they know that what they ’ rhenium doing is not required. But they will tell you that they have to have that and you just have to stand up to them and tell them, no, I know that ’ s not true. And then stand firm on that emergence because they ’ rhenium not entitled to it.

now if you ’ re on Medicare sometimes they ’ ll test to tell you, “ well I have to report this to Medicare and I have to have your Medicare number, which is your social, in order to do that. ” That ’ s not true either. You do have an obligation if Medicare has paid injury-related bills, you do have an obligation to pay Medicare back, but you do not have a legal obligation to provide your Medicare total to an insurance company. now I realize that if you ’ re listen to this and you ’ re handling your own claim with the insurance company, you may argue with them. But when push comes to shove, they may not listen to you and sometimes having an lawyer makes a dispute in those circumstances because they know that an lawyer can do something legally to force the issue of them settling the case like I did with State Farm. Whereas if you ’ re not represented, sometimes I think that they feel like they can precisely make you do what they want to. So you don ’ thyroxine have an duty to provide your social to them. Social ’ second are credibly the best identify information in the universe I would think. And for that reason, I think we need to be identical protective of them and insurers want them because of the very reason that you should not want them to have them because they do allow access to thus much information .
so I hope you found this helpful. If there ’ s anything else that we can help you with we ’ ra surely glad to do that. You can contact us at 7707286932 or visit our web site at injuryispersonal.com .

What if I have more questions about releasing my social security number? 

As social numbers are extremely knock-down, you must be identical protective as it allows access to a serious sum of information.

If you hear the term, “ must have it ” know that is NOT the case .
There is no duty to give an indemnity adjuster your social security number .
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