State Farm GEICO 
Motorcycle insurance Yes Yes
Boat insurance  Yes  Yes 
Classic car insurance Yes  Yes
RV insurance  Yes  Yes 
Mexico auto insurance  No  Yes 
Off-road vehicle insurance  Yes  Yes 
Condo insurance  Yes  Yes 
Landlord insurance Yes  Yes
Personal articles insurance  Yes  Yes 
Manufactured home insurance  Yes  Yes 
Farm and ranch insurance  Yes  No
Identity theft insurance  Yes  Yes 
Individual life insurance  Yes  Yes 
Individual health insurance  Yes  No
Pet medical insurance  Yes  Yes 
Umbrella insurance  Yes  Yes 
Travel insurance  No Yes 
Overseas insurance  No Yes 
Individual disability insurance  Yes  No
Flood insurance  Yes  Yes 

country Farm vs. GEICO : Customer Service

When it comes to customer servicing, GEICO and State Farm have similar options. You can get in touch with an agent via telephone during occupation hours, by visiting a local office, or through the on-line customer portal vein. GEICO besides offers e-mail aid options, a well as populate new world chat and 24/7 telephone support for current policyholders .
however, keep in heed that certain types of avail don ’ t put on to every policy product. For example, State Farm and GEICO only use phone support for commercial indemnity. If you have car or property indemnity, both companies make it easy to get in touch on-line or through the app .
When choosing between State Farm and GEICO, it ’ second besides important to understand the differences in their business models. If you purchase a policy from State Farm, you ’ ll be assigned a personal agent who will handle all your policy needs. With GEICO, you don ’ triiodothyronine get matched with an agent, so you have to rely on the call center if you need aid.

If you rate indemnity companies with dependable customer service, State Farm is credibly your best option. You ’ ll get more individualized attention, and credibly have better agent interactions .

state Farm vs. GEICO : Claims

GEICO and State Farm have easy claims processes. For car, home plate, or renters insurance, you can file a title on-line, over the phone, or through the mobile app. You ’ ll be asked to provide your policy number, then provide a description of the consequence and share photos of the wrong. then, you will be assigned an adjuster who will oversee your claim. If you have any policy besides the those mentioned above, you ’ ll have to call an agent to start the claim process .

state Farm vs. GEICO : Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is highly crucial to consider when choosing an insurance company. To gauge the overall customer atonement for GEICO and State Farm, we read on-line reviews from stream and past policyholders .
For GEICO, customers were generally glad with the company ’ s first gear rates, good discounts, and mobile app experience. however, a significant number of consumers complained about GEICO ’ mho flawed claims handling process, with deny claims, lower-than-expected payouts, and unfriendly agents being recurring issues .
department of state Farm ’ s customer reviews besides indicate dull claims handling, payout issues, and costly premiums. On the other handwriting, we saw many reviews praising State Farm ’ s customer service agents, comfortable policy management, and estimable communication with title adjusters .

state of matter Farm vs. GEICO : Getting a quote

Getting a quote from State Farm or GEICO is simple, and both companies have online quotes if you prefer to not call an agent. For most policies, the march alone takes a few minutes. You ’ ll be asked to contribution some personal details, and provide other information used to determine your policy agio. If you ’ re meet with the quote, you can purchase most policies online .


To compare GEICO and State Farm, we focused on four popular policies—auto, dwelling, renters, and commercial indemnity. We evaluated each product based on the policies offered, rates, discounts available, and riders. We besides considered each company ’ randomness area of handiness, AM Best score, and NAIC Company Complaint Index rate. The NAIC exponent tells you the ratio of complaints compared to the marketplace partake of the company–ratios below 1.0 prove a company that has fewer complaints than expected for its size. ultimately, we compared GEICO and State Farm based on their customer service options, claim and quote processes, and customer satisfaction reviews .

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