Finding the correct car indemnity policy is already hard, but it ‘s particularly hood for modern drivers. And because inexperience makes them more prone to accidents, teens and young drivers are much more expensive to insure. On average, parents can expect to see their annual policy charge increase by $ 2,531 when adding a 16-year-old driver to their entire coverage car policy policy, according to Bankrate. To be clear, that ‘s not the sum cost but an add price. In comparison, the average annual premium for full coverage of a 40-year-old driver with a clean drive record and full recognition is $ 1,655. Plus, if a young driver has a cable car accident or gets a slate, policy prices can rise an extra 20 % to 40 %. Given the astronomic price, we ‘ve compiled a list of carriers with stellar ratings that besides offer robust discounts for young drivers to help bring diwb your agio. All of our picks include accident forgiveness features and operate in all 50 states plus D.C …. except for Amica, which does n’t include coverage in Hawaii. Before we dive in, here are some things to keep in mind.

What to know about insuring teens and young drivers

adolescent drivers are those in the 16 to 19 long time stove, while young adult drivers are between 20 and 25. The most expensive age group to insure are 16-year-olds. ( adolescent boys tend to be involved in more good car accidents than others, and are more costly to insure. ) Premiums by and large decrease each class a young drivers gains experience behind the steering wheel. If you ‘re a parent, once your child reaches 18, you ‘ll need to decide whether to purchase a classify car insurance policy for your adolescent or have them listed on your insurance. “ It is about never less expensive to have teens listed under their own policy, ” said Michael Giusti, an analyst at “ Almost every metric used to rate policy policies will favor the parents – credit rating, age, driving history – so the base price of insurance would be set, with the adolescent as an accessory. ” however, there are niche situations where it might be better for the adolescent to be on their own policy plan — like if they have a bad tug history. “ Putting the adolescent on a freestanding policy would n’t be less expensive, but it would keep that history from dragging down the parents ‘ pace, ” Giusti said .

How do you save money on auto insurance for teens?

There are ways to cut down on insurance premium policy costs. For exemplify, being a dependable driver and using more effective vehicles ( such as Honda Civics, Toyota Priuses and Nissan Rogues ) tends to cut costs, even for adolescent drivers, according to Giusti. There are besides discounts based on how frequently you use your car : “ Some companies offer discounts to motorists who drive less than the average number of miles per class, ” says Janet Ruiz, director of strategic communication at the Insurance Information Institute. Teens may besides qualify for “ good scholar ” discounts, or discounts based on learning safe driving habits from a defensive drive course or graduated driver license programs. You may besides be able to save money if the younger driver on your policy is n’t using their car because they ‘re away at college. “ If there is a young driver on your policy who is … away at college without a cable car you may besides qualify for a lower rate, ” according to Ruiz. Every indemnity carrier offers unlike discounts depending on your coverage option and other factors, so it pays to check which ones apply to you before signing up .

Best car insurance companies for teens and young adults

Geico made this number for the like reason its topped our early best lists. The carrier offers competitive rates countrywide for young drivers — the average annual added agio for full coverage for a 16-year-old is $ 2,009, according to Bankrate. furthermore, Geico has a gloomy number of complaints, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, or NAIC, in addition to high customer satisfaction scores according to J.D. Power Surveys. Geico ‘s robust discounts geared specifically to young drivers make it a great option if you need to bring your premium down. This includes a “ good scholar ” discount for B averages or higher ( save up to 15 % ), a modern fomite rebate ( save up to 15 % ), a multicar dismiss ( save up to 25 % ) and a good driver deduction for young adults who have gone five years accident-free ( save astir to 22 % ). These are hefty discounts and what we love about Geico is its transparency on how much you can save. early insurers may tell you they offer discounts, but they do n’t reveal how much you can save .

Most of us are n’t eligible for an indemnity policy with the United Services Automobile Association, but if you ‘ve got a military penis or veteran in the family, then your adolescent driver may be able to get coverage from this insurance company. USAA has made it onto our policy best lists because of its great customer avail, according to J.D. Power. The carrier received an overall sexual conquest of 884 and 909 in overall customer satisfaction and car claims atonement, respectively. In comparison, the national averages are clocked in at 834 and 909, besides respectively. To boot, USAA offers competitive pricing for those who qualify compared to other insurers — and taking advantage of discounts makes the rates even more competitive. It offers the same discounts as many of its competitors, including for good students and for drivers who take driver coach courses. Teens who transition from a family policy to their own car policy may qualify for up to a 10 % bequest deduction on their insurance .

state grow is another carrier with broad handiness across the US and a full spectrum of discounts for unseasoned drivers. State Farm ‘s Drive Safe & Save app, which monitors your driving habits, could help you save up to 30 %. State Farm besides has a program available to teens and young adults called Steer Clear, which allows the opportunity to take advantage of discounts while teaching your child how to drive safely. furthermore, drivers under 25 who ‘ve had no at-fault accidents or moving violations for three years could save up to 15 %, which qualifies you for this dismiss much quicker than with Geico. And if you ‘ve got a scholar at college who only uses their car while at home on vacation or holidays, you qualify for a “ scholar away at school ” discount. Compared to other insurers on this list, State Farm ‘s discounts for young drivers are pretty beefy, which is great considering that the average annual added premium for fully coverage for a 16-year-old is $ 2,193, according to Bankrate. however, one important thing to note with State Farm is that the carrier receives more than 4.5 times the complaints nationally, according to the NAIC, flush though they have high customer gratification scores according to J.D. Power .

Everyone knows Flo from Progressive, but did you know she besides has a Twitter bill with more than 68,000 followers ? That ‘s larger than the Twitter following for Geico ‘s nameless gecko. Along with Flo ‘s fame, Progressive touts a low act of complaints nationally. The NAIC ‘s index scored Progressive at 1.05 out of 1.00 ( above one means more complaints ). additionally, the average annual added bounty for wax coverage for a 16-year-old is $ 2,085, which is lower than the national average. Progressive has a series of discounts for families with multiple vehicles vitamin a good as for both adolescent motorists and college students. adolescent drivers who are 18 years erstwhile or younger and have been insured for at least 12 months can qualify for a “ adolescent driver deduction. ” besides, in accession to the standard “ good student ” deduction, Progressive cuts the price for students who leave their cars at home plate while attending school more than 100 miles aside, and for those who rarely drive.

Amica made it on our best car insurance list because of its high customer satisfaction scores – and that ‘s one of the reasons it besides makes this list. As the oldest reciprocal car insurance company in the US ( meaning it ‘s owned by its policyholders ), Amica has over a hundred of industry know-how under its knock. This mailman besides operates in all states except Hawaii. Along with standard offerings for young drivers — including “ good student ” discounts, “ scholar away at school ” discounts and defensive driver train naturally discounts — Amica provides a unique way to save : a bequest discount rate. This deduction will apply for young drivers under 30 whose parents have had a cable car policy with Amica for at least five years. furthermore, like State Farm, young drivers who ‘ve been accident-free for three years may besides get a dismiss, which means they could qualify adenine early as 19 years old .

Best cable car indemnity for teens and young drivers, compared

Company Discounts for young drivers* A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating**
Geico Good student, new vehicle, multi-car, good driver A++
USAA Good student, defensive driving training, legacy A++
State Farm Drive Safe & Save, Steer Clear, accident free, student away at school A++
Progressive Multi-vehicle, teen driver discount, good student, student away at school A+
Amica Good student, student away at school, defensive driver training, legacy A+

*Not an exhaustive list **A.M. Best fiscal potency rate scale runs from D ( lowest ) to A++ ( highest ) .


How do you pick the best coverage?

The best coverage for you will addresses your specific car coverage needs, while fitting into your budget. For young adult drivers, car indemnity tends to be more expensive, sol finding a policy with accident forgiveness, broken rates or multiple discounts is key .

What is accident forgiveness?

Accident forgiveness is a cable car insurance feature that prevents your indemnity rates from increasing following your inaugural at-fault accident. Each carrier handles accident forgiveness differently, and then while some carriers may give you this feature as a spare bonus, others might make it a corruptible accessory to your policy. furthermore, accident forgiveness may not be available in all states, but that depends on the carrier, excessively. All of the picks on this list include some type of accident forgiveness. here ‘s a crack down of each :

  • Geico. Accident forgiveness is available for drivers who have been accident-free for five years or more, or you can upgrade your policy by purchasing the feature. It is not available in California, Connecticut or Massachusetts. 
  • USAA. Like Geico, you can unlock USAA’s accident forgiveness feature for free if your household has gone five years accident-free. Alternatively, you could purchase the option. It is not available in Connecticut, Delaware, North Caroline, California or New York.
  • State Farm. To qualify for State Farm’s accident forgiveness, you must have been at State Farm and have gone accident-free for nine years. 
  • Progressive. This carrier offers two accident forgiveness options. “Small Accident Forgiveness” comes with your policy, and it’ll cover you if the total claim is less than or equal to $500. “Large Accident Forgiveness” is available to customers who have stayed with Progressive for at least five years and remain accident and moving-violation-free for at least three consecutive years.
  • Amica. Amica has two options for accident forgiveness, one free and one purchasable. Accident forgiveness automatically comes with Amica’s Platinum Choice Auto package, their premium tier coverage. Alternatively, you can earn accident forgiveness by earning “Advantage Points.” Two ways to receive these points is by referring others to Amica or renewing an existing policy.

With such variety show, it ‘s crucial to read the ticket print and, if you have one, ask your insurance agentive role about accident forgiveness before signing a policy .

Why is insurance so expensive for teenage boys?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the motor vehicle death rate for adolescent males aged 16 to 19 was over two times more likely compared to female drivers of the lapp senesce. This, combined with teens ‘ cosmopolitan inexperience behind the wheel, is what drives up policy premiums for adolescent males, the most expensive drive cohort to insure .


CNET reviews insurance carriers and products by thoroughly comparing them across set criteria developed for each category. For car insurance, we examine average annual premium rates for entire coverage, available discounts for teens and new drivers, consumer complaints, collision repair scores, the carrier ‘s fiscal strength, car claims satisfaction and overall customer satisfaction. Our data comes from a multitude of sources. car indemnity rates come from Bankrate, which gathers data using Quadrant Information Services. We besides use both J.D. Power annual surveys that collect data on customer car claims atonement and overall customer atonement. consumer complaints are taken from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, which collects consumer complaints across states, indexing complaints on a scale that takes into account the industry median. We collect the fiscal strength evaluation of each mailman from the A.M. Best Rating. last, we collected collision repair scores from the Crash Network Insurer Report Card, which collects data from collision repair professionals, including mechanics, to gauge the quality of collision claims service from policy carriers. For this list, we besides investigated available discounts for teens and unseasoned drivers. If a carrier was guileless about how much you can save from these discounts before needing to get a quote, we considered that a summation.

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