Best Car Insurance in Georgia

Georgia, with its over 10 million residents and southeastern charm, offers an enticing living experience. If you’re a driver here, it’s crucial to explore the best car insurance options tailored to your specific needs. In this guide, we’ll navigate through the optimal choices for car insurance in Georgia.

Georgia Auto Insurance Costs by Insurer

Best Car Insurance in Georgia
Best Car Insurance in Georgia

Minimum Coverage

When it comes to minimum-coverage car insurance in Georgia, State Farm takes the lead, offering a policy at an annual rate of $485. For those seeking full coverage, Georgia Farm Bureau provides the best option, priced at $1318 per year. While this offer is exclusively available to members, the $35 annual membership fee makes it a considerably more economical choice compared to other providers in the state. Moreover, it’s significantly below the statewide average of $3527.

ValuePenguin’s data reveals the average annual auto insurance costs for top providers in Georgia:

  • Georgia Farm Bureau: $1442
  • Geico: $3169
  • Progressive: $4677

Minimum-Coverage Rates

For minimum-coverage policies, the rates are as follows:

  • State Farm: $485
  • Farm Bureau: $558
  • Geico: $724
  • Progressive: $771
  • Allstate: $970


Auto Insurance Premiums by Driver Age

A driver’s age is a pivotal factor influencing their auto insurance premiums. Younger drivers face higher costs due to their statistical association with auto-related incidents. The impact is most profound on teen drivers, with those under 20 paying over three times more than a 30-year-old.

According to NerdWallet, the best minimum-coverage rates based on age are:

  • 20-year-olds: $925 per year by GEICO
  • 30-year-olds: $405 per year by Auto-Owners
  • 40-year-olds: $461 per year by GEICO
  • 50-year-olds: $436 per year by Auto-Owners
  • 65-year-olds: $449 per year by Nationwide

For full-coverage insurance, the rates based on age are:

  • 20-year-olds: $2464 per year by Auto-Owners
  • 30-year-olds: $1041 per year by Esurance
  • 40-year-olds: $1010 per year by Esurance
  • 50-year-olds: $949 per year by Esurance
  • 65-year-olds: $1056 per year by Esurance

Car Insurance Premiums by Gender and Marital Status

Best Car Insurance in Georgia
Best Car Insurance in Georgia

A driver’s marital status and gender can also affect their annual insurance rate. Married individuals and women generally pay slightly less than their single and male counterparts, respectively. Married drivers in Georgia enjoy rates that are 4 percent cheaper on average compared to single drivers.

The best annual rates for married drivers in Georgia are:

  • Georgia Farm Bureau: $1318
  • GEICO: $1585
  • Progressive: $2018

Georgia Insurance Rates after a Violation or Accident

After various at-fault incidents such as DUIs, DWIs, reckless driving, or speeding tickets, insurance rates tend to rise significantly. Georgia Farm Bureau emerges as the top choice for drivers with a DUI on their record, offering an average rate of $2548 per year. Progressive follows closely with a rate of $3209 per year, according to a MoneyGeek report. The average rate for drivers with DUIs stands at $2929 per year.

Drivers with speeding tickets for speeds 20 mph or less over the limit face an average annual auto insurance cost of $2110. The average increase for a speeding ticket in Georgia is $381. Among providers, Georgia Farm Bureau has the lowest additional charge, at only $124 per year.

Georgia Auto Insurance Premiums by Credit Tier

Your credit score plays a pivotal role in determining your car insurance costs. For drivers with bad credit, Georgia Farm Bureau offers the most competitive option, with an average policy cost of $1318 per year. State Farm comes in as the second-most-affordable choice, albeit pricier by almost $700. The average rate for drivers with a poor credit score is $2695 per year.

Best Car Insurance in Georgia
Best Car Insurance in Georgia

Expensive vs. Affordable Georgia Cities

Your location within the state significantly impacts your auto insurance costs. Cities prone to natural disasters, high crime rates, and heavy traffic tend to have higher rates. The most expensive cities for car insurance in Georgia include:

Expensive Cities:

  • Atlanta
  • Decatur
  • Duluth
  • Lithonia
  • Stone Mountain

More affordable cities with lower auto insurance rates include:

Affordable Cities:

  • Albany
  • Athens, Gainesville
  • Newnan
  • Valdosta


List of Insurance Companies in Georgia

Some of the best-rated auto insurance companies in Georgia, as listed by Bankrate, are Alfa, Allstate, Georgia Farm Bureau, GEICO, and State Farm.

No-fault Insurance in Georgia

Unlike some states, Georgia is not a no-fault state. This means that the at-fault party is always responsible for compensation for any medical costs, car and object damages, and any other costs incurred by the accident. Georgia’s insurance rates are higher than the national average due to its relatively high accident rates.

In Georgia, the minimum insured liability is set at 25/50/25, meaning that a driver’s insurance must cover at least $25,000 in bodily injury medical costs per person, $50,000 per accident, and $25,000 in property damage. Keep in mind that if the damages you cause exceed these amounts, you’ll be responsible for covering the excess costs.

In conclusion, selecting the right car insurance policy not only safeguards your financial interests in the event of an accident but also provides peace of mind. Keep these considerations in mind when you’re on the hunt for the best car insurance in Georgia.

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