Affordable Long Island, New York Car Insurance Rates

Finding the right car indemnity policy in Long Island, New York, can help you save more money each month and make surely you enjoy the benefits of excellent coverage .

Cheapest Car Insurance in Long Island – Quick Hits
AutoInsureSavings.orgThe cheapest Long Island car insurance options are:

For minimum coverage: Utica National at $678 per year.
For full coverage: Progressive at $1,489 per year.
After an at-fault accident: State Farm at $2,765 per year.
After a speeding ticket: Progressive at $2,214 per year.
After a DUI: Progressive at $2,412 per year.
For poor credit history: GEICO at $2,319 per year.
For young drivers: New York Central Mutual (NYCM) at $6,745 per year for full coverage.

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Compare RatesStart Now → But comparing quotes from multiple providers is time-consuming, and many drivers looking for cable car indemnity do not know where to start .
That is why the team of agents put together this essential scout to help you through the process of finding the best car indemnity and protection options in Long Island .
Comparing the cheapest insurance quotes with Utica National, State Farm, New York Central Mutual compared to the average rate.

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Cheapest Car Insurance in Long Island for Minimum Coverage

Utica National offers the lowest rates at $ 678 annually or $ 56 per month for drivers who want a minimum coverage car insurance policy in Long Island .
Utica National price is 50% lower than the $ 114 monthly Long Island rate .
active voice military members or veterans can get cheap car policy rates with USAA offer coverage at $ 57 per calendar month .

Insurer Annual cost Monthly cost
Utica National $678 $56
USAA $684 $57
State Farm $696 $58
New York Central Mutual $723 $61
GEICO $763 $63
Preferred Mutual $780 $65
Travelers $834 $70
Allstate $862 $72
Long Island average $1,373 $114
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Compare RatesStart Now → *USAA is for dependent military members, their spouses, and directly class members. Rates may vary depending on driver profiles .
According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, Long Island drivers must have indemnity at or above the state minimal coverage. That includes coverage requirements for bodily injury and property damage liability, uninsured motorist coverage, and personal injury protection .

Compare RatesStart Now → For car coverage, many drivers choose to carry higher liability limits than the ask come and extra PIP coverage beyond country requirements .

Cheapest Full Coverage Insurance in Long Island, New York

For cheap wide coverage insurance in Long Island, Progressive is the cheapest option, which provided our agents a $1,489 quote or 35% lower than the average $ 190 monthly rate .

Insurer Annual cost Monthly cost
Progressive $1,489 $124
USAA $1,511 $125
State Farm $1,580 $131
Utica National $1,644 $137
GEICO $1,750 $145
New York Central Mutual $1,843 $153
Allstate $1,965 $163
Long Island average $2,274 $190
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Compare RatesStart Now → The next adept choice is State Farm, with a $131 monthly rate for full coverage, 32 % lower than the Long Island average .
Most full coverage car indemnity policies include liability insurance arsenic well as collision and comprehensive coverage. Drivers with a clean driving history who choose to go with Progressive for their full coverage car policy will save 20 % or more on their bounty .
To guarantee that you find the best rates that fulfill all your car policy needs, you should compare the rates from at least three policy providers. That will help you narrow down your coverage choices and find the ship’s company that works best for you to save money .

Cheapest Car Insurance in Long Island With a Car Accident

According to our accredited agent ’ s research, Long Island residents who have a late at-fault accident on their repel phonograph record should go with State Farm, which provided a quotation mark at $2,765 annually or $230 per month .

Insurer Annual cost Monthly cost
State Farm $2,765 $230
New York Central Mutual $3,043 $253
GEICO $3,254 $271
Long Island average $3,627 $302
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Compare RatesStart Now → The average cost of full moon coverage policy from State Farm for drivers who have one accident on their record is 24 % less than the average price of Long Island coverage .
They are the entirely policy caller that we found that offers policies over 20 % cheaper than median for drivers in the car accident category .
It is possible to find another sanely priced car indemnity policy from early Long Island providers such as GEICO and New York Central Mutual ( NYCM ) .

Compare RatesStart Now → These car policy companies may be higher than State Farm, but their rates are typical $ 200 less than the state ’ second modal of $ 3,627 per class .

Cheapest Car Insurance with a Speeding Ticket in Long Island

Drivers in Long Island who have been caught speeding can get the cheapest fully coverage rates with Progressive, who provided our agents a $ 2,214 annual or $184 monthly rate .
Compared to the median rush slate rate at $ 2,876, Progressive is $662 cheaper per year .

Insurer Annual cost Monthly cost
Progressive $2,214 $184
Erie $2,437 $203
State Farm $2,477 $206
GEICO $2,583 $215
Long Island average $2,876 $221
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Compare RatesStart Now → After receiving a speed ticket, drivers in Long Island could save a much as $ 621 compared to the modal annual cost drivers pay throughout the city .
A speed ticket will normally stay on your phonograph record for at least three years .
After that time has passed, you should be able to enjoy lower car insurance premiums if your driving history remains uninfected, according to Insurance Information Institute ( ) .
Adding on more speed tickets and other violations can cause your rates to go flush higher .

Cheapest DUI Car Insurance Rates in Long Island, New York

During our comparison patronize study, Long Island drivers with a DUI on their drive record can get the cheapest coverage with Progressive or State Farm .
With a recent DUI, Progressive provided a $2,412 rate, and State Farm offered a quotation mark at $2,670 per year for our sample 30-year-old driver .
Both car insurers are at least $ 1,200 less expensive than the average $ 3,893 DUI pace .

Insurer Annual cost Monthly cost
Progressive $2,412 $201
State Farm $2,670 $222
GEICO $2,932 $244
Liberty Mutual $3,237 $270
Long Island average $3,893 $324
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Compare RatesStart Now → Drivers who have a DUI can expect to see their premiums go up by deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as 47 % of what they would typically pay .
For Long Island drivers trying to lower indemnity rates with a DUI, taking a defensive driver course and maintaining a fairly drive record is the best way to keep future rates low .

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers with Poor Credit

GEICO offers the best rates for drivers with poor credit in Long Island. During our study, GEICO provided our accredited agents a $193 monthly rate for full coverage, which is 35 % cheaper than the average pace
other car insurers with cheaper than average rates are State Farm ( $ 2,477 per year ) and Progressive ( $ 2,843 per year ) .

Insurer Annual cost Monthly cost
GEICO $2,319 $193
State Farm $2,477 $206
Progressive $2,843 $236
Allstate $3,361 $280
Long Island average $3,539 $294
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Compare RatesStart Now → Drivers who have poor recognition may notice their policy rates are more expensive than average in Long Island. For most drivers, the rates for those with bad credit are 60 % more

Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers in Long Island?

new drivers shopping for coverage in Long Island can find the cheapest car indemnity with New York Central Mutual ( NYCM ), who provided us a $6,475 annual rate for full coverage and $ 2,788 per year for minimum coverage .
other policy carriers to comparison denounce for are State Farm and Progressive. State Farm offers minimal coverage at $ 2,867 per year, and young drivers can get the cheap full coverage indemnity with Progressive at $ 7,143 per class.

Insurer Full coverage Minimum coverage
New York Central Mutual (NYCM) $6,475 $2,788
USAA $6,623 $2,833
Progressive $7,143 $3,033
State Farm $7,785 $2,867
GEICO $8,129 $3,864
Liberty Mutual $8,366 $3,903
Travelers $8,940 $4,123
Allstate $9,123 $3,439
Long Island average $7,539 $3,477
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Compare RatesStart Now → unseasoned drivers tend to have higher rates regardless of what city or state they reside in. insurance quotes for young drivers are close to three times more than those for older drivers in their deep 20s and 30s .
young or adolescent drivers should make certain to compare quotes with three or more insurance providers to find the best hand .

average car policy Costs by City in Long Island

Insurers will use your zip code code to determine your Long Island, New York insurance rates, a well as your credit seduce, marital status, and driving history .
The Empire State average rate is $2,412 per year ; through our comparison cogitation of rates, our agents found long Island ( the most populate island in the United States ) residents have slightly lower premiums with an average quotation mark of $2,274 annually or $189 per month for wax coverage .

Cheapest car policy in Babylon, NY

During our study, Babylon drivers can find the most low-cost insurance coverage with Progressive who has the lowest average rates at $1,543 annually or 21 % cheaper than Babylon ’ s modal of $ 1,911 .

Babylon Company Average Premium
Progressive $1,543
Utica National $1,672
State Farm $1,833
Babylon average $1,911
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Cheapest car insurance in Bethpage, NY

Drivers in Bethpage who opt for full coverage can get the cheapest policy coverage with Utica National, who provided our license agents a quotation at $1,477 per year or 23 % lower than average citywide rates as illustrate .

Bethpage Company Average Premium
Utica National $1,477
Progressive $1,499
State Farm $1,674
Bethpage average $1,916
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Cheapest Auto Insurance in Hempstead, NYIf Hempstead drivers are shopping for Long Island car insurance, the best rates are State Farm, who provided our agents a $1,615 quote for our sample driver .
submit Farm ’ mho pace is 17 % lower than average for people in Hempstead with like driver profiles .

Hempstead Company Average Premium
State Farm $1,615
GEICO $1,745
Progressive $1,876
Hempstead average $1,948
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Cheapest Auto Insurance in Huntington, NY

Huntington drivers can get the best coverage rates with GEICO, who provided us a quote at $1,413 annually or a $117 monthly rate for wax coverage indemnity. GEICO ’ sulfur rate is $ 486 lower than the average $ 1,899 Hempstead rate .

Huntington Company Average Premium
GEICO $1,413
State Farm $1,598
New York Central Mutual $1,732
Huntington average $1,899
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Cheapest Auto Insurance in Islip, NY

During the comparison patronize sketch, State Farm provides the most low-cost quotes 23% cheaper for Islip drivers with rates at $1,501 annually. The second-best policy option is GEICO ( $ 1,623 per year ), which 16 % less expensive than Islip ’ randomness median $ 1,934 rate .

Islip Company Average Premium
State Farm $1,501
GEICO $1,623
Allstate $1,840
Islip average $1,934
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Cheapest Auto Insurance in Oyster Bay, NY

Oyster Bay residents can get low-cost policy coverage with New York Central Mutual, which provided our agents a quote at $1,716 annually or a $ 143 monthly rate for wax coverage, including personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage .

Oyster Bay Company Average Premium
New York Central Mutual $1,716
State Farm $1,864
Liberty Mutual $1,983
Oyster Bay average $2,022
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Cheapest Auto Insurance in Southampton, NY

The Southampton average rate is $ 2,033 per year ; through our research, Progressive provided us a quote at $1,490 per year or 27 % less expensive than median. The future bum option is State Farm, with a $ 1,652 annual rate .

Southampton Company Average Premium
Progressive $1,490
State Farm $1,652
GEICO $1,759
Southampton average $2,033
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Average Insurance Cost for All Cities in Long Island, New York

City Average Annual Rate City Average Annual Rate
Albertson $1,934 Manhasset $1,911
Amagansett $1,876 Manorville $1,939
Amityville $1,981 Massapequa $1,934
Aquebogue $1,948 Massapequa Park $1,899
Atlantic Beach $1,876 Mastic $1,967
Babylon $1,911 Mastic Beach $1,916
Baldwin $1,899 Mattituck $1,948
Bayport $1,981 Medford $1,967
Bayshore $1,916 Melville $1,876
Bayville $1,939 Merrick $1,911
Bellerose Terrace $1,899 Middle Island $2,032
Bellmore $1,934 Mill Neck $1,899
Bellport $1,948 Miller Place $2,027
Bethpage $1,916 Mineola $1,981
Blue Point $1,967 Montauk $1,939
Bohemia $1,876 Moriches $1,899
Brentwood $2,024 Mount Sinai $1,916
Bridgehampton $1,967 Nesconset $1,876
Brightwaters $1,981 New Hyde Park $2,022
Brookhaven $2,016 New Suffolk $1,934
Brookville $1,934 North Amityville $1,967
Calverton $1,939 North Babylon $1,948
Carle Place $1,899 North Lynbrook
Cedarhurst $1,911 North New Hyde Park $1,948
Center Moriches $1,916 North Patchogue $2,009
Centereach $1,948 North Valley Stream $1,939
Centerport $1,876 North Woodmere $1,899
Central Islip $2,041 Northport $1,967
Cold Spring Harbor $1,981 Oakdale $1,876
Commack $2,013 Ocean Beach $1,934
Copiague $1,934 Oceanside $1,948
Coram $2,013 Old Bethpage $1,981
Cutchogue $1,911 Old Westbury $1,911
Deer Park $1,967 Oyster Bay $2,022
Dix Hills $2,023 Patchogue $1,981
East Hampton $1,899 Peconic $1,967
East Islip $1,939 Plainview $1,911
East Marion $1,916 Point Lookout $1,948
East Meadow $2,026 Port Jefferson $1,939
East Moriches $1,876 Port Jefferson Station $1,934
East Northport $1,967 Port Washington $2,013
East Norwich $1,876 Quogue $2,005
East Patchogue $1,948 Remsenburg $2,007
East Quogue $1,981 Riverhead $1,876
East Rockaway $1,911 Rockville Centre $2,041
East Setauket $1,939 Rocky Point $1,899
Eastport $1,899 Ronkonkoma $1,911
Elmont $1,934 Roosevelt $1,948
Elwood $1,911 Roslyn $1,916
Farmingdale $1,911 Roslyn Heights $1,981
Farmingville $2,013 Sag Harbor $1,967
Fishers Island $1,916 Sagaponack $2,021
Floral Park $1,948 Saint James $2,018
Franklin Square $2,023 Sands Point $1,911
Freeport $1,876 Sayville $1,967
Garden City $1,899 Sea Cliff $1,948
Glen Head $1,981 Seaford $1,876
Glenwood Landing $1,939 Selden $1,916
Great Neck $1,876 Shelter Island $1,934
Great River $2,017 Shelter Island Heights $1,939
Greenlawn $1,967 Shirley $2,013
Greenport $2,015 Shoreham $1,876
Greenvale $1,934 Smithtown $1,999
Hampton Bays $1,939 Sound Beach $1,895
Hauppauge $1,876 South Hempstead $2,031
Hempstead $1,948 South Jamesport $1,934
Hewlett $1,939 Southampton $2,033
Hicksville $1,916 Southold $2,041
Holbrook $2,032 Speonk $1,981
Holtsville $1,939 Stony Brook $2,013
Huntington $1,899 Syosset $1,948
Huntington Station $1,981 Uniondale $1,876
Inwood $2,031 Upton $1,948
Island Park $1,876 Valley Stream $2,030
Islandia $1,967 Wading River $1,967
Islip $1,934 Wainscott $1,899
Islip Terrance $1,948 Wantagh $1,916
Jamesport $1,948 Water Mill $1,939
Jericho $1,911 West Babylon $2,043
Kings Park $2,022 West Hempstead $1,996
Kings Point $1,876 West Islip $1,948
Lake Grove $2,013 West Sayville $1,911
Laurel $1,899 Westbury $1,948
Lawrence $1,999 Westhampton $1,876
Levittown $1,916 Westhampton Beach $1,934
Lindenhurst $1,996 Williston Park $1,899
Lloyd Harbor $1,948 Woodbury $1,967
Locust Valley $1,876 Woodmere $1,996
Lynbrook $1,939 Wyandanch $1,916
Malverne $1,899 Yaphank $1,948
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Minimum Requirements for Auto Insurance Coverage in Long Island, NY

Long Island drivers are required to have a minimum sum of liability coverage in their car indemnity policies .

Liability Minimum coverage
Bodily injury liability $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
Property damage liability $10,000 per accident
Personal injury protection (PIP) $50,000 per accident
Uninsured motorist bodily injury (UMBI) $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
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Compare RatesStart Now → licensed agents recommend getting higher liability limits if you have multiple assets or a high-net-worth individual. minimum coverage policies are the lowest coverage limits you can buy as per state policy laws and the brassy. calm, people with multiple assets or high-net-worth could be left financially vulnerable if in a car accident .
Our agents recommend most motorists carry collision and comprehensive examination coverage in their policies to make certain they have the best fiscal security .

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Long Island?

Utica National offers the cheapest overall policy rate in Long Island, with a quote at $ 56 per calendar month. then USAA at $ 57 per month, State Farm with a $ 58 monthly rate, and New York Central Mutual at $ 61 .
It is authoritative to note that USAA only offers its indemnity policies to stream and former members of the U.S. Military and their families. For drivers who are not eligible for this coverage, their best option for the lowest priced insurance would be Utica National for minimal coverage policies .

How much is full coverage car insurance in Long Island?

The average sum for full coverage car policy in Long Island is $ 2,274 per year or $ 189 per month. Full coverage insurance policies include liability, comprehensive examination, and collision. The amount you pay for your full moon coverage indemnity can go up depending on other factors such as traffic violations or hapless recognition .
The follow list has the median annual amount of full coverage indemnity for different types of drivers : drivers with an accident : $ 3,627, drivers with a speeding ticket : $ 2,876, drivers with a couple : $ 3,893, and drivers with poor credit : $ 3,539 .

How do I Save on Car Insurance in Long Island?

You can save on your Long Island insurance rates by comparing quotes from assorted car insurance companies until you find the one that works best for you and has excellent customer service. You can besides find out about money-saving discounts you may be eligible for, such as adept student or multiple policy discounts. Be sure to ask your policy agent if you are diffident of your eligibility for car policy discounts .

How Much is Car Insurance in Long Island per Month?

The average monthly rate for indemnity in Long Island is $ 189. That comes to $ 2,274 per year for a driver who is 30-years-old and has entire coverage insurance .
here are some of the median monthly rates from some of the top indemnity companies in Long Island : progressive at $ 124, Utica National at $ 127, GEICO at $ 145, and NYCM at $ 153 .

How Much Will My Car Insurance Rise with a Speeding Ticket in Long Island?

As of 2020, the increasing amount for speeding at 31+ miles per hour over the limit was 30.7 %. however, if you received a slate for failure to yield, you could expect your premium to go up 22.1 %. overall, your rates could rise ampere short as 5 % for a minor misdemeanor. Like not wearing your seat belt, for example. Or they could go up a much as 96 % for something more severe such as a DUI .
Long Island, New York drivers can expect their rates to go up by adenine much as 22 % after receiving one accelerate ticket. But that sum can vary from one driver to the adjacent and may be based on several factors .
The sum you will pay for your indemnity rates after you get a slate could be based on how many violations you have on your commemorate. It could besides be determined by your history or how hanker you have been with the same insurance company, the type of traffic rape in question, and the New York State laws .
To learn more about the most low-cost indemnity options in Long Island, New York, contact the experts at Our accredited professionals will be glad to answer any questions you have .

Methodology collects quotes from the state’s largest insurance companies for a 30-year-old male motorist for our driver profile. Our driver had a clean driving record unless otherwise collects three to five quotes from each insurer via Quadrant Information Services.

Unless stated, our methodology’s operating vehicle is a 2018 Honda Accord (12,000 annual miles) with a paperless, safe driver, and anti-theft discounts.

For full coverage policies, we used the following coverage limits:

$100,000 bodily injury liability per person.
$300,000 bodily injury liability per accident.
$50,000 property damage liability per accident.
$100,000 uninsured motorist coverage per person.
$300,000 uninsured motorist coverage per accident.

Collision coverage with a $1,000 deductible.
Comprehensive coverage with a $1,000 deductible. uses rate data from Quadrant Information Services. We sourced quotes from insurer filings that are publicly available for rate comparison.

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