Educating young minds and grooming the state ’ s future leaders requires commitment and hard work, which should be rewarded. That ’ sulfur why most indemnity companies offer particular discounts on policy premiums for teachers. Some insurers besides provide exclusive cable car insurance policies for educators and the school staff. It ’ second one of the ways the car indemnity companies recognize the efforts of teachers in the community .
This scout will look at the cheapest car indemnity policies and some of the best car indemnity discounts for teachers in the marketplace. Continue reading to learn more about them .

Do Teachers Get Cheaper Insurance?

Some professions qualify for insurance discounts, and teachers are one of them. In addition, most cable car insurance companies consider teaching a low-risk occupation. consequently, educators are offered cheaper car indemnity rates. Every insurance company weighs hazard differently, which is why some policy providers will offer better incentives than others. car indemnity is sometimes very expensive with respective factors determining the pricing .
If you are employed as a teacher, you may earn a rebate of about $ 17 per six-month policy compared to the average driver in America. The modal six-month car indemnity rate for teachers comes to around $ 757, or about $ 126 a calendar month.

We ’ ll outline some of the cheapest car indemnity companies for teachers below, along with the best ways to save on indemnity premiums .

Cheapest Car Insurance for Teachers 

Most car insurance companies will consider the occupation of the driver before they set their policy rates. Your education charge may besides impact your rates, which benefits teachers who have graduate and advance degrees .
When we looked at the Progressive and GEICO car policy rates, we learned that teachers pay 6 % less for car insurance compared to service workers. In addition, teachers paid $ 63 less per year compared to serve workers with an car insurance policy from Progressive, while teachers with GEICO indemnity paid $ 114 less per year .
however, not every car insurance caller will ask you for your profession when you ’ re comparing car insurance rates online. If you ’ re a teacher, you should speak with an agent to learn if you can avail any discounts .

Best Car Insurance Coverage for Teachers 

apart from the regular car indemnity discounts, some providers offer coverages explicitly tailored to meet teachers ’ needs. therefore, if you ’ re a teacher concerned about protecting your personal property and car while at school, we recommend the keep up cable car insurance companies to you .

Liberty Mutual 

Liberty Mutual is one of the biggest national car insurers that provide car indemnity for teachers. The coverage includes :

  • No deductibles for a collision that happens when you ’ rhenium driving your car on school business
  • No deductibles if your car gets damaged due to vandalism at school events or on school grounds
  • A $ 2,500 coverage per occurrence for school property or teaching materials in your fomite that get damaged or stolen

All teachers can get a quote for car insurance from Liberty Mutual by using their on-line shape or calling 800-290-6247 .

Horace Mann

Teachers who buy their cable car policy from Horace Mann automatically get an Educator Advantage software free of cost. The package comes with diverse helpful features for teachers, which include the pursue :

  • New car surrogate coverage, which will cover the cost of replacing your cable car if it ’ mho totaled
  • Up to $ 35 in fare if you can ’ thymine drive your car home safely
  • extra coverage for emergency road service
  • No deductible for a collision or vandalism at a school event or on educate place
  • Up to $ 1,000 coverage for personal property you are using as a teacher that gets stolen from your cable car
  • Liability coverage when you ’ re transporting students in a vehicle insured by Horace Mann
  • Up to $ 1,000 coverage for pet injuries

All teachers interested in these coverages can get car policy quotes from Horace Mann by using their on-line form or calling 800-999-1030 .


Educators in Georgia, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin can get car policy from Meemic indemnity. apart from the 35 % dismiss on their insurance, teachers can avail the following benefits :

  • No comprehensive deductible if your loss happens on school property
  • Repairs completed with original manufacturer equipment parts
  • Liability coverage when you drive students to and from school events
  • Accident forgiveness for Meemic policyholders who have been with the company for five years and have never been in an accident

All teachers who want to get car insurance rates from Meemic can use their on-line form or call their local anesthetic agent .

California Casualty

California Casualty offers car indemnity to affinity groups like paramedics, firefighters, nurses, police officers, or teachers. Teachers ’ benefits include the trace :

  • No comprehensive deductible if your vehicle is vandalized on school property
  • No collision deductible if your cable car is hit on school property
  • No collision deductible if an uninsured driver or a California fatal accident policyholder hits you
  • No deductible if you ’ ra driving a rental cable car
  • Identity larceny auspices
  • No deductible for windshield repairs
  • $ 500 in personal property coverage for any nonelectric items stolen from your car
  • No deductible and up to $ 1,000 in coverage for pet injuries
  • coverage for school supplies stolen from your car
  • Towing and wayside aid
  • payment plans that let teachers skip payments during summer holidays

California Casualty has besides partnered with the National Education Association ( NEA ) and the California Teachers Association to provide Auto and Home Insurance programs. NEA members receive similar car insurance benefits to the ones described above. The home/renters benefits include a $ 3,000 coverage for personal property you use for teach, with no deductible .
All teachers matter to in obtaining car insurance quotes from California Casualty can use their on-line mannequin or call 866-680-5143 .

Teachers Insurance Plan of New Jersey

Plymouth Rock offers incredibly low rates and several helpful coverages through their Teachers Insurance Plan of New Jersey, including the follow :

  • absolve wayside aid ( other policyholders must purchase the coverage )
  • No comprehensive deductible for damage that occurs on educate property
  • No collision deductible for damage that occurs on school property
  • Crashbuster appraisal service or door-to-door valet claim service

All teachers who want to obtain car indemnity rates from the Teachers Insurance Plan of New Jersey can use their on-line form or call 855-993-4470 .

cable car insurance Discounts for Teachers

Some car policy companies offer fresh deals for teachers compared to the rest. We have created a table below, highlighting car policy companies that provide discounts to teachers .

Teachers ’ Car policy Discounts for Teachers special Offers for Teachers Where Is It Available ?
Liberty Mutual 
  • Teachers can save up to 12 % on annual premiums
  • Waived deductible in case your car is vandalized on school property. It besides applies if your vehicle is damaged during different school-related events ( $ 100 in PA )
  • coverage that goes up to $ 2,500 per happening of damaged and stolen teaching materials on educate property
  • Collision coverage while driving for clientele with $ 0 deductible ( $ 100 in PA )
Contact Liberty Mutual representatives to check which discounts are available in your state .
Horace Mann
  • discount for Educators
  • School Administrator Association Member Discount
Horace Mann offers Educator Advantage box, which contains :

  • $ 0 deductible for vandalism on your fomite or collision that occurred on school property and during school events
  • Liability coverage for student transportation
  • personal property coverage for stolen teaching materials from the car ( up to $ 1,000 )
contact Horace Mann representatives to check which discounts are available in your state of matter .
California Casualty 
  • National Education Association members can save approximately $ 423 per year
  • $ 0 deductible for collision or vandalize vehicles on school property
  • coverage extends to other vehicles and drivers mechanically
  • Zero deductible for collisions with an uninsured motorist. It besides applies if you collide with another CC policyholder
All states, with the exception of Alaska, Massachusetts, Hawaii, New York, Wisconsin, and Michigan
  • Policyholders can save up to 35 %
  • Meemic offers certified teacher discount
  • Zero deductible for a damaged fomite, stolen materials, or collisions that occurred on school property
  • Liability coverage for scholar exile
Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois
  • different discounts for members of versatile educational organizations. Make indisputable to consult the GEICO example to see if you are eligible .
  • It depends
All states
  • Farmers offers an occupational rebate for teachers
  • It depends
All states
Plymouth Rock
  • Teachers can get special quotes for policy in New Jersey
  • Zero deductible for different accidents that occurred on school property
  • coverage for school property stolen from your vehicle ( up to $ 1,000 )
available in New Jersey entirely

It should be noted that the handiness of any discounts varies between states, and cable car insurance rates depend on respective factors .
evening though your occupation as a teacher may help you benefit from some impressive discounts, other factors can impact your rates, like your driving history and recognition score. You may even qualify for extra discounts that may help you save more money .

Cost of Car Insurance for Teachers 

As teachers in the United States are eligible for special discounts from car policy companies, they generally pay less than early groups. We ’ ll share a table below that accurately states how much a teacher pays on modal for a six-month policy from the major car policy providers in the United States .

insurance caller

6-Month premium

Allstate $ 1,011
Farmers $ 822
GEICO $ 601
Liberty Mutual $ 808
countrywide $ 714
progressive $ 763
state farm $ 647
USAA $ 545

If you ’ rhenium looking for the cheapest teachers ’ cable car insurance policy, consider USAA, as it offers a six-month policy for entirely $ 545, which comes polish to only $ 90 a calendar month. If you don ’ t modify for an car indemnity policy from USAA, then choose GEICO as the adjacent best choice. At lone $ 601 for its six-month policy, you will merely be paying $ 10 more per month compared to the policy from USAA for teachers .

Alternatives to Car Insurance Discounts 

There are some alternatives that teachers can use to get lower car indemnity rates aside from the standard discounts reserved for teachers by car insurance providers. Let ’ s expression at some of them below .

  • Multipolicy discount

If you get more than one policy from the same indemnity company, you can be eligible for a discount rate .

  • Safe driving

Drivers who have had a clean drive commemorate for several years can obtain adult discounts on their policies .

  • Good student discount

Teachers whose children have excellent grades listed on their policy can get discounts on their car policy .

  • Defensive driving discount

You can earn a deduction on your car indemnity premiums by taking a defensive force course .

  • Safety features

If your car is equipped with guard features such as anti-lock brakes or airbags, your cable car indemnity provider will reduce your premiums .

  • Pay in full

People who purchase their car policy policy for the entire year upfront rather of paying it in monthly installments can be eligible for a discount rate .

  • Telematics

You can share your driving data with the policy company, and the dependable you drive, the bigger your discount will be .

  • Drive less

If you don ’ t drive long distances and have low mileage on your vehicle, you can avail a lower rate on your car policy .

In Conclusion 

Teachers are responsible for educating the future generation and, as such, are respected individuals of any community. They should be encouraged and supported for their efforts, and that ’ s why most car indemnity companies offer excellent discounts for teachers on car insurance policies .
This guide has covered the car indemnity companies that provide the best car policy rates and discounts for teachers. We hope that now you have a adequate idea about the best car policy for teachers available in the United States today .


Do I Need Business Car Insurance as a Teacher?

no, as a teacher, you don ’ t need to acquire business car indemnity. All teachers are dislodge to arrange their car policy with any policy caller they like .

Who Is Eligible for Teacher’s Insurance?

All educators, school staff, and people teaching for a be can qualify for teachers ’ policy from any major car indemnity supplier in the area.

Does Progressive Offer Discounts for Teachers?

All major insurance companies such as Allstate, GEICO, Farm, and Progressive put up car policy discounts for teachers. indeed, yes, you can get car insurance discounts for teachers from Progressive .

Is Meemic Insurance Only for Teachers?

Meemic policy was founded in 1950 by a group of teachers who wanted to offer low-cost car insurance to their colleagues. Besides maintaining its focus on teachers, it besides offers great indemnity to other educational employees, such as counselors, custodians, school nurses, library employees, busbar drivers, superintendents, etc .

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