Profile Average premium
Under 25 female $1,409
Under 25 male $1,583
25 to 29 $1,064
30 to 49 $815
Over 50 $634
Family with
young driver

beginning : Based on comprehensive cable car policy policies rated in Canstar ’ mho 2021 Comprehensive Car Insurance Star Ratings. Premiums include quotes for both new and use cars for a range of scenarios, with a state-specific target surfeit ranging from $ 600 to $ 750 .
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Some of the top car insurance policies by Star Rating

If you ’ re in the grocery store for a car policy policy, check out the mesa below which includes some of the car policy policies on Canstar ’ s database for each of a 25-29, 30-39 and 40-49 year honest-to-god male driver in NSW without an extra driver under 25 years honest-to-god, with links to providers ’ websites. The results are sorted by Star Rating, then by provider appoint ( alphabetically ). Consider the Product Disclosure Statement ( PDS ) and Target Market Determination ( TMD ), before making a buy decision. Contact the intersection issuer directly for a copy of the PDS and TMD. Use Canstar ’ s car indemnity comparison selector to view a wide stove of policies. Canstar may earn a fee for referrals .

What affects the cost of car insurance?

How much an individual driver pays for their car insurance can depend on a wide range of factors. When applying for covering, the insurance company will ask you questions to help it calculate the level of risk involved in insuring your fomite. Based on your answers, the insurance company will provide a quotation specific to your situation and this can vary importantly from driver to driver. here are some of the factors insurers typically take into report .

The level of cover you choose

by and large, a policy with a greater level of cover will cost more. For example, a comprehensive policy will typically be more expensive than a third party property policy, as the insurance company is agreeing to cover you for a broad range of risks. If you choose to add optional supernumerary cover to your policy, such as wayside aid, this will normally besides add to the cost of the policy .

Driver’s age and gender

As Canstar ’ s data above shows, younger drivers on average yield more in comprehensive premiums than older drivers. Drivers under 25 years of historic period pay the highest premiums on average, and among this cohort of drivers, male drivers pay more than females .

The vehicle being insured

Insurers factor in respective characteristics of the vehicle being insured when calculating premiums, such as its age, make and model, security features, and whether any modifications have been made to it. by and large speaking, the greater the risk that the fomite will be involved in an accident or will be stolen and the more dearly-won it will be to repair or replace, the higher the agio may be .

Where you live

Insurers may besides charge higher premiums to drivers who live in areas with high crime rates or where there is an increase risk of extreme weather events. If your car is parked securely at night, such as in a engage garage, your insurance company may reflect this by reducing your premiums.

Your driving habits

When taking out insurance, you will be asked to estimate how many kilometres you will drive per year. The more you drive, typically the higher the hazard that you will be involved in an accident, which could affect your premiums. In addition, if you use your vehicle for commercial purposes arsenic well as personal manipulation, your insurance company may reflect this in the come it charges to insure you, or apply other terms and conditions on your embrace .

Your excess

A car indemnity surfeit is the sum that you will need to pay to your insurance company towards the cost of repairing or replacing your car if you make a claim. Some insurers allow policyholders to choose from a range of excess amounts and, generally, the higher the overindulgence you choose, the cheaper your premiums will be. Remember, though, that you will face higher costs at claim fourth dimension if you take that approach .

Your driving record

Insurers may charge lower car policy premiums to experience drivers who have not made car indemnity claims in the past. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘ no-claim bonus ’ .

The insurer you choose

It can pay to shop around a variety of insurers, as the premiums you ’ ra quoted can vary importantly. For exemplar, Canstar ’ s 2021 Comprehensive Car Insurance Star Ratings showed that 5-Star Rated policies cost hundreds of dollars less on average than the other policies rated. If you ’ re weighing up a range of insurers, make certain the flush of top is equivalent and you ’ re not unwittingly paying less for reduce protection. You might like to consider bless up offers for car indemnity, factoring in if the sign up offer means you ’ ll be getting a better batch overall .

How can you save on the cost of car insurance?

If you feel like you ’ ra paying besides much on car indemnity, here are some agile tips that may help you save on your premiums .

  1. Shop around: Avoid the temptation to auto renew your car insurance without checking if you could get a better deal elsewhere.
  2. Buy online: Some insurers offer a discount if you take out your car insurance policy online, instead of over the phone.
  3. Choose a higher excess: But remember to budget for the higher costs if you need to make a claim.
  4. Pay premiums annually: If your budget allows, some insurers give customers a discount if they pay the full year’s premium upfront, rather than in monthly installments.
  5. Prioritise safety and security: You may be able to keep premiums low by taking steps to keep your car secure, such as through additional security features. Keep in mind though that some costly car modifications can have the opposite effect, as they can increase repair costs for the insurer if you have an accident. Driving safely on the road may also help you to maintain a clean claims record, which could help you avoid future premiums hikes.
  6. Ask for support from your insurer if you need it: If you’re experiencing financial hardship – for example, due to being in lockdown – it could be worth checking whether your insurer can offer any temporary relief. Insurer Youi, for example, has announced it is offering eligible customers in New South Wales and Victoria a 15% refund on car insurance premiums if they are driving their car less due to the latest lockdown (refund period is from 4 August 2020 until 3 October 2021).

For more tips on keeping costs down, read our guide to saving on your car indemnity premiums .

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