Allstate Car Insurance Review 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of auto insurance, making an informed choice is paramount. Allstate, a prominent player in the industry, emerges as a contender worthy of consideration in 2023. This comprehensive review delves into the intricacies of Allstate’s offerings, shedding light on its strengths, potential drawbacks, and the unique features that set it apart. Join Insurecar.Info as we navigate through the realm of Allstate car insurance, empowering you to make a confident decision for your automotive coverage needs.

Evaluating the Pros and Cons

Allstate Car Insurance Review 2023
Allstate Car Insurance Review 2023

Pros: Tailored Coverage for Every Driver

Allstate stands out for its extensive coverage options, offering features like accident forgiveness, new car replacement, and a safe-driving bonus every six months. Additionally, it provides specialized rideshare insurance in numerous states.

Cons: A Glimpse into Customer Satisfaction

In the realm of auto insurance shopping satisfaction, Allstate garners below-average ratings compared to its counterparts in the industry.

In-Depth Analysis

Allstate’s stellar performance has earned it an impressive 4.5-star rating out of 5. Insurecar.Info’s stringent evaluation criteria encompass consumer experiences, complaint data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and financial strength ratings.

As one of the nation’s leading auto insurers, Allstate empowers customers with a plethora of options to customize their policies and curtail premium costs. The company’s offerings extend beyond auto insurance, encompassing life, home, and renters insurance.


Trust in Insurecar.Info ‘s Assessment

Allstate Car Insurance Review 2023
Allstate Car Insurance Review 2023

Rest assured, Insurecar.Info adheres to rigorous editorial guidelines, ensuring impartiality and accuracy in our coverage. This empowers you to make an informed choice when selecting an insurance policy that aligns with your needs.

Allstate in Comparison

Rating by Insurecar.InfoComplaints to NAICEase of UseDiscountsBottom Line
Close to ExpectedAbove AverageGreat Set of DiscountsWith plenty of coverage options and discounts, this auto insurance giant is worth a look.
Far Fewer than ExpectedAverageGreat Set of DiscountsAmerican Family offers a wide range of coverage, including rideshare and gap insurance, but doesn’t sell policies in all states.
Close to ExpectedAbove AverageGreat Set of DiscountsLiberty Mutual offers a long list of discounts, plus robust digital tools on its website and app.

Delving into Costs

For comprehensive coverage, Allstate car insurance averages $3,110 annually, surpassing the national average by over $960. It’s important to note that Allstate’s rates lean towards the higher end compared to other prominent insurers.

CompanyAverage Annual Rate for Clean Record Drivers
State Farm$1,431
American Family$1,547

*USAA auto insurance is exclusively available to active-duty military members, veterans, and their families.

Please bear in mind that these rates are based on a 35-year-old driver with an impeccable driving history and sound credit, seeking full coverage. Your individual rate may vary based on factors like driving history, vehicle make and model, location, and more.

Allstate Car Insurance Review 2023
Allstate Car Insurance Review 2023

A Comparative Analysis of Allstate’s Rates

Your car insurance premium hinges on various factors, including your driving record and credit history (except in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Michigan). Here’s how Allstate’s average annual auto insurance rates for 2023 stack up against national averages for full coverage insurance across different driving profiles:

Driving ProfileAllstate Average RateNational Average Rate
Good Driver, Good Credit$3,110$2,148
Recent At-Fault Accident, Good Credit$4,405$3,164
Recent DUI, Good Credit$4,190$3,933
Good Driver, Poor Credit$4,408$3,455

Tailoring Your Coverage with Allstate

When considering car insurance coverage, it’s crucial to align it with your specific needs. Allstate offers a range of standard options, as well as some enticing add-ons in select states:

Optional Features:

  • Accident Forgiveness: Shielding you from rate hikes after an accident, even if it’s deemed your fault.
  • Safe Driving Bonus: Earn cash back every six months of accident-free driving.
  • Deductible Rewards: Get up to $500 off your collision deductible for each year without driving violations.
  • New Car Replacement: Receive a check for a new car if your vehicle is totaled within the first two model years.
  • Roadside Assistance: Available in three options, ensuring you’re covered in moments of need.
  • Rideshare Insurance (Ride for Hire): Specifically tailored for rideshare drivers, providing continuous coverage while the app is active.
  • Gap Insurance: Filling the gap between what you owe on your car and its depreciated value in case of a total loss.

Additional Features at No Extra Cost:

  • Car-Buying Service: Offering insights on pricing and discounts for your desired vehicle.
  • Claim Satisfaction Guarantee: Receive up to a six-month credit on your car insurance premium if you’re dissatisfied with a claim’s handling.

Seizing Discounts with Allstate

You can unlock savings potential with Allstate by:

  • Owning a new car.
  • Bundling policies for a multipolicy discount.
  • Meeting Allstate’s criteria for a good student.
  • Equipping your vehicle with anti-lock brakes and an anti-theft device.
  • Finalizing your policy at least seven days prior to activation.
  • Embracing automatic withdrawals and paperless transactions.
  • Having a student who maintains their car at home while away at school.
  • Being a homeowner and paying upfront.
  • Demonstrating safe driving habits as per Allstate’s requirements.

Tailored Pricing through Driving Behavior Tracking

Allstate Car Insurance Review 2023
Allstate Car Insurance Review 2023

Allstate presents two programs for potential discounts based on monitored driving habits:


Tailored to your mileage, this program combines a daily base rate with a per-mile rate. If you’re not frequently on the road, or have a short commute, this could lead to substantial savings. Please note that availability may vary by state.


Embrace Drivewise and enjoy discounts for prudent driving habits. The app evaluates your speed, braking behavior, and time of day you drive. Earn cash back every six months of safe driving, along with rewards points for enticing shopping discounts. Even non-customers can participate in the rewards points program, though availability varies by state.

Customer Satisfaction and Complaints

Allstate maintains a commendable track record with a complaint rate in line with expectations, considering its size. Furthermore, an online survey conducted by Insurecar.Info in June 2022 revealed an overall satisfaction score of 75 out of 100 among Allstate customers. While this places it slightly below the average score of 77 among seven insurers, it remains a respectable performance.

In 2022 studies by J.D. Power, a data analytics company, Allstate secured the following rankings:

  • Auto Insurance Shopping: 6th out of 8 companies.
  • Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction: 5th out of 21 companies.

Beyond Auto Insurance: Allstate’s Extensive Offerings

Dive into Allstate’s ecosystem, where you’ll discover an array of tools and resources on their website. From a retirement planning calculator to articles on diverse car insurance types, they’ve got you covered. The Allstate app enhances convenience, enabling bill payments, access to ID cards, claim photo uploads, and even notifications regarding potential data breaches.


Beyond Auto: Exploring Allstate’s Other Insurance Verticals

Allstate goes above and beyond auto insurance, extending their expertise to various domains. Explore the following insurance types:

  • Motorcycle.
  • Boat.
  • All-terrain vehicle.
  • Recreational vehicle.
  • Business.
  • Landlord.
  • Umbrella.

In addition, Allstate collaborates with third parties to offer policies for:

  • Pet.
  • Special event.
  • Flood insurance.

For comprehensive insights into Allstate’s offerings, feel free to explore our dedicated reviews.

In Conclusion

Allstate is a formidable player in the auto insurance landscape, standing out for its diverse coverage options and potential for savings. While customer satisfaction ratings may vary, its extensive range of features and discounts make it a contender worth considering in 2023.

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