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The best credit cards should save you money and lower your stress, which is why it ’ south vital to choose a circuit board that offers excellent rental car coverage and an array of other all-around perks. If you ’ re already a patriotic Costco shopper, the Costco Anywhere Card by Citi delivers a murder of cash-back rewards. fortunately, this card is good for more than groceries bought in bulk. As detail below, it besides has a batch of perks for travelers .
Of course, if you ’ re not a big Costco shopper, this card has less value for you. The 2 percentage cash back on all Costco purchases is a big factor in the value equation for this wag .

Costco Anywhere Card Benefits for Car Rentals

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Coverage for rental cars. The Costco Anywhere Card is one of few Citi cards to silent offer car rental policy and other travel benefits. This card offers secondary lease car policy for domestic rentals and primary coverage for international rentals, covering damages or vehicle successor up to $ 50,000. secondary car rental indemnity kicks in entirely after your personal car insurance coverage has been depleted. If you don ’ triiodothyronine want to risk your car policy company getting involved, you should consider buying nonprescription policy at the car rental agency .
To take advantage of this benefit, you must :

  • Decline the rental company’s collision damage waiver (CDW/LDW).
  • Be the primary renter of the car.
  • Pay for the car in full with your Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi

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A slew of travel protections. other benefits offered by the Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi include stumble cancellation and break protection. Whether you ’ ve experience health or personal issues, or your travel is interrupted by severe weather or another emergency, you ’ re eligible for up to $ 3,000 of compensation. furthermore, this circuit board offers other benefits, like 24/7 wayside aid anywhere in the U.S., including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands .
Lots of ways to earn cash back. possibly the best rationality to get the Costco Anywhere Card is that it earns cash rear with every purchase. You ’ ll earn 4 percentage cash back on the first $ 7,000 you spend each year on gasoline ( then 1 % ), 3 percentage cash second on dine and eligible travel, 2 percentage cash back on Costco purchases and 1 percentage cash bet on on everything else.

No fees. This card has no annual tip for Costco members and no foreign transaction fees. Use this tease outside the nation and expenditures are calculated into U.S. dollars without incurring a percentage-based fee. This benefit can very add up over the course of a week-long stumble .

Learn How to Apply for a Costco Anywhere Card by Citi

The Costco Anywhere Card has no annual fee for Costco members. The APR is 17.24 percentage .
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You can learn how to apply for the Costco Anywhere Card hera.

How to File a Rental Car Claim with a Costco Anywhere Card

To make a rental car insurance claim, call the number on the back of your batting order or ( 866 ) 918-4670 american samoa soon as possible after the event. You can besides download a claim form for submission from their web site .
As always, it is authoritative to document everything. Be indisputable to take multiple photos of the rental car—noting every ding and scratch—before you leave the car rental position when you pick up the cable car .

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