There are lots of things that affect the price of your cable car insurance. One of the big ones is the “ policy group ” that your car falls into .

How insurance groups work

Every car in the UK is added to an “ policy group ” .
The policy group of your car is one of the things insurers look at when working out the price of your car policy policy .
The higher the car indemnity group, the more it adds to the price of your cable car indemnity. That ‘s the general predominate.

policy groups start at 1 and go all the room up to 50 .
Vans are besides put into policy groups. Since 2016, the highest avant-garde policy group has been 30. Before that, it was 20 .
You can look up your car ‘s policy group with our policy group check .
only UK cars go in an policy group. Imported cars do n’t. That ‘s one of the reasons imported cars can be more expensive .
You can check your car ‘s import status with our free car checker .

How insurance groups are decided

There ‘s more to figuring out car insurance groups than barely the prize of your cable car. It ‘s based on a set of different things .
The standard car indemnity groupings are based on indemnity group ratings from a company called Thatcham. Every time a cable car is released in the UK, one of the cars has to be sent to Thatcham .
They then spend all day crashing those cars and seeing what happens to them. Think crash test dummies .
Off the back of all that crashing, they come up with the cable car indemnity groups. And for the most separate, that ‘s what insurance company ‘s use. But different insurers might besides have their own ways of working out car indemnity groups.

It ‘s normally based on things like :
How much your car is worth new. Newer, more valuable cars tend to go into higher indemnity groups .
The cost of repairing any damage to the car .
How long it takes to repair the car .
The cost and availability of parts for that car .
Speed and power of the car. People tend to make more insurance claims on faster, more mighty cars. sol high-performance cars – those with larger engines, broadly – normally go into higher policy groups .
Safety features. The more safety features a cable car has, the less probable person will get hurt if that car is involved in a crash. Which means insurers are less probably to have to pay out lots of money. so those cars tend to go in a lower insurance group .
The age of your cable car does n’t directly affect the indemnity group it goes in. But there ‘s a draw of correlation. Newer cars tend to have more condom features, but they ‘re besides ( often ) more expensive to repair.

How van insurance groups are decided

Van indemnity groups are worked out in pretty much the same direction. But insurers besides tend to look at :
The weight of the van .
Security features. If you ‘re insuring a vanguard for business, you can often get a lower car policy premium if your vanguard has enough of built-in security system features .

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