Most mugwump indemnity agents describe their early careers as a fortune of farseeing hours and lean times while they build their book of commercial enterprise. For independent agents, finding fresh clients can be hard work, even for those with experience. In fact, 49 % of agents report that finding new business opportunities is a top challenge for their agency .
Whether you ’ ve been selling indemnity for years or recently started your policy means, you ’ ll need to bring in modern occupation to increase gross and replace clients who have dropped their policies. here are five big methods to attract raw clients and beget indemnity leads .

1. Find your niche

indemnity agents frequently want to be all things to all people, but niche market may be the better scheme to increasing your policy sales. Concentrating your selling efforts on one commercial enterprise class can help you :

  • Build deep knowledge of an industry’s risks. Sometimes the perils are obvious. But as you gain experience in a specific profession, your ability to evaluate risks improves.
  • Gain an advantage over competitors. Clients are more likely to choose an insurance agent who is an expert in their industry.
  • Raise your standing. Getting clients the right insurance policy at a decent cost is a good way to earn a reputation as the go-to agent for the industry.
  • Earn referrals. As your reputation grows, more clients may send new leads your way.

To choose a specialization, start by researching the types of businesses that are common in your area. It may help to join craft associations, read diligence magazines to stay current on important issues, and focus your networking efforts on people in that industry.

2. Network in your community

You already know that network is essential for bringing in new clients. however, going to the lapp recurring events may precisely end up getting you in front of all the same people. Shake things up a sting by attending functions outside of the insurance industry to meet likely customers, such as :

  • Meetup groups
  • Trade shows
  • Local fairs
  • School board meetings
  • Charity events
  • Business seminars

You might besides volunteer with a nonprofit organization arrangement in your area. It ‘s a good way to make connections, but it can besides :

  • Engage employees
  • Strengthen your reputation
  • Attract new agents

Community connections make your business the go-to when person mentions policy. Plus, the natural process will draw your employees together and give everyone a promote .

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