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In the populace of 2-door vs. 4-door indemnity, a coupe (2-door) is often more expensive to insure than a sedan (4-door) because although not all coupes are sports cars, many sports cars are coupes. Sports cars are always more expensive to insure than sedans. Insurers not entirely ding sports cars due to their large engines and the fact that they are designed for speed, but besides for who tends to own them. Sedans, which are normally targeted towards families, are involved in fewer accidents ( parents with kids in the car tend to drive more carefully ), while a sports car that is democratic with fast driving young men cost more to insure due to accidents arsenic well as the monetary value to repair or replace a costly fomite. Each car indemnity company has its own proprietary rate system that impacts rates, indeed depending on where your specific fomite falls on, the rat will vary by insurance company. Read on to find out more about insuring a 2-door vs. 4-door car .

2-door vs. 4-door insurance: Are coupes more expensive than sedans?

In general, the answer to this motion is a big yes, and the difference is normally at least a few hundred dollars. however, the deviation can promptly skyrocket if you are looking to insure a high-end sport or luxury fomite. There are several reasons that 2-door car insurance is more expensive than insuring a sedan. We mentioned that most sports cars are coupes. Everything from the engine size, price tag, and target audience will impact the cost of insurance, and coupes tend to fall into the bad category more frequently than a sedan. Penny Gusner, senior consumer analyst for CarInsurance.com explains, “ It ‘s not a blanket statement that all sedans are cheaper than coupes to insure, you have to be comparing like model vehicles. A four-door Mercedes is going to cost more than a two-door Honda Civic for a variety of reasons, including the luxury cars higher dagger price due to their higher finishes and many times higher goal technical school systems. ” here are barely a few vehicle factors insurers will consider :

  • Target audience: This is a significant factor and one we touched on above. Vehicles such as sedans, minivans, and other vehicles targeted towards families are always less expensive to insure than high-performance and luxury vehicles that are targeted toward risk-takers. Statistics show that sports cars are involved in more accidents at higher speeds, leading to higher premiums.
  • Repair costs: Sport and luxury vehicles are often loaded with technology as well as luxury materials. It is always cheaper to repair a plastic dash than one made of teak wood. High-end technology also pushes up the cost of repairs, and that cost is considered when setting a premium.
  • Sticker price: If the car is destroyed, your insurer will have to pay for a new one, so the sticker price of the vehicle is always a factor and sports and luxury vehicles (think coupes) tend to cost more than a family sedan.
  • Claim rates: Insurance companies love claim data, and unfortunately, statistics show that car thieves are more interested in sports and luxury cars than family sedans. Even if you have never experienced a car theft, if car thieves like your vehicle model, you will pay more for car insurance.

These are just a few factors that insurers consider when looking at sedan vs. coupe indemnity rates. Let ’ s attend at the numbers and see just how much more you will pay to insure your coupe compared to a sedan .

How much is car insurance for a 4-door car?

When we ran the numbers, we found that insuring a 4-door sedan is, on average, cheaper than insuring a 2-door coupe. The average agio for a 4-door sedan came in at $ 2,142 or $ 400 less expensive than 2-door insurance. however, not every sedan comes with a broken insurance bill. There are batch of lavishness sedans out there that cost a small fortune to insure. The Mercedes S65 AMG is a premier example. It comes with an average premium of $ 3,911, a sock 82.6 % more than the national average and a shocking 183.6 % more than the Honda Fit LX Sensing, which was the cheapest sedan to insure with an annual premium of $ 1,379. All of this fair reinforces what we already talked about, luxury or sports cars are constantly more expensive to insure than a more basic car. The Benz highlights many of the factors that push up policy costs. It is expensive, it has a get down price of $ 235,000, it is filled with luxury appointments ( Nappa leather and carbon fiber trim ) a well as the latest technology ( it can drive itself ). In addition, car thieves note up to steal it, which means you will spend a humble luck insuring it. On the other hand, the Honda Fit LX starts at around $ 16,000 and is a front-runner with families. It is besides pretty cheap to haunt and has yet to make the most steal cars in America number. All of this leads to a very low-cost indemnity premium .

How much more is insurance for 2-door cars?

thus, what is the insurance monetary value difference between coupe and sedan ? According to our data, the average premium for a 2-door coupe is $ 2,542, which is $ 400 or 18.7 % more than a sedan. however, the cheapest coupe to insure, the Toyota Yaris L, comes in a mere $ 118 more than the cheapest sedan ( Honda Fit LX ). That drives home the decimal point that your policy bill revolves around a wide variety of vehicle factors, not fair the number of doors on your car. The most expensive coupe to insure was another Mercedes, the AMG GTR, which comes with a $ 4,082 indemnity premium. once again, the number of doors on the Benz is not the driver of high indemnity costs. It ’ s the closely $ 165,000 spine price, a 550-horsepower engine, climate-controlled cup holders, and front seats that will give you a message that runs up the policy charge.

The Yaris, much like the Honda Fit, has a first gear begin price ( $ 17,750 ), a small engine ( 106 horsepower ) equally well as batch of condom features that come standard. Most car thieves basically ignore the Yaris and explain the $ 1,497 annual bounty, which is 69.8 % less than the national median for coupes and a shocking 172.7 % less than the AMG GTR .

Should I buy a 2-door coupe or a 4-door sedan?

There is no authoritative answer to this interrogate ; it comes down to your personal taste, budget and which car you decide is the right choice for you. however, we can discuss a few differences between a coupe and a sedan to help you decide .
Coupe pros: fun, clean, faster if sports cable car, more fun to drive for manual drivers, holds value better than some other fomite types. Coupe cons: Can be more expensive, can cost more to insure, backseat approachability issues or no backseat at all, doesn ’ t have a lot or any cargo space, can cost more to repair and replace Sedan pros: Can be less expensive to buy than coupes, can cost less to insure, cheaper to repair and maintain, easy backseat approachability, adequate luggage compartment or cargo outer space, by and large considered dependable, much comes with many guard features Sedan cons: loses value faster than some coupes, heavier soundbox and longer size can mean slower speeds ]


A coupe is about constantly going to be the sexier choice when it comes to aesthetics and accelerate. They tend to have a streamlined, clean invention that screams flashy. Removing the second course of doors allows for more curvature of the fomite ‘s soundbox and a more slop roofline. There are exceptions, but overall, coupes just look actually cool. Coupes are normally easier to get in and out of ( at least for the front seat passengers ) because they have big front rowing doors. besides, there is normally a lot more front-row outer space in coupe because the fomite purpose is focused on the presence row occupants with less attention given to the second quarrel. In general, coups are besides sportier. They tend to be faster, handle better and are normally more fun to drive. They are frequently available with a manual transmittance if you like a car with a adhere. Sedans with a manual tranny are few and far between these days. finally, coupes are frequently the costly option, but they tend to hold their value better than a sedan. In addition, you now know that the answer to the question, “ do coupes cost more to insure ” is a boastfully yes, so you will need to factor that into your decision-making process. A coupe is probably better suited to person that doesn ’ triiodothyronine need to access the backseat frequently ( childfree ), enjoys driving and doesn ’ thyroxine require a lot of cargo space from their vehicle .


The big advantage that sedans have is the ability to carry cargo and passengers. If you need frequent ( and easy ) entree to the backseat area, a sedan is the room to go. The hamper back seat of a coupe can make installing a child seat difficult and challenging to get a child in and out of the car. The larger backseat of a sedan combined with the extra door makes it a lot easier to access the back row, particularly for older folks. If you drive your aged parents around frequently, a sedan is credibly the best choice. Cargo space is normally at a agio in coupe, making the sedan a better choice if you have to haul lots of cargo regularly. Sedans tend to have a longer wheelbase that offers more torso quad, and the larger size of a sedan much makes them a bite safe. In a crash, the person in the bigger vehicle often emerges from the accident in better human body. syndicate sedans are frequently loaded with safety features as well. The final reason to consider a sedan may be that in the conflict of 2-door car policy vs. 4-door, the sedan is about always the cheaper choice .

The verdict on 2-door vs. 4-door insurance

While there are always exceptions, in general, the answer to the interview, “ are coupes more expensive to insure ” is yes. The numbers show that you will pay roughly 18.7 % more to insure a coupe when compared to a sedan. however, that price remainder is not constantly a budget buster. In the end, it comes down to your personal preferences deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as life style factors when deciding between a coupe and a sedan. If your ideal vehicle is satiny, aphrodisiac, fast and comes with a limited back seat and torso space while besides being more expensive to insure, a coupe is credibly your best count. If you put a premium on the backseat and cargo space, safety features and cheap cable car policy, you may want to put a sedan in your garage.

Rate analysis methodology : Averages are based on full coverage for a single 40-year-old male who commutes 12 miles to work each day, with policy limits of 100/300/50 ( $ 100,000 for injury liability for one person, $ 300,000 for all injuries and $ 50,000 for property damage in an accident ) and a $ 500 deductible on collision and comprehensive coverage. This hypothetical driver has a clean criminal record and good credit. The rate includes uninsured motorist coverage .

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