Does multi-state car insurance exist as a separate policy?

No, there ‘s no such thing as a freestanding multi-state car insurance policy since a standard car insurance policy by and large provides “ out-of-state ” coverage in all 50 states. There ‘s besides no such thing as a multi-state cable car indemnity policy that originates from two or more states. any car policy you buy will originate from one submit lone, typically the state where you reside .

Can you have two car insurance policies?

You can buy two car indemnity policies to insure two separate vehicles. however, buying two policies to insure the lapp fomite may result in automatic cancellation of one of them .

Common multi-state scenarios for car insurance

What if I work in a different state than where I live?

In most cases, you alone need one policy that covers you in both states. The winder to determining which country to buy your indemnity from is where you keep your fomite most of the prison term. For case, if you live in Connecticut but work out of state in New York, you would have a Connecticut car policy policy since the vehicle is kept there overnight .
The rare exception would be keeping a irregular vehicle at your workplace. In that case, you would need two car insurance policies — one for your vehicle that ‘s continue overnight in Connecticut, and one out-of-state policy in New York for the vehicle that ‘s stored at your problem.

What if I have homes in two different states?

If you keep vehicles at both homes, you ‘ll need a separate policy for each submit. For case, if you have homes in Massachusetts and Florida and you keep a car at each residence, each vehicle will need its own policy .

Snowbird exception

If your car travels with you between houses, you ‘ll only need one policy. This is normally called the “ fieldfare exception ” because it normally impacts “ snowbirds ” who spend the winter months in a warm-weather submit. For exercise, let ‘s say you split your time between Ohio and Arizona and keep your cable car in the state where you ‘re presently residing. You ‘ll have an Arizona policy for the fall and winter months when you ‘re living in that submit. When you move back to Ohio for the spring and summer months, you can cancel your Arizona policy and start an ohio policy. This is known as rewriting your policy for a different department of state ; if your car moves with you, it helps you avoid paying for branch out-of-state insurance coverage that is n’t needed .
If you need to rewrite your policy for a unlike state at Progressive, the easiest way is by calling us at 1-866-749-7436 .

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