Updating your annual mileage

It ‘s truly important to tell your insurance company if you go over your annual mileage or think you might before your policy ends .
They may charge you an “ adjustment fee ” to update your details which could cost anything between £15-£30 .
The cost of your cable car policy may besides increase, to reflect the extra miles you need insurance for .
sometimes, this will add quite a set to the price of your car policy. If your premium becomes excessively expensive it may be deserving considering cancelling your policy and buying one with higher mileage.

Insurers frequently charge a cancellation tip so you should weigh this up against any savings you might make by switching to a new policy .
You ‘ll normally end up with extra cancellation fees if you pay for your policy by direct debit .
This is because traditional car insurance policies cover you for the year so paying in monthly instalments is like paying back a loanword, and companies frequently add interest to your payments .
If paid annually for a policy, you ‘ll however pay a standard cancellation fee but your policy company will refund you the months you have n’t used on your policy, except for the remaining two .
normally, you wo n’t get a refund if you ‘ve made a call .
Your MOT history includes lots of details about your car including your entire mileage from the concluding three years .
policy companies can check your MOT to see if your estimated annual mileage matches official records.

so if you lie or importantly underestimate your annual mileage your cover could be invalidated .

Reasons why your annual mileage might increase

Changes to the way you drive or unexpected trips could affect your annual mileage, for exercise :

1) Commuting to work

Driving to get to work will increase your annual mileage .
Your commute besides includes driving to get another mood of transport as share of your journey to work. ( For example, driving to the train place and leaving your car parked outside. )
Some insurers include dropping person else off at their workplace as commuting besides .
If you start using your car as part of your job, rather than merely commuting, you ‘ll need to make indisputable clientele trips are covered. 👔

2) Adding a named driver

The estimated annual mileage takes into account all journeys made in your car, even if you ‘re not the one drive.

That includes trips made by any named drivers on your policy .

3) Lending your car to someone

similarly, letting person else borrow your car will increase your annual miles .
so, even if they buy irregular car indemnity or have driving other cars ( DOC ), their journeys will besides count towards your mileage entire .

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