See a range of car policy quotes in just a few minutes when you compare with Uswitch car insurance in Northern Ireland ( NI ) can be more expensive than other regions in the UK. This is because there are fewer insurers in the market, which means there are fewer competitive offers, but brassy car policy deals can still be found by shopping about for the best price .

Car insurance in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has a statistically younger population than the rest of the UK. There is besides a large gap in car insurance premium prices between the younger and older generations. even though the number of insurers in the area is starting to grow, 45 % of Northern Irish drivers silent automatically renew with their existing insurance company alternatively of getting new quotes.

A late competition and Markets Authority investigation found it does not pay to be a loyal car insurance consumer and you could end up being out of pouch if you do not compare prices in the wholly market .

Is car insurance more expensive in Northern Ireland?

According to Which ?, Northern Ireland was the fifth most expensive area in the UK for car insurance stopping point class with Greater London taking the top spot. The Northern Ireland Consumer Council says that car premiums have increased in the by 12 months and hit a biennial high, with motorists paying about £1,000 on average for cover. The average fully comprehensive cable car insurance agio in Northern Ireland increased by 7 % per year to £931 in 2020. That ’ randomness in contrast to the rest of the UK where the average car policy premium reduced by 6 % to £774 .

How much is car insurance in Northern Ireland?

NI car indemnity is a much as 30 % more expensive than the UK average. lack of choice in providers is lone one reason for higher car policy in NI. other reasons for price disparity include :

  • personal wound recompense payments
  • The number of uninsured drivers
  • A higher number of younger car drivers

A greater come of traffic on rural roads in Northern Ireland leading to an above average annual mileage can besides drive up the monetary value of insurance .

Uninsured drivers and Northern Ireland

A major impact on car policy costs in Northern Ireland is the recent increase in uninsured drivers. The Motor Insurers ‘ Bureau ( MIB ) has estimated that some 31,000 motorists drove without policy in Northern Ireland in 2019. Careless and dangerous tug is more park by uninsured drivers according to the MIB because they don ’ t have the motivation to drive more safely and legally to help keep policy costs down. Over 130 people are killed by an uninsured or untraced ‘ hit and run ’ driver each class. In a crackdown during the summer of 2019 the Police Service of Northern Ireland revealed that its officers seized over 1,600 vehicles without insurance. Uninsured drivers cost the indemnity industry around £400m each class and as pay-outs come from a central investment company contributed to by those drivers that are insured, less money into the fund means that indemnity premiums have to be far increased to cover the deficit .

Personal injury and car insurance in Northern Ireland 

In 2017, the personal injury discount rate rate or Ogden dismiss rate, which is used to assess compensation for good personal injury claims, lowered in the UK from 2.5 % to minus 0.75 %. It changed again in 2019 to minus 0.25 %. The lower the rate, the higher the recompense awarded and the greater the cost to compensators, such as insurers and the NHS. A cost reflected in car indemnity premiums. so far due to the collapse of office sharing arrangements within the Northern Ireland Executive, Northern Ireland didn ’ metric ton update its framework in the ways that England & Wales and Scotland have done since 2017. The personal injury discount rate rate in NI is presently 2.5 %, but the Department of Justice is consulting on possible changes to the legal framework for setting the rate from 2.5 % to minus 1.75 % This would make NI policy premiums flush higher .

Younger car drivers and Northern Ireland

A study in 2011 by the Northern Ireland Assembly Research and Library Service found there was a higher number of youthful drivers in Northern Ireland compared with England, Wales and Scotland. yet according to the Department for Infrastructure, the number of driving tests taken by people under 25 has fallen by a third base in Northern Ireland in 10 years and the cost of car indemnity has been blamed for the neglect. In 2008, about 50,000 drive tests were taken by youthful people, but this fell to 33,261 in 2018. This is expected to have fallen even further during the 2020/2021 pandemic .

Getting cheaper car insurance in Northern Ireland

Younger drivers need to shop around to get the best policy prices as the risk of crash is far greater for newly qualified young drivers. This is not equitable because they lack experience, but other identifiable risk factors such as night-time drive and carrying passengers of a similar age. Factors that are probable to be reflected in indemnity premium prices .

What can affect car premium prices in Northern Ireland?

Criteria used to calculate your gamble and consequently your bounty admit :

How your job affects the cost of your car insurance price

Premiums can be affected by what job claim you put on the application, so it is worth checking through the categories to see if your problem deed fits into more than one category and seeing how the quotes differ. Your job might not mean you ’ re at higher hazard to make a claim, just that you plowshare some characteristics with other drivers who might have jobs that require them to drive more. If you do not work due to being a carer, parent or retired, stating that you are unemployed people can besides raise your bounty according to the Association of british Insurers. It is important not to misrepresent yourself or you will invalidate your cover. You besides need to let your insurance company know if your occupation changes as this can affect the price of your cable car policy .

Adding a second driver to your car insurance policy

A named driver is a secondary driver you can add to your policy policy that allows you to drive your cover car. They have the same level of coverage as the main driver but if they have an accident, they can affect your no claims bonus. Named drivers can be a partner, spouse, syndicate member or friend. If you add person with a clean tug license and decent no-claims history to your policy, it can help lower your policy premium. evenly, policy prices can increase if an have driver adds a young or new driver to their indemnity policy .

The car you drive and car insurance

The choice of cable car can besides have an affect on policy premiums. Cars with bigger engines are high performance cars and are a bigger insurers indeed can be more expensive to insure. Whereas smaller engine cars are considered less bad. Checking what policy group your car is in before you buy can help you keep premiums broken. cable car insurance groups are decided by a group rating panel made up of representatives from the Association of british Insurers and Lloyd ’ s Market Association. The panel uses data from Thatcham Research to determine the risk related to every private drive car registered in the UK and which cars are likely to cost the most in terms of indemnity claims .

How to get cheaper car insurance in NI

There are diverse ways to find bum cable car indemnity in Northern Ireland and this includes avoiding car renewal, not leaving renewal to the end of your policy, improving the security on your car or increasing your voluntary excess .

Black box car insurance 

For younger drivers, black box indemnity is a dependable direction of reducing policy premiums. This is a type of telematics equipment that monitors driving habits by using GPS. This datum is used to adjust your premiums however, for frequent drivers, a black box can be more expensive, or if you regularly driveway during busy times or at night you might end up paying more .

Should you increase your car insurance voluntary excess?

You can add volunteer surfeit to your car indemnity policy, and this can help bring your policy premium down. An excess is the total you pay yourself to cover the cost of damages before the insurance company pays the respite. A volunteer overindulgence is unlike from the compulsory excess that is set by the insurance company based on your horizontal surface of risk. voluntary excess is optional, but it stays the lapp total and you must pay that amount even if the damage is not your fault. The agio savings must be balanced against the risk of paying out in the event of a claim and it should be an amount that would not over-stretch you .

How improved security can reduce car insurance 

Improved security on your car could make your car insurance cheaper such as parking your car in a garage overnight preferably than on the street. Anything that makes your car hard to steal could influence the price of your car indemnity policy and this includes alarms, immobilisers and movement sensitive ignition on a driveway. Keep valuables hidden away as some car insurance policies will pay for stolen goods if they were secured and kept out of spy in a glove compartment or cable car boot .

Best car insurance in Northern Ireland

Price comparison sites are a good way to find the best car policy deal in Northern Ireland and the price shown is a exist, genuine policy quote. They allow you to trawl through numerous quotes that are constantly updated and managed by the comparison site. You can besides buy impermanent or short-run cable car indemnity and multi cable car policies in Northern Ireland .

Will car insurance in Northern Ireland be affected by Brexit?

car insurers have said that presently there will be no impact on policy coverage due to the UK leaving Europe and there is still a minimum level of embrace to drive in the EU. Some insurers in the future may treat travelling between Northern Ireland, the Republic and the UK as a intersect edge trip so it would be crucial to check policy coverage before you buy. If an insurance company treats the Republic like any other EU state, this would mean that you ’ vitamin d motivation to have european car indemnity and inform your insurance company of your cross-border stumble. A draw of insurers offer covering to drive in Europe as share of their standard policies, normally limited to 30 days.

Does UK car insurance cover Northern Ireland?

UK drivers can drive in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales using their existing UK car policy policy. If you move to Northern Ireland, let your insurance company know as a change in address could change your risk profile and affect your premium .

Do I need a green card to drive in Northern Ireland

No you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate as UK motorists no long have to obtain an insurance green wag before taking their car to EU countries. After Brexit in January 2021 there had been a necessity for the paperwork, however the european Commission waived the debt instrument in order to defuse tension around the execution of the Northern Ireland protocol .

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