The Best Car Warranty Providers of 2021

Best for High-Mileage Vehicles: Endurance

endurance has one of the best car guarantee plans in the industry for old- and high-mileage vehicles, offering four tiers of coverage for exemplar years as far back as 1958 ( but most improving to 20 model years ) and with astir to 200,000 miles on the odometer .

Service Select Premier

High Mileage

Secure Secure Plus Superior Supreme
Air Conditioning
Cooling System

Drive Axle
electric Components
transmit case

Coverage Benefits and Add-On Options

All of the company ’ sulfur protection plans come with Endurance Elite membership, which includes 24-hour wayside aid and tire repair/replacement. In addition, customers have entree to merchant discounts, ID larceny auspices tools, key flim-flam surrogate, repair finance options up to $ 5,000 and a personal assistant for reservations, directions and emergencies .
survival has one of the best stumble interruption policies in the business, offering $ 150 reimbursement per day for a utmost of three days. The average guarantee normally only covers $ 50 per day up to $ 150. however, Endurance ’ s rental benefits are on the lower side, entirely reimbursing a maximum of $ 150 .
Endurance ’ second contracts are a spot hit or neglect. On the positive side, it doesn ’ t have a “ improvement clause, ” which is a common element in contracts that refers to parts that, if added, would improve the condition of your car while increasing its value. This means that if a compensate is needed, the guarantee will allow a better region to replace a cheaper one .
On the other hand, it does have a consequential loss article, meaning the guarantee won ’ thymine cover parts that are damaged by other uninsured parts. For case, if an uninsured battery, say, leak acid onto an insure contribution, the guarantee will not cover the repair. This limit can be critical for customers, as their coverage can be nullified without their cognition .
endurance besides offers diverse addition options for its plans. These include :

  • Commercial Use. This option is available for commercial vehicles, including ride-hailing, like Ubers.
  • High-Tech. This add-on plan covers devices like video systems, display screens, GPS and navigation systems, blind spot detectors and anti-theft systems.
  • Tire Modification/Body Suspension Lift. This provides coverage for vehicles with oversized/undersized tires, body lifts or suspension lifts.
  • Hybrid Vehicles. This option covers parts commonly found in hybrid and electric vehicles, including motors, power controllers, generators and inverter assemblies.

Reputation, Customer Service and Financial Strength
survival offers 24/7 claims march and extensive options for choosing a automobile mechanic. Almost every franchise and 350,000 certified mechanics in the U.S. and Canada accept its warranties .
additionally, Endurance is one of only nine guarantee companies in the U.S. to have a gold-level certification with the Vehicle Protection Association. The VPA sets standards for the car guarantee industry, ensuring that members meet or exceed federal or state regulations. It is besides named the top-rated cable car guarantee company by and multiple other review websites .
The ship’s company has besides been the recipient role of many other awards, including gold, silver and tan Stevie Awards for great employers, customer service department of the class, company of the year and a Golden Bridge Award for best web site of the year .
Most importantly, the ship’s company is backed financially by the Wesco Insurance Co., which holds a solid A- ( excellent ) score from the fiscal evaluation web site AM Best.

Endurance ’ randomness services aren ’ t available in California, one of the largest car markets in the country. besides, even though Endurance is a direct supplier of car warranties, not all of its plans are administered directly by the ship’s company. It doesn ’ thyroxine citation which plans are administered by other providers, so we had to call to find out. Plans for commercial and high-mileage vehicles, for exemplify, are covered by United Car Care Inc., which is ticket, but it would be courteous if it were more transparent about that information .
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