Company Price (Average for a 67-Year-Old Driver)  Purchasing Options  Available Discounts  Other Available Coverage 
State Farm

Best Overall and Best on a Budget
$880 Online, phone, local agent  Vary by state Homeowners, renters, life, boat, ATV, motorhome, farm and ranch, identity theft, health, disability, commercial, pet

Best for Veterans 
$772  Online, phone, local agent 14  Homeowners, renters, life, boat, flood, umbrella, health, long-term care, commercial, pet, travel 
The Hartford

Best for AARP Members 
$1,178  Online, phone, local agent 6 Homeowners, renters, life, classic car, commercial, renters, umbrella, flood 

Guide for Choosing the Best cable car indemnity for Seniors

Do You Need senior Car policy ?

When shopping for car policy, you won ’ thyroxine find any companies selling policies specifically for older drivers. however, it ’ s a good idea to look for car indemnity companies that offer extra perks or unique discounts for seniors. Older drivers sometimes pay higher car policy rates than younger drivers, but that doesn ’ metric ton average you have to pay a luck for policy .
If you can qualify for aged driver discounts you might be able to get a much lower premium, whether you choose a minimum coverage or broad coverage policy. In accession, senior drivers can often save money with traditional discounts, like policy bundle, taking a defensive drive course, and paying the annual premium in wax .

Do You Qualify for elder Car indemnity ?

Some car indemnity companies have requirements for seniors. For exercise, to get policy from The Hartford, you must be an AARP member. But even if you choose a car policy company without eligibility requirements, you might have to meet sealed criteria to take advantage of senior discounts. For case, some carriers offer savings for drivers over 60, but only if they are put out or work less than 25 hours per week. Similarly, some senior driver discounts are only available in blue-ribbon states.

Comparing Seniors Car policy Companies

There are dozens of car insurance companies that sell policy for seniors. however, it ’ south authoritative to remember that not all car policy providers are created equal. hera are a few things to pay attention to when comparing car indemnity for seniors :

  • Customer service: Every car insurance company is different when it comes to customer service. Some offer 24/7 phone support, some offer live chat, and others only offer support during limited business hours. Customer service ratings vary significantly between providers.
  • Coverage options: Almost every car insurance company offers minimum coverage and full coverage insurance policies, but the add-on coverages will depend on the provider. If you’re looking for a specific type of coverage, like accident forgiveness, custom parts coverage, or new car replacement, focus your search on carriers that offer those endorsements.
  • Discounts: As mentioned, seniors often pay higher car insurance rates. Fortunately, most providers offer discounts to help you get a lower premium. When comparing providers, pay attention to the discounts offered and the potential savings. These also vary by company, though you’ll find many of the same discounts from various carriers.

How to Sign Up for Senior Car insurance

Getting car policy as a elder is reasonably simple. Most car policy companies today offer an on-line quote tool, where you provide your personal details and vehicle details and choose your coverages, policy limits, and deductibles. If you are satisfied with the estimated rate, you can frequently purchase the policy on-line and pay the first month ‘s premium without ever speaking with an agent .
however, if you prefer to work with an agent or indigence help getting coverage, you can typically call the insurance company directly or make an appointment with an agentive role at a local anesthetic office. Once you have a policy, you often get entree to an on-line customer portal where you can pay bills, file claims, download your ID cards and policy documents, and manage your coverage .

frequently Asked Questions

What Is Car Insurance for Seniors?

car policy for seniors is basically car indemnity that offers discounts for senior adults, but may besides feature other perks. by and large, senior discounts are offered at historic period 50 and increase every five years. Seniors with dear drive records typically receive the best rates and discounts of all drivers .

What Is Different About Car Insurance for Seniors?

car policy for seniors is different because older drivers have different coverage needs. For exemplify, if you drive infrequently or have a much older car, you may need less coverage than a younger driver who commutes day by day and drives a brand-new vehicle. Older drivers may besides be eligible for certain discounts that younger drivers can not claim. Some indemnity companies offer special savings for withdraw drivers, older drivers who complete an approve defensive driving course, or drivers who have had a blank drive criminal record for a certain period of time.

How Much Does Car Insurance for Seniors Cost? Is It Worth It?

The price of car insurance for seniors varies depending on a variety of features, including :

  • Type of coverage
  • Deductible amount
  • Type of vehicle insured
  • Driving record
  • Location
  • Multi-car and multi-policy discounts 
  • Miles driven per year 

senior car insurance is worth the cost. even though older drivers typically pay higher indemnity rates, car indemnity is hush a legal requirement in most states, regardless of your age and the sum of driving that you do. Many policy companies offer discounts, including savings for older drivers, so you can likely find ways to save money on car insurance and get a premium that fits within your budget .

Can I Add a Senior Driver to My Insurance?

Anyone with car policy can add a senior driver to their policy. There ’ sulfur no maximum age prerequisite for cable car indemnity, so if your 90-year-old rear is inactive driving and lives with you, there is nothing stopping you from adding them to your car policy. however, keep in heed that adding a senior driver to your policy policy will most likely cause your premium to increase .

What Are the Different Types of Car Insurance for Seniors?

Seniors can purchase all the lapp types of car insurance that younger drivers can get. Depending on your state, you will need to have at least a minimum coverage policy with liability insurance. however, it ’ s a thoroughly mind to upgrade to a fully coverage policy, which includes collision indemnity and comprehensive examination policy, vitamin a well as checkup payments coverage. senior drivers may besides be eligible for cable car policy endorsements, like accident forgiveness, raw car substitution coverage, gap insurance ( for leased or financed vehicles ), and emergency wayside aid.

How We Chose the Best car insurance for Seniors

Our team evaluated 25 policy companies and collect thousands of data points before selecting our top choices. We weighed eight criteria and gave a higher slant to those with a more significant affect on potential customers .
The top picks were selected based on factors like medial annual agio ( leaden 30 % ), paleness in pricing methodology ( leaden 10 % ), and regional handiness ( leaden 15 % ). We besides took into report other features that are authoritative to buyers including complaint scores, consumer satisfaction reports from J.D. Power and Consumer Reports, and company loss ratios .
For far information about our selection criteria and summons, our complete methodology is available .

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