In Phoenix, Geico offered the best rates for full coverage and minimum coverage cable car insurance policies, our analysis found. The company charged $ 93 per month for minimum coverage and $ 189 for full coverage .
Drivers in Phoenix, a large city in the heart of a big urban area, will pay more for coverage than the average Arizonan. car insurance rates were 26 % higher in Phoenix for wax coverage and 34 % higher for minimum coverage .
We recommend comparing quotes from several insurers before purchasing a policy. Your rates will vary depending on your driving history and your background .

Cheapest auto insurance in Phoenix: Geico

Geico, Progressive and State Farm offer the cheapest policy in the Phoenix area based on an analysis of minimum liability quotes from Arizona. Those three insurers are on average $ 465 cheaper than the overall average for the city, a savings of more than 28 %.

Geico ‘s rates for minimal coverage were the lowest, coming in at $ 1,114 per class, a savings of $ 546 compared to the median in Phoenix. Progressive was the second-cheapest choice at $ 1,134, while State Farm ‘s modal bounty was $ 1,338 .
This graph lists cheapest insurance rates in Phoenix Arizona

Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Phoenix

presently insured ? It ‘s worth noting that you will have only the lowest level of protection with minimum indebtedness, which may not cover all of your costs should you be in an accident. If you have a more expensive vehicle, we suggest you purchase more coverage if you can afford it .

Cheapest full coverage car insurance in Phoenix: Geico

The cheapest car insurance companies in Phoenix for a full coverage policy mirror the bum companies for minimal coverage, as Geico, Progressive and State Farm offer the best rates in that order .
Geico ‘s average rate of $ 2,274 per year was $ 40 cheaper than Progressive ‘s rate. Both were more than $ 300 cheaper than State Farm ‘s rate .
Drivers with USAA paid the least of any drivers in Phoenix, but merely current military members, former military members and military families are eligible .

Rank Company Annual premium
1 Geico $2,274
2 Progressive $2,314
3 State Farm $2,650
4 CSAA $4,259
5 Allstate $5,599
6 Farmers $5,920
7 The Hartford $6,282
N/A USAA $1,760

Full coverage car insurance includes collision and comprehensive coverage, which protect a driver ‘s own car .

  • Collision coverage: Provides financial protection for damage from hitting another vehicle or object.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Provides financial protection after damage from theft, natural disasters and other events outside the customer’s control, sometimes called “acts of God.”

Cheap car insurance for drivers with prior incidents

If you have an accident, a DUI, a speeding ticket or another incident on your driving record, you will likely pay more for the lapp policy than early Phoenix residents. Multiple or hard incidents can lead to drivers needing an SR-22 in Arizona .

Cheapest car insurance in Phoenix after an accident

State Farm ‘s full coverage rates after an at-fault accident are the lowest, with Geico as the second-cheapest and Progressive ranked third gear. Overall, an accident raised rates an average of 44 %, which came out to $ 1,704 .
however, an accident lone raised State Farm ‘s rates by $ 522 per year .

Rank Company Annual premium
1 State Farm $3,172
2 Geico $3,504
3 Progressive $3,924
4 CSAA $5,777
5 Farmers $8,246
6 Allstate $8,287
7 The Hartford $9,156
N/A USAA $2,627

In the state of matter of Arizona overall, an accident raises rates merely 28 %. That means Phoenix residents will see a notably larger rate increase if they find themselves in a collision .

Cheapest car insurance for people with a speeding ticket: Geico

Geico edged State Farm for the lowest wide coverage rate for Phoenix drivers with a travel rapidly ticket. Geico ‘s annual rate of $ 2,739 came in at $ 172 cheaper than any other company and $ 2,243 less than the average .
Progressive was the third-cheapest option at $ 3,172 per year. On average, the tag raised Phoenix drivers ‘ rates $ 1,100, a jump of 28 % .

Rank Company Annual premium
1 Geico $2,739
2 State Farm $2,911
3 Progressive $3,172
4 CSAA $4,705
5 The Hartford $7,902
6 Allstate $7,965
7 Farmers $8,177
N/A USAA $2,283

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with a DUI: Progressive

Phoenix drivers on average give $ 1,717 more for full coverage indemnity after a DUI, a 44 % increase. progressive offers the best rates after a bibulous drive incident, charging only $ 440 more, a 19 % jump .
Progressive ‘s median pace after DUI came in at $ 2,754 per year — lower than rates from State Farm ( $ 2,911 ) and Geico ( $ 4,001 ) .

Rank Company Annual rate
1 Progressive $2,754
2 State Farm $2,911
3 Geico $4,001
4 CSAA $5,038
5 Farmers $7,924
6 Allstate $8,799
7 The Hartford $9,127
N/A USAA $4,240

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with poor credit: Geico

Geico and Progressive offer the best full coverage rates for drivers with inadequate credit. Issues with credit can have a bad impact on your cable car insurance rates — a bigger shock than a speed ticket .
On median, poor credit rating adds $ 1,156 to a driver ‘s annual insurance cost. That increase was $ 549 for Geico and $ 784 for Progressive .

Rank Company Annual rate
1 Geico $2,823
2 Progressive $3,098
3 Farmer $4,839
4 Allstate $4,964
5 The Hartford $5,956
6 State Farm $5,998
7 CSAA $9,645
N/A USAA $3,057

Cheapest car insurance for married drivers: Progressive

For marry drivers, Progressive offers the best rates for full coverage in Phoenix by more than $ 300. Geico is the next-cheapest option, followed by State Farm .
Progressive ‘s rate of $ 2,052 was $ 368 more than the average rate for marital drivers in Arizona overall. Rates for married drivers tend to be lower than rates for unmarried drivers .

Rank Company Annual rate
1 Progressive $2,052
2 Geico $2,385
3 State Farm $2,650
4 CSAA $3,567
5 Allstate $5,279
6 The Hartford $5,295
7 Farmers $5,414
N/A USAA $1,507

Cheapest car insurance for young drivers: Geico

Drivers who are only 18 years previous are considered higher-risk for insurers, so they tend to pay well higher premiums. In Phoenix, younger drivers can save the most money with Geico. other options on the cheaper side of the spectrum include CSAA and State Farm .
Geico ‘s rate for full coverage was $ 2,095 cheaper than any other option and lone 50 % of the median in Phoenix.

Young drivers on average paid more than two and a half times as much as a 30-year-old driver.

Rank Company Annual rate
1 Geico $4,961
2 CSAA $7,056
3 State Farm $8,539
4 Progressive $11,345
5 Allstate $12,385
6 Farmers $12,876
7 The Hartford $15,974
N/A USAA $5,742

Some options for young drivers looking to lower policy costs include :

  • Joining a parent’s car insurance policy: This should be cheaper than purchasing two separate policies. It will raise the price of the parent’s policy
  • Looking for any discounts offered: Insurers will give discounts for good grades, avoiding accidents and safe driving among other things. Check the options available, and speak with your insurer about what you might be eligible for.

Best auto insurance companies in Phoenix, Arizona

The top companies for customer satisfaction in Arizona were USAA, American Family and State Farm, according to a survey conducted by ValuePenguin. USAA is entirely available to members of the military and their families .

Average car insurance cost in Phoenix, by neighborhood

The Phoenix metro area is one of the 10 largest in the United States, with more than one in every three residents living in the city itself. The city encompasses numerous neighborhoods across 85 ZIP codes, and the price of entire coverage indemnity can vary widely with localization .

ZIP code Annual car insurance cost
85003 $4,124
85004 $4,080
85006 $4,205
85007 $4,274
85008 $4,052
85009 $4,563
85012 $4,106
85013 $4,236
85014 $4,133
85015 $4,435
85016 $3,948
85017 $4,575

Show All Rows Among cities in the Valley of the Sun with more than 135,000 residents, Phoenix had the most expensive full coverage car insurance rates — $ 149 more expensive than rates in Glendale. Surprise, Arizona, a suburb less than 30 miles northwest of Phoenix, had the lowest rates among cities of that size .

Rank City Population Average cost (by city)
1 Surprise 135,450 $3,198
2 Gilbert 243,254 $3,281
3 Scottsdale 250,602 $3,330
4 Chandler 252,692 $3,333
5 Peoria 168,196 $3,397
6 Mesa 499,720 $3,401
7 Tempe 187,454 $3,470
8 Glendale 247,813 $3,733
9 Phoenix 1,633,017 $3,882

Auto theft statistics in Phoenix

Phoenix ranks one-ninth among the 10 largest cities in Arizona in car thefts per 100,000 residents. That pace was 472.8 cars stolen per 100,000 in 2018 .
only Tucson had more cars stolen per 100,000 residents, at 477.9. Phoenix overall had 7,815 car thefts .

Rank City Population Car thefts Thefts per 100,000
1 Gilbert 247,463 152 61.4
2 Scottsdale 254,961 272 106.7
3 Chandler 255,986 317 123.8
4 Peoria 170,177 217 127.5
5 Surprise 136,611 192 140.5
6 Mesa 504,873 863 170.9
7 Tempe 188,543 538 285.3
8 Glendale 249,799 1,054 421.9
9 Phoenix 1,653,080 7,815 472.8
10 Tucson 537,392 2,568 477.9


Data was collected from eight of the largest insurers in Arizona. Our sample driver was a 30-year-old man with a 2015 Honda Civic EX. Unless otherwise stated, the driver had average credit and received rates for a full coverage policy .
These quotes should be used for comparison purposes entirely. This analysis used policy pace data from Quadrant Information Services that was publicly sourced from insurance company filings .

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