When picking a home insurance company, you should look for the correct blend of low-cost rates, varied coverage options and dependable customer service. We ‘ve collected thousands of homeowners policy quotes and evaluate nine of the top choices for coverage in Oklahoma, and made recommendations that will suit a variety show of homeowners ‘ needs.

Compare Home Insurance Quotes from Providers in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, the best price for homeowners indemnity is $1,576 annually. But you should n’t equitable go with the cheapest option for coverage — bang-up avail and utilitarian coverage options are equally authoritative.

Best for most people: Oklahoma Farm Bureau

The best homeowners policy company for most people in Oklahoma is Oklahoma Farm Bureau. Although the alone class in this view that Oklahoma Farm Bureau has the crown spot for is customer atonement, the company provides Oklahoma with the best balance of affordability, customer service and quality coverage .
With an average annual cost of $ 1,755, Oklahoma Farm Bureau has the moment cheap prices among the companies we surveyed. tied though the company charges a membership tip of $ 25 to 40 per year on exceed of the annual premium, the cost of a homeowners policy is still about 30 % cheaper than the state of matter ‘s average price of $ 2,559 .
Oklahoma Farm Bureau has high customer satisfaction among its policyholders. The company scored a 0.00 on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ‘s ( NAIC ) complaint index. This means that Oklahoma Farm Bureau received no complaints from its policyholders in 2018 ; however, the caller ‘s little number of premiums mean that it may be more unmanageable to compare this metric unit with its larger competitors .
A.M. Best, a firm that measures fiscal constancy, awarded Oklahoma Farm Bureau with a “ good ” ranking, or a B++. We feel that in ordinary situations, the benefits of coverage preponderate Oklahoma Farm Bureau ‘s lower fiscal stability ; however, this company is more likely to run into trouble paying out claims than those companies with A rankings or better .

Cheapest home insurance: American Farmers & Ranchers

The cheapest homeowners policy in the state of matter on average comes from american Farmers & Ranchers ( AFR ), where the average cost of $ 1,576 for a yearlong policy is about 40 % cheaper than Oklahoma ‘s mean cost. AFR besides enables you to save with a issue of discounts. The insurance company offers up to 20 % off if you reinforce your ceiling, up to 30 % if you have a modern or recently renovated home and 20 % off your premium if you ‘re claim-free for a time period of time that ‘s up to your local anesthetic agent ‘s discretion. If you ‘re looking for good coverage at a cheap price, this party could be worth considering .
If you want to insure your farm, you besides might benefit from checking out AFR ‘s rates. A policy from this ship’s company normally covers the loss of livestock if they ‘re frozen, even if they do n’t actually perform work on your grow or ranch. These provisions could be useful for protecting animals that you show for 4H from the dangerous wintry upwind that frequently occurs in Oklahoma .
unfortunately, AFR has higher amounts of restless customers than is typical for a company its size. The NAIC calculated that AFR has a 1.11 on its ailment index. This means that AFR receives about 33 % more complaints than early similarly sized companies .

Best for weather-related perils: Farmers

If you ‘re concerned about the sum of dangerous weather that affects Oklahoma, homeowners indemnity from Farmers is the best way to protect yourself and your place against damage that dangerous storms can cause. Like most policies, Farmers ‘ homeowners insurance safeguards your place from perils like fire, rain, hail and other falling objects. Farmers besides enables you to receive discounts for upgrading the structure of your home, such as reinforcing your windows or roof .
With these discounts, Farmers incentivizes you to invest in improvements that are already in your long-run estimates. Say you upgrade your roof to prepare for Oklahoma ‘s ill-famed hailstorms. If you had Farmers homeowners policy, you would be eligible for a discount on your policy. Because you might not have to make a claim after every hailstorm if you ‘ve fortified your roof, there ‘s a better casual you ‘d avoid an increase to your premium .
Since the average cost of home indemnity from Farmers in Oklahoma is $ 2,245 per year — which is however below the department of state ‘s average — your savings with Farmers could allow you to continue to pay less than many other homeowners in the country .

Best for service members: USAA

If you ‘re an active-duty or go to bed penis of the military or an eligible family penis, you might consider homeowners indemnity from USAA. The monetary value of a typical USAA homeowners policy policy in Oklahoma is $ 2,448 — about 4 % less than the statewide average. USAA besides ranks highly in customer satisfaction, earning a 5/5 from J.D. Power and a score of 0.14 from the NAIC.

Even though its prices are about median in Oklahoma, USAA is possibly most useful to eligible property owners in Oklahoma because its standard policy comes with refilling cost coverage that could protect against extreme weather. This means that if a knock-down storm, like a crack, destroys your base, the insurance company would n’t factor in your property ‘s depreciation when deciding your compensation. Often, this type of promote carries an extra price with early insurers .

Insurers with the best and worst customer service in Oklahoma

To compare customer service among the top homeowners policy providers in Oklahoma, we used the NAIC ‘s complaint index and the scores awarded by J.D. Power. The companies with the best customer military service were Oklahoma Farm Bureau, USAA and State Farm ; while the companies with the worst scores were CSAA (associated with AAA), American Farmers & Ranchers and American National .

Companies NAIC Score J.D. Power AM Best (financial strength)
State Farm 0.19 3/5 A++
Farmers 0.47 3/5 A
Allstate 0.29 3/5 A+
USAA 0.14 5/5 A++
AAA 1.27 2/5 A
Oklahoma Farm Bureau 0.00 n/a B++
American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual 1.11 n/a n/a
Travelers 0.28 n/a A++
American National 0.69 n/a A

What are the cheapest options for homeowners insurance in Oklahoma?

The average home policy cost in Oklahoma is $ 2,559 per year .
This human body is importantly higher than the average cost of home insurance in the United States, which amounts to $ 1,083. The cheapest homeowners policy companies in our study were American Farmers & Ranchers and Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance ; the most expensive companies in our study were CSAA ( associated with AAA ) and Allstate, though the price of your policy could vary depending on your sphere .
You can view the average costs of all the insurers in this sketch here :

Compare Home Insurance Quotes from Providers in Oklahoma

Most common homeowners insurance perils in Oklahoma

Oklahoma experiences a higher come of dangerous weather than other parts of the United States. If you ‘re a property owner in the state of matter, you should prepare for damage from dangerous and extreme thunderstorms, hail and freezing precipitation like sleet or snow .
Thunderstorms in Oklahoma can produce damage winds and tornadoes. Though your homeowners policy covers wind damage, your policy wo n’t necessarily be enough to rebuild your home plate if it were destroyed. You should consider upgrading your standard homeowners indemnity to include substitute cost coverage, which does n’t account for your place ‘s depreciation when determining compensation .
Oklahoma ‘s thunderstorms can besides produce large hail. Your homeowners insurance typically covers hail ( since it covers falling objects ), but since the state experiences frequent hailstorms, it could be smart to take precautions by reinforcing your roof and windows. even though your insurance can compensate you for hail damage, making lots of claims has been known to increase your premiums .
You could besides face winter storms that produce freezing rain during Oklahoma ‘s winter. Your homeowners indemnity likely has restrictions on freeze. For exemplar, homeowners policy policies do n’t constantly cover freezing that happens to plumbing systems. To be certain, you should check with an agent before settling on a supplier .

Oklahoma’s insurance rates: city-by-city breakdowns

We besides calculated the average monetary value of home insurance in every city in Oklahoma with more than 20,000 people. If you ‘re exploring a move, or if you fair want to see how your city ‘s prices compare to those throughout the rest of the country, check out this table .

City Average homeowners premium Difference from statewide average
Oklahoma City $3,049 19%
Tulsa $2,219 -13%
Norman $2,865 12%
Broken Arrow $2,216 -13%
Edmond $2,966 16%
Lawton $2,670 4%
Moore $3,007 17%
Midwest City $3,105 21%
Stillwater $2,500 -2%
Enid $2,526 -1%
Muskogee $2,172 -15%
Owasso $2,175 -15%

Show All Rows As the mesa shows, the premiums homeowners see can vary greatly by localization. Where you live frequently correlates with how much your property is worth, and it besides determines how likely your home plate is to suffer damage from natural disasters that an insurance company would have to pay for. For more information on the cost of homeowners indemnity, check out our in-depth study of average base indemnity rates across the U.S .


For our study, we gathered quotes from each of Oklahoma ‘s ZIP codes. We used a sample property that was built in 1978 and measured 2,100 square feet. The home was insured to Oklahoma ‘s median cost of a home plate, $ 137,400.

Quotes for this home were obtained from nine of the largest providers in Oklahoma : State Farm, Farmers, Allstate, USAA, CSAA, Oklahoma Farm Bureau, American Farmers & Ranchers, Travelers, and American National. unfortunately, we excluded Safeco, Shelter and Chubb from our study due to technical limitations .
We then averaged the datum for the stallion submit and for each ZIP code. For our city-specific examination, we chose one sample ZIP for each of Oklahoma ‘s cities with over 20,000 people and calculated the median price of coverage .
ValuePenguin ‘s analysis used indemnity rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurance company filings and should be used for comparative purposes lone — your own quotes may be different .

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