We took the average of 10 car insurance brands and found that the average monthly car insurance premium cost was : Car accident

$46 for Third Party Property Damage insurance

Car insurance

$134 for Comprehensive insurance

Note: Keep in thinker that these prices are for a 41-year-old female Sydney-sider. Your cost will be determined by a battalion of factors, including how previous you are, your sex, the type of car you drive and where you live.

Comparison of the monthly cost of car insurance

Quotes obtained September 2021 *To determine this estimated cost, we sourced quotes using this profile :

  • Female driver born 1/1/1980
  • Silver 2018 Toyota Hilux SR5 2.8L Auto
  • Comprehensive car insurance
  • Safe driver with no claims made in the past 3 years
  • Drives 10,000-15,000 km per year
  • Adjusted excess to $850 where possible
  • Driver located in Sydney
  • Policy starting 09/09/2021

Your price will differ depending on your circumstances. Some things that can affect the monetary value of your quote include your gender, the type of car you drive, the color of the car, how long you have been driving, the measure of report you need, plus more. Be sure to read the PDS to find cover that suits you .

Ready to compare car insurance policies?

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What affects the cost of car insurance?

Why does your car policy policy cost more than your florist’s chrysanthemum ’ second but less than what your best friend pays ? The cost of cable car indemnity is impacted by many factors, all of which are taken into history when calculating your premium. These include :

How to reduce your car insurance premium

Looking to save money on the cost of car insurance ? These 3 steps take you through the serve from begin to finish, from buying a car to renewing your subscription .

Stage 1: The car

  • Buy a popular model. The more popular your car is in Australia, the lower the prices you can expect. Cheap and popular cars make for cheaper car insurance.
  • Avoid modifications. Australian insurers don’t take kindly to car modifications – in fact, mods can increase the cost of cover or potentially reduce the level of cover the insurer is willing to offer. Check in advance how modifying your vehicle will affect your cover before you get the tools out and get to work.
  • Try aftermarket security. Even if your car was missing important security features when you bought it, you can still install aftermarket systems. VIN etching, for example, is relatively cheap but can make a big difference. Remember that not all insurers will recognise all security systems, so check in advance.

Stage 2: Getting insurance

  • Shop online & compare. Put in the time and effort, and you’re sure to save money in the long run. Comparing online is usually cheaper and allows you to compare the features and cost of car insurance policies side-by-side.
  • Choose the right level of cover. Know what cover you need. If you have a banged-up old runabout, you probably only need basic cover such as a third party property policy.
  • Match policy to use. Try finding a policy that suits your typical car use. For example, if you only drive 6 months a year, a pay as you drive policy may be the best option for you.
  • Choose a higher excess. By adjusting your excess to a higher level, you can access cheaper car insurance premiums. Just make sure your excess is still affordable should you need to make a claim.
  • Don’t add options you don’t need. Before adding any extra-cost options to your policy, have a long, hard think about whether or not you actually need them.
  • Restrict drivers. Adding a young driver to your car insurance policy will substantially increase your premiums. However, if you can declare that no-one under the age of 25 will drive your car, many insurers will offer significant discounts.

Step 3: On the road

  • Don’t make cheap claims. It might be cheaper to pay out of your own pocket for smaller expenses rather than claiming them on insurance. Maintaining a no-claims history, or a reputation as a safe driver, can make a substantial difference to your premium.
  • Avoid infringements. It’s easier said than done, but try to avoid running up a long record of traffic violations that will follow you around and keep bumping up your car insurance costs.
  • Watch for extra charges. Some (but not all) insurers will charge more for cover if you pay your premiums by the month rather than as an annual lump sum.
  • Review cover regularly. The final tip to remember is to regularly review your car insurance policy to check that it still matches your needs. Compare similar policies from a range of insurers and don’t be afraid to switch car insurance providers if you find a better deal.
  • Take advantage of discounts. Check with your insurer to see if there are any discounts available, such as:
  • Online discounts if you buy a policy online
  • Multi-vehicle discounts if you insure more than 1 car
  • Multi-policy discounts if you also hold a different type of insurance policy with the same provider
  • Seniors discounts for drivers over the age of 55
  • Loyalty discounts for long-term customers
  • Low-kilometre discounts for drivers who only use their vehicle occasionally

How much does car insurance cost for seniors?

car insurance for older drivers is typically much more low-cost than it is for drivers under the long time of 25. In fact, possibly the simplest way to lower your car indemnity premiums is to grow older. not entirely will premiums drop as you gain more experience on the road, but you can build up a repute with insurers as a condom driver and take advantage of any no-claim bonuses available. There are several ways that older Australians can reduce the cost of car indemnity :

  • Seniors discounts. Many insurers recognise your years of experience and good driving habits with discounted cover.
  • Low-kilometre policies. If you’re driving less than you used to – for example, if you’re no longer working full-time and commuting to work – you may be able to save money by choosing a low-mileage policy.
  • Restrict drivers. No young drivers getting behind the wheel of your car? You can restrict cover to drivers over 25 or 30 years only, which can significantly reduce your premiums.
  • No-claims discount. If you haven’t made any car insurance claims in recent years, you may qualify for your insurer’s maximum no-claims discount.

however, once you reach 70 years of age, you may find that your car insurance premiums start to increase again. This is due to the fact that people in your age group are more likely to suffer from issues and health problems that may affect their driving, including :

  • Sudden medical issues
  • Impaired vision or hearing
  • Arthritis and other conditions limiting physical movement
  • Poorer cognitive functioning
  • Greater use of prescription medicines

With this in take care, it ’ mho important to compare a range of policies and shop about for low-cost cover. You can besides check out our template to seniors car insurance for more information .

How much is comprehensive car insurance?

As all the information above shows, the cost of your car insurance bounty is at the mercy of an extensive range of factors. From your age and sex to the car you drive, how you drive it and evening where you live, the list of factors insurers consider when calculating your premium is a long one. What this means is that there ’ s no such thing as an “ median ” cost for comprehensive examination car insurance. This is why you may end up paying more ( or less ) for cover than your friends and class members, and it ’ s besides why you should always shop around for the best value for money. By comparing quotes from a roll of insurers, you ’ ll get a much clearer estimate of the monetary value of comprehensive insurance and how much you can expect to pay for the cover you need .
Our research says that the median cost of a comprehensive car indemnity policy is $ 1,255.59 a year, or $ 104.63 a calendar month.

  • How much does car insurance cost?

    We got real quotes for 11 cable car policy companies and found some huge differences in how much comprehensive car insurance costs per year across companies and states. Toggle through to see how costs compare in your country .

    Average cost in Australia

    Budget Direct $804.39
    Virgin $853.92
    Suncorp $1,306.80
    Woolworths $1,202.79
    Hume Bank $1,059.18
    CGU $1,500.11
    Bingle $628.11
    Huddle $1,266.86
    Real Insurance $1,276.12
    AAMI $909.15

    We obtained quotes from 35 brands for the 2021 Finder Awards in February 2021. Products were assessed by obtaining prices across 6 different age and sex profiles with an approximate $ 700- $ 850 overindulgence .

    • Budget Direct: $1,011.20
    • Virgin: $1,013.08
    • Suncorp: $1,711.68
    • Woolworths: $1,277.77
    • Hume Bank: $1,330.93
    • CGU: $1,557.99
    • Bingle: $683.21
    • Huddle: $1,591.83
    • Real Insurance: $1,357.18
    • AAMI: $839.79
    • Budget Direct: $1,022.99
    • Virgin: $1,129.81
    • Suncorp: $1,703.33
    • Woolworths: $1,733.24
    • Hume Bank: $1,248.68
    • CGU: $2,595.83
    • Bingle: $872.21
    • Huddle: $1,611.67
    • Real Insurance: $1,838.15
    • AAMI: $1,121.50
    • Budget Direct: $739.98
    • Virgin: $751.75
    • Suncorp: $953.25
    • Woolworths: $1,101.99
    • Hume Bank: $1,057.23
    • CGU: $1,132.77
    • Bingle: $608.49
    • Huddle: $1,108.33
    • Real Insurance: $1,166.65
    • AAMI: $924.04
    • Budget Direct: $765.47
    • Virgin: $780.78
    • Suncorp: $1,149.87
    • Woolworths: $1,095.25
    • Hume Bank: $916.99
    • CGU: $1,230.99
    • Bingle: $521.37
    • Huddle: $1,196.33
    • Real Insurance: $1,164.91
    • AAMI: $699.23
    • Budget Direct: $583.88
    • Virgin: $731.20
    • Suncorp: $1,298.35
    • Woolworths: $1,061.65
    • Hume Bank: $978.13
    • CGU: $1,344.25
    • Bingle: $548.53
    • Huddle: $1,086.33
    • Real Insurance: $1,125.64
    • AAMI: $1,037.54
    • Budget Direct: $702.83
    • Virgin: $716.89
    • Suncorp: $1,024.32
    • Woolworths: $946.85
    • Hume Bank: $823.14
    • CGU: $1,138.86
    • Bingle: $534.82
    • Huddle: $1,006.67
    • Real Insurance: $1,004.17
    • AAMI: $832.81

    We obtained quotes from 35 brands for the 2021 Finder Awards in February 2021. Products were assessed by obtaining prices across 6 different age and gender profiles with an approximate $700-$850 excess.

    Our research says that the average cost of a comprehensive car insurance policy is $1,255.59 a year, or $104.63 a month.

    Who is the cheapest company?

    Bingle was found to be the cheapest ship’s company across all 6 australian states. But if you ‘re living in Victoria, you might need to pay a bit more for your car policy v person support in South Australia .

    New South Wales $683
    Queensland $608
    South Australia $521
    Tasmania $535
    Victoria $872
    Western Australia $549

    Average cost of car insurance by state

    Based on our research, the cheapest state to get cable car insurance in is Tasmania with an average of $ 873 a class. The most expensive state to get see in was Victoria, costing Aussie ‘s an modal of $ 1,488 a class .

    New south wales $1,237.46
    Victoria $1,487.74
    Queensland $954.45
    South australia $952.12
    Western australia $979.55
    Tasmania $873.13

    How much does it cost on average for your age?

    When you ‘re younger, you ‘ll pay perceptibly more for car insurance as you ‘re deemed to be a higher-risk driver. But, thankfully, our inquiry says that these high prices do n’t last ! As you get older, your cost should go down ampere long as you stay a condom driver .

    • Age 20: $2,097.35
    • Age 30: $1,081.51
    • Age 40: $862.97
    • Age 50: $793.61
    • Age 60: $722.95

    We pulled data from the 2021 Finder Awards, and separated the car policy quotes by driver age. The chart represents the average price across all 6 states .

    How much does a third party property damage policy cost?

    Based on our research of 6 companies, the average cost of a third base party property price policy is $ 53.86 a month. This just covers the fiscal cost if you damage person else ‘s car or property .

    • Bingle: $31.28
    • AAMI: $55.29
    • Budget Direct: $48.60
    • Virgin Money: $49.51
    • GIO: $55.83
    • Suncorp: $82.66

    To get these costs, we averaged together the cost of a female policy, born on 1/1/1980. Drives a 2018 Toyota Hilux, live in Sydney, drive around 10,000-15,000 kms per year, and adjusted the overindulgence to $ 850 where potential. Quotes were gathered in September 2021 .

Bottom line

If you ‘re still wondering how much car insurance you need, ask yourself a few simpleton questions :

  • How much will I be using the car?
  • How valuable is my car?
  • Will I be able to afford the repair bills if I crash into another car or property?
  • Is there a high risk of my car being stolen?
  • How much do I depend on my car?

Your answers to these questions will determine which cover suits you best. Whichever choice you choose, make sure to compare a wide range of cable car indemnity policies to find the breed you need at an low-cost price. Compare car policy policies picture : GettyImages
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