According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average California driver pays about $ 1,034 a year for car policy. That makes California the 19th cheapest state for car insurance in the U.S. But that doesn ’ thymine mean you can ’ thymine save evening more money on your car indemnity policy. Read on to find the best car indemnity for you, your car, and most importantly, your budget .
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Cheap Car Insurance in California

Cars with cheap insurance driving over the Golden Gate Bridge
If you ’ ra looking for ways to save money on your car policy, look no far. In the sections below, we ’ ve analyzed millions of quotes and broken down the best car indemnity rates for all different types of California drivers. young or old, dear driver or patched record, NorCal or SoCal, we ’ ve got the best rates for you. Read on to find out how to save some serious money on your next car insurance policy.

Cheapest Rates for Teen Drivers in California

Finding low-cost car policy for adolescent drivers can be challenging due to their age and lack of driving experience. thankfully there are policy companies in California that offer more low-cost insurance options for the youngest drivers on the road .

Insurance Company Monthly Insurance Premium
Hugo $65
Anchor General $115
Kemper $128
MetroMile $136
SafeAuto $147
Carnegie General $148
National General $151
Esurance $174
Mercury $180
BridgeNet $223

As you can see, Hugo tends to be the cheapest car insurance company for California teens, with average rates angstrom low as $ 65 a calendar month for liability policy. Some early companies offering low-cost indemnity for brassy drivers include Anchor General ( $ 115/mo. ), Kemper ( $ 128/mo. ), and Metromile ( $ 136/mo. ) .
But barely because these companies offer the cheapest average rates for adolescent drivers, it doesn ’ t mean they ’ ll be the cheapest for you or your child. Car insurance companies take a number of factors into consideration when calculating their rates, so it ’ mho important to shop around and compare quotes from multiple companies so that you can be certain you ’ re getting the best deal .

Cheapest Quotes for Young Drivers in CA

once drivers hit 25 years old they ’ ll see a steep shed in car indemnity rates, but until then they can expect to pay more for insurance, but with the right company they can still save. here are the cheapest policy companies for drivers 18-24 years old .

Insurance Company Monthly Insurance Premium
Hugo $65
Direct Auto $90
Workmen’s $98
Aspire $102
Kemper $106
Freedom $114
Carnegie General $116
MetroMile $119
Anchor General $123
SafeAuto $132

once again, Hugo comes in as the cheap car policy company for young drivers in California with rates averaging $ 65/mo for liability insurance. other low-cost options include direct Auto ( $ 90/mo ), Workmens ( $ 98/mo ) and Aspire ( $ 102/mo ) .
When comparing car indemnity rates for teens and young drivers, you might be surprised to find that both groups will pay the same amount with Hugo Insurance Company – $ 65/mo. however, that ’ s where the similarities end. adolescent drivers can see rates angstrom high as $ 223/mo ( BridgeNet ), while the highest average young drivers can expect to pay is $ 132/mo ( safe Auto ). That ’ s a $ 90/mo dispute or over $ 1,0000/year that adolescent drivers have to pay for policy. Big remainder, right ?
While these are the most low-cost companies on average, you hush want to compare rates to see which party will provide the best rates for you based on your background, demographics, and other factors. Be certain to compare quotes from different policy companies to ensure you get the most low-cost premium .

Cheapest Car Insurance for Retired Californians

After enjoying years of lower car policy rates, drivers 65+ begin to see their premiums rates creep astir. This is due to drivers in this historic period group being identified as riskier to insure by insurance companies. That doesn ’ t mean drivers 65 and up can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find cheap car indemnity though .
here are the top 10 cheapest car policy companies for retire drivers in California .

Insurance Company Monthly Insurance Premium
MetroMile $50
DirectGeneral $53
Kemper $66
Clearcover $70
Mercury $71
Esurance $77
SafeAuto $77
TwentyFirstCentury $78
Infinity $102

Drivers over 65 can enjoy the lowest rates with MetroMile with an average monthly premium of precisely $ 50/mo for liability-only policy. Beyond MetroMile you can enjoy premiums of less than $ 75/mo from companies such as direct Auto ( $ 53/mo ), Kemper ( $ 66/mo ), Clearcover ( $ 70/mo ), and Mercury ( $ 71/mo ) .
These are some of the lowest rates for retire drivers on average, but be certain to even shop around to compare car indemnity rates amongst different companies and consider the discounts you might be eligible for to promote reduce your monthly bounty .

Cheapest Quotes for Married Drivers

Love aside, marriage comes with respective benefits – one being a decrease in car indemnity rates. so if you ’ ve already said “ I do ” be indisputable to besides say “ I do ” to these policy companies that offer the most low-cost rates for marry drivers in California .

Insurance Company Monthly Insurance Premium
Hugo $41
Aspire $52
Freedom $58
MetroMile $59
Carnegie General $73
Workmen’s $74
Clearcover $77
Anchor General $78
Infinity $78
Foremost $81

Hugo gets the top spot once again as the brassy car policy provider, but this fourth dimension for marital drivers in California with monthly insurance rates averaging $ 41/mo. Aspire ( $ 52/mo ), Freedom ( $ 58/mo ) and MetroMile ( $ 59/mo ) are the future most low-cost companies to look into .
As you can see, the monthly indemnity rates double over from Hugo at $ 41/mo to Foremost at $ 81/mo. so even within this list of the most low-cost indemnity providers, you want to be certain you choose the ship’s company that will best suit your budget without sacrificing choice coverage .

Cheapest Quotes for Single Drivers

merely because you haven ’ triiodothyronine made it down the aisle doesn ’ triiodothyronine entail you have to overpay for car indemnity. These 10 policy companies will get you the cheapest car insurance in California as a individual driver .

Insurance Company Monthly Insurance Premium
Hugo $54
Direct Auto $58
Aspire $59
MetroMile $63
Sun Coast $65
Kemper $68
Freedom $74
Carnegie General $77
National General $81
Workmen’s $87

For single drivers in California, Hugo offers the most low-cost policy rates with an average monthly agio of $ 54/mo for indebtedness indemnity. Next, you can look to Direct Auto ( $ 58/mo ), Aspire ( $ 59/mo ), and MetroMile $ 63/mo ) to offer the most low-cost premiums if you ’ re not married .
A closer look at the two lists further reveals the disparity in rates between single and marry drivers. While a marry driver insured by Workmen ’ randomness will pay a monthly premium of $ 74, a single driver will be stuck paying $ 87/mo. This $ 13 remainder may not seem like a lot, but it can cursorily add up. In a class, you could pay over $ 150 more in car insurance premiums .
Since your indemnity rates tend to be a bit higher as a individual driver in California compared to a married driver, be sure to check for discounts that will help reduce your monthly insurance agio .

Car Insurance Rates for Men vs. Women in California

On median men pay more for car indemnity than women, but as they historic period, this dispute in rates decreases. Overall you ’ ll find men pay $ 90/mo for car insurance while women pay about 5 % less at barely $ 84/mo .

5 Cheapest Companies for Men

Insurance Company Monthly Insurance Premium
Hugo $55
Aspire $59
Direct Auto $60
MetroMile $64
Kemper $69

5 Cheapest Companies for Women

Insurance Company Monthly Insurance Premium
Hugo $50
Sun Coast $55
Aspire $56
Direct Auto $57
MetroMile $61

When comparing the most low-cost car indemnity rates for men and women, you ’ ll see Hugo offers the most low-cost monthly premium for liability indemnity on average at $ 55/mo and $ 50/mo respectively. The other brassy companies remain relatively the lapp for men and women digression from Sun Coast ( $ 55/mo ) coming in number 2 for women while Kemper doesn ’ t make the list .
While the differences are slight, you ’ ll watch higher rates for men within the lapp insurance company. Women insured by Metromile will enjoy rates of $ 61/mo, while men will need to pay a bite more at $ 64/mo .
Gender away, there is a murder of factors that impact the rate an indemnity company quotes you, then be certain to compare the indemnity rates .

Cheapest Companies for Drivers with Spotty Records

Woman getting a speeding ticket
Have a tag or two on your driving history ? possibly a couple of accidents in your past ? Your driving history will impact your car insurance rate, but some companies are more forgive by still offering low-cost car policy rates even if your background international relations and security network ’ metric ton immaculate .

Cheap Quotes for Drivers with a Ticket on their Record

Insurance Company Monthly Insurance Premium
Aspire $66
Direct Auto $67
Freedom $78
Kemper $82
MetroMile $85

Cheap Quotes for Drivers with Multiple Tickets on their Record

Insurance Company Monthly Insurance Premium
Aspire $70
Direct Auto $83
SafeAuto $85
Kemper $97
Esurance $108

As you can see, there can be substantial differences in car policy rates when you have one tag on your record vs. multiple tickets on your record. At the lowest when comparing Aspire insurance, drivers with one ticket pay 6 % less per calendar month than drivers with multiple tickets. But when you look at the rates for the 5th most low-cost indemnity caller, drivers with multiple tickets are paying about 30 % more for car policy .
so, if this is your casing, it ’ randomness crucial that you compare car policy rates to find the cheapest car insurance based on your driving history, demographics, fomite of option and early factors policy companies consider when quoting monthly premiums .

Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers After an Accident

Insurance Company Monthly Insurance Premium
Hugo $57
Aspire $75
Direct Auto $77
Kemper $85
Carnegie General $87

Best Rates for Drivers with Multiple Accidents on their Record

Insurance Company Monthly Insurance Premium
MetroMile $79
Aspire $82
Direct Auto $85
Freedom $88
SafeAuto $117

like to having tickets on your driving record, the number of accidents you have can substantially impact your monthly premium. The difference between drivers with one accident insured by Hugo ( $ 57/mo ) compared to drivers with multiple accidents insured by MetroMile ( $ 79/mo ) is a dispute of about 40 % ! Yes, you read that right…40 % .
When you ’ ve been involved in an accident, specially multiple accidents, you have to compare rates, seek out all the discounts possible and practice safe driving habits until they drop off your record. That ’ s the best way to secure the cheapest car insurance .

Most Affordable California State Minimum Liability Coverage

If you just want submit minimum coverage for your vehicles, you can save big bucks. many drivers who own their vehicle outright choose to go this road to enjoy extra savings. Save even more by choosing one of these insurance companies which offer the cheapest state of matter minimal coverage in California .

Insurance Company Monthly Insurance Premium
MetroMile $39
Hugo $39
Aspire $42
Direct Auto $46
Sun Coast $49
Freedom $49
Clearcover $50
21st Century $52
Mercury $52
National General $53

You can get state minimum coverage in California for a low as $ 39 when you ’ re insured through MetroMile or Hugo. Aspire ( $ 42/mo ), target Auto ( $ 46/mo ) and Sun Coast or Freedom ( $ 49/mo ) come in following as the most low-cost car policy providers when you ’ re looking for bare minimum coverage .
In order to get the most hit for your dollar in terms of savings, be sure to compare car indemnity quotes to get the lowest rate, but besides learn which discounts you can take advantage of. many of these insurance companies will offer a kind of discounts including safe driver, dear scholar, vehicle guard, multi-policy and more. You can experience extra savings of 10 % or more with different dismiss programs .

California’s Cheapest Full Coverage Insurance

Prefer full moon coverage car indemnity ? Or possibly you ’ re required to purchase wide coverage because your vehicle is leased or financed .
Either direction, your security level will increase and so will your policy premiums. But, no worries. These car policy companies offer the lowest rates throughout California to help you save while maximizing your protection .

Insurance Company Monthly Insurance Premium
Hugo $58
Direct Auto $82
MetroMile $97
21st Century $103
Travelers $110
Aspire $120
Workmen’s $128
Clearcover $131
Freedom $134

Hugo offers full coverage car insurance for arsenic low as $ 58/mo – not badly for more comprehensive coverage .
The next low-cost option jumps 41 % with lead Auto at $ 82/mo and again about 20 % with MetroMile at $ 97/mo. These are massive jumps in insurance rates that can make a boastfully impact on your monthly budget .
When comparing the prices of full coverage insurance to the submit minimum in California, you ’ ll find that wide coverage is more expensive on modal. Let ’ s say you choose to purchase state minimum insurance from Freedom. You ’ ll pay an modal of $ 49/mo for this coverage. however, if you decide that you ’ five hundred quite have broad coverage insurance with Freedom, you ’ ll give over $ 90 more at $ 134/mo !
so, when looking at broad coverage car insurance, be certain to compare rates to find the most low-cost options for you .

Most Affordable Insurance for Drivers in California’s Major Metropolitan Areas

Depending on where you live in California, the car indemnity ship’s company that can offer the most low-cost rates will vary. If you ’ re in a major metropolitan sphere like Los Angeles County, these are the rates you can expect to pay for liability indemnity if you choose from one of these more low-cost insurance companies .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Progressive $24
Grange $31
Workmen’s Auto Insurance $32
State National $33

The cheapest policy rates in major metropolitan areas in California are relatively like with good a $ 10 dispute between the 5 most low-cost companies. liberal starts at merely $ 24/mo with Geico ( $ 29/mo ), Grange ( $ 31/mo ) coming in right after .
With rates so alike, early coverage perks, discounts, and features offered by the policy party might be the major decision-making component when selecting the best choice for you.

Cheapest Car Insurance for California Suburbs

As you head out of the major cities to the suburbs like San Bernardino County, car indemnity rates and the best company to choose for low-cost insurance varies a piece, but stays quite consistent. here are the best companies to choose from for low-cost indebtedness indemnity in the California suburb .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Progressive $29
Grange $30
Workmen’s Auto Insurance $30
Mercury $31

In the California suburb, you ’ ll pay the least using Geico ( $ 27/mo ), while insurance premiums for the other cheapest policy companies stay in a exchangeable range. Mercury is the most expensive of the 5 at good $ 31/mo, sol there are several low-cost policy options .

Lowest Rates for Rural Areas in California

If you live in the rural areas of California like Calaveras County, you ’ ll see a slight drop in average indemnity rates. While you ’ ra looking for the most low-cost rates, choose for one of the 5 most low-cost policy companies for coverage in rural California .

Company Monthly Premium
Progressive $24
First American P&C $26
Mercury $27
Infinity $27

As you head to rural California areas, you ’ ll see rates dribble more. Geico offers the most low-cost rate at fair $ 21/mo followed by Progressive at $ 24/mo. first american P & C ( $ 26/mo ), Mercury ( $ 27/mo ), and Infinity ( $ 27/mo ) extend alike rates as they round out the cheapest car insurance carriers in rural California .

The Best California Car Insurance Discounts

Woman researching car insurance discounts in California
One of the best ways to lower your car indemnity rate is to take advantage of discounts offered by the indemnity party. You ’ ll want to check with each individual company to see which discounts are available, but here are some park discount rate options .

  • Multi-Car Discounts: If you insure multiple cars on your policy you can save up to 25% on your premium with a multi-car discount.
  • Multi-Policy Discount: When you also need insurance for your home, apartment or even life insurance, bundling it with your auto insurance under the same policy can also help you save up to 25% on your premium compared to insuring them separately.
  • Pay in Full Discount: Insurance companies will reward you for paying in full by offering a pay in full discount. Not only do you save on your premium, but you also don’t have to worry about forgetting to make your payment each month.
  • Vehicle Safety Discount: Ensuring your vehicle has some of the latest safety features can help you save a bit on your auto premium. Some of the features that will earn you a discount include having anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control.
  • Good Driving Discount: Save up to 40% on your insurance premium when you demonstrate good driving habits. You may need to use a telematics tracking system to do so, but the savings can be worth it if you can meet the standards.
  • Defensive Driving Course Discount: While taking a defensive driving course might not be fun, it can save you 10% or more on your auto insurance. As long as you complete a state-approved course, you should be able to enjoy this discount.
  • Usage-Based Discount: If you drive fewer miles than the average American, you might be eligible for a pay-per-mile also known as usage-based auto insurance discount. On this plan, you typically have a low monthly base price and pay extra based on the number of miles you drive.
  • Customer Loyalty Discount: Have you been with the like insurance company for a long time ? If then, you may be eligible for a customer commitment discount .
  • Good Student Discount: If you ’ re presently a high school or college scholar living in California, you can save money on your insurance premium with the good student rebate. To qualify, you ’ ll have to maintain a B average/ 3.0 GPA or higher. Students that rank in the top 20 % of their class may besides qualify for this deduction. Check with your policy company to find out their specific qualifications .

The Best Car Insurance Companies in California

Each year, J.D. Power conducts a customer atonement view to identify the top-rated car insurance companies based on a 1,000 point scale .
hera are the lead 10 best-rated car policy companies in California for this year .

  • Wawanesa – 853 points
  • CONNECT by American Family – 839 points
  • Auto Club of Southern California Insurance Group – 830 points
  • GEICO – 828 points
  • Progressive – 819 points
  • State Farm – 818 points
  • Mercury – 816 points
  • Farmers – 811 points
  • CSAA Insurance Group – 807 points
  • Allstate – 803 points

California Car Insurance Requirements & Other Laws

Drivers in California must show fiscal responsibility – normally, this means drivers must carry proof of car insurance. In California, this proof can besides take the phase of a $ 35,000 deposition with the DMV, a $ 35,000 security bond, or a DMV-issued self-insurance certificate. You must carry this proof with you at all times, in font you are in an accident or stopped by the patrol .
California besides requires insurance companies to electronically report policy information for private-use vehicles, so that the DMV can determine whether or not you meet the coverage requirements. California ’ s minimal insurance coverage levels are :

  • Body Injury Liability: $15,000 for injury/death to one person; $30,000 for one accident
  • Property Damage Liability: $5,000

aesculapian payments, collision insurance and comprehensive coverage are not required by law in California. however, between checkup bills, bumper damage, and possible lawsuits, you may wind up owing far more than the state minimal coverage is able to cover. Keep this in mind when you ’ re patronize, and be surely to get the most appropriate coverage for you .

California’s Unique Auto Insurance Rules

  • Good drivers are rewarded: Car insurance companies make your driving history one of the main factors in calculating your premium. A 20 percent discount is guaranteed for drivers who have been licensed at least three years, have no more than one point on their records in the last three years and haven’t been found at fault in a major accident in the last three years.
  • Your credit doesn’t matter: In most states, insurers use credit-based insurance scores to calculate how likely it is that you’ll make a claim, which can affect your rates. In California, this practice is prohibited (as it is in Hawaii and Massachusetts). So even if Johnny Racer has terrible credit, it won’t bring up his insurance rates.
  • Your location does matter: California car insurance law states that location must be considered a secondary factor in determining rates, making it less important than your driving record. However, your ZIP code still affects your insurance premiums.

California Car Insurance Penalties

Failing to meet California ’ s minimal requirements may result in any number of penalties. These include :

  • Suspension of your driver’s license plus a fee and the costs associated with a license and registration reinstatement
  • Impoundment of your vehicle
  • Being required to file an SR-22 annually for three years after reinstatement

To learn more about the requirements and penalties, visit the California Department of Insurance .

California Low-Cost Automobile Insurance Program Explained

In California, drivers are required to carry at least $15,000 in bodily wound coverage per person, $30,000 in bodily injury coverage per accident, and $5,000 of place damage coverage. If you don ’ thymine want to carry insurance, you have a few early options for demonstrating fiscal duty, such as a $ 35,000 cash deposition with the country Department of Motor Vehicles or a guarantor bond for the same amount .
What if you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate yield California car insurance ? Low-income drivers may be eligible to participate in the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program. This program is open to people 19 and older who have a valid California driver ’ second license, own a fomite valued at $ 25,000 or less and meet income eligibility guidelines. Find out if you qualify by taking this on-line questionnaire .
What about bad drivers ? If your drive record is tarnished, you need to shop around for the lowest pace available. In our California car insurance comparison chart, Johnny Racer is looking at monthly premiums as high as $775 because of his age and his two accelerate tickets. That ’ sulfur about doubly adenine much as the $417 offered by another carrier — and that ’ s why it ’ s so significant to compare insurance quotes on before you buy. It ’ south free, fast and easy .

Additional Vehicle Costs and Fees in California

If you ’ re in the market for a modern or secondhand car, you ’ ll need to budget for more than just the fomite ’ randomness poser price. You ’ ll be on the bait for basic DMV fees like title, license plate, and registration fees no matter where and how you purchase your newly cable car, truck or SUV, adenine well as buying a new car indemnity policy for your car. But some buyers will find themselves with extra fees such as sales tax, documentation fees, personal property tax, emissions and inspection fees, loanblend and electric fomite fees, lien recording fees and a skid of early costs .
Check out ’ s comprehensive vehicle costs breakdown to make certain you account for all the add fees you might be on the hook for when buying a car in California .

Cheapest Cities for Car Insurance in California

As you ’ ll experience below, car policy rates can vary quite a bite from city to city. For example, San Ysidro drivers pay the lowest average rates in all of California at barely $ 34 a month. On the other end of the spectrum, people in West Hills pay an average rate of well over $ 100 .
Want to know where your city falls in that range ? We ’ ve compiled a list of average rates for closely 300 cities across California :
Click on the list of each city in the table above to find detail breakdowns on all the factors that go into calculating your monthly agio. here, you ’ ll find all the information you need on how things like driving record, old age, sex, fomite make and model, and more will affect how much you pay for car insurance in each vicinity .
And if you want to jump right in and see how much you ’ ll pay, simply enter your ZIP code below and find your best rate in minutes !

California Car Insurance FAQs

How much is car insurance in California?
Based on the amount of coverage you need and several other factors, policy rates in California will vary. In general, the modal car policy rate is $ 87/mo .
What car insurance is required in California?
In California the minimum indemnity coverage levels are :

  • Body Injury Liability: $15,000 for injury/death to one person; $30,000 for one accident
  • Property Damage Liability: $5,000

What happens if you drive without insurance in California?
If you ’ rhenium catch driving without policy in California, your consequence will start little and increase if it happens more than once .
The inaugural clock around you ’ ll receive a fine of up to $ 250 along with penalty assessments .
penalty assessments can vary based on where you live but range from $ 1 for every $ 10 up to $ 10 for every $ 10 you owe in fees. That means if your very well is $ 100, you could owe up to an extra $ 100 in penalty assessments which doubles the sum amount you have to pay .
If you ’ rhenium catch driving without insurance again within 3 years, you could receive a finely of up to $ 500 plus penalty assessments .
besides, anytime you ’ re catch driving without car policy the court can elect to impound your fomite .
Does California require full coverage car insurance?
California doesn ’ thyroxine require wide coverage car insurance. You can choose to secure a higher level of car policy coverage which will by and large include a combination of indebtedness, comprehensive and collision coverage .
Can you get car insurance without a license in California?
While you can get car policy in California without a license, it ’ mho decidedly more ambitious to do. And if you previously lost your license due to driving infractions it presents flush more difficulties. Your best bet for securing car policy without a license is to work with a smaller policy caller that might be more flexible with their requirements.

All data referenced in this article comes from a combination of proprietorship data — which is aggregated from millions of real customer quotes through — and extra data gathered in collaboration with Quadrant .

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