In Amarillo, Farmers have the cheapest rates for full and state minimal coverages, followed by State Farm and Esurance, offering the most low-cost rates for drivers with violations. These rankings change depending on other factors like personal visibility and coverage preference. Drivers who are uncoerced to pay a spot more for high quality servicing may consider policies from GEICO .iconribbon best car indemnity Amarillo


The Cheapest and Best Car Insurance in Amarillo

The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Amarillo

On average, the cheapest indemnity carriers for a wide coverage car insurance policy in Amarillo are :

  • Farmers: $743 per year
  • State Farm: $833 per year

The General is the most expensive company in the city, with a price difference of a whack median of $ 2,255 from State Farm. A wide coverage policy comprises liability indemnity and comprehensive and collision insurance .

Cheapest Car Insurance in Amarillo

Full Coverage 100/300/100 MoneyGeek gathered Amarillo ’ sulfur average car indemnity costs from a sample distribution 40-year-old male driver with a entire coverage policy, with wax details outlined in our methodology. A full coverage policy is generally more expensive than express minimum policy because of two extra coverage :

  • Collision Insurance: Pays expenses on damages resulting from a collision with other vehicles or with a stationary object.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Pays expenses for covered incidents such as theft, city disturbances, natural disasters, etc.

A entire coverage policy may not constantly be what you need. If you have an older car, getting a full coverage policy may be a bad investment. Without properly weighing your premiums against the value of your car, you may end up paying more than you should have .

Compare Car Insurance Rates in Amarillo

guarantee you ‘re getting the best rate for your car policy. Compare quotes from the acme insurance companies. widget-location-pinInsurance Rates

Cheapest Car Insurance in Amarillo for Minimum Coverage

In Amarillo and elsewhere, cable car indemnity costs depend on the coverage amount purchased. specifically, a minimum liability coverage design costs an average of $ 545 per year, while wax coverage indemnity with higher limits costs roughly $ 1,277, a remainder of $ 732 per year .

Cheapest Minimum Liability Car Insurance in Amarillo

state Minimum In Amarillo, drivers are required to carry a 30/60/25 indebtedness coverage. State minimal policies scantily meet these requirements, resulting in the cheap available rates. however, it will not have collision and comprehensive coverage. The amount may besides not be adequate to cover all the expenses in lawsuit of a large, expensive accident. An example of this scenario is where you get into an accident with another fomite carrying three to four more people, and the full price of medical bills exceed your specify by $ 5000. Because you are the driver at-fault, you may be obliged to pay this total. One way to prevent this from happening, even with this coverage level, is to set higher coverage limits. Use the table to see how much it price .

Texas Minimum Liability Requirements

  • item description
  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage $ 30,000 per person, $ 60,000 per accident and $ 25,000 for property wrong. A more protective level is 100/300/100 .

Cheapest Car Insurance in Amarillo if You Have Driving Violations

A drive trespass has the worst effect on your car indemnity rates. These companies offer the cheapest insurance after a misdemeanor in Texas :

  • Cheapest after a ticket: State Farm, $833 per year
  • Cheapest after an at-fault accident: State Farm, $1,001 per year
  • Cheapest after a DU: Esurance, $1,055 per year

There are ways drivers with violations can lower their rates. One is by shopping approximately to see companies that have valuable offers for drivers with their profile. Another is by practicing safe driving systematically and ask for a reappraisal .

Cheapest Car Insurance in Amarillo With a Violation

Speeding ticket

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Amarillo







Car insurance premiums are pretty reasonable in Amarillo compared to many cities in the U.S. The average annual price here is $ 1,277, which is 3 % less than the department of state average and 10.3 % cheaper than the national average.

Personalized Quotes to Get You the Cheapest Car Insurance in Amarillo

To compute average car indemnity premiums in Amarillo, companies assess multiple factors, including your old age, sex, cable car make and model and marital status. For example, in Amarillo, Farmers ’ average annual rate for a 40-year-old driver is $ 743. This rate may increase or decrease as this driver ages and his circumstances change. consequently, it ’ s a great estimate to compare car insurance quotes at regular intervals to find the best coverage for your stream driver visibility .

Compare Car Insurance Rates in Amarillo

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The Best Car Insurance Companies in Amarillo

Amarillo drivers looking for low-cost, high-quality cable car policy coverage will find MoneyGeek ’ s ranking of the best companies in the city handy. Based on MoneyGeek ’ s scoring system, the best cable car insurance companies in the city for most drivers are :

  • GEICO: MoneyGeek score of 85 out of 100
  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 85 out of 100

USAA received the highest score in Amarillo by MoneyGeek ‘s rat system. however, because USAA is only available to military members, veterans and their families, it is not listed as best overall. MoneyGeek scored the companies out of 100 using respective factors, such as the J.D. Power fiscal stability, affordability and customer satisfaction ratings .


score :


5/5 Affordability 5/5 Claims Ratings 5/5 User Satisfaction A++ fiscal stability 2


sexual conquest :


3/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 3/5 User Satisfaction A++ fiscal stability 3

State Farm

grade :


3/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 3/5 User Satisfaction A++ fiscal stability 4

Auto Club of Southern California Insurance Group

score :


5/5 Affordability 2/5 Claims Ratings

3/5 User Satisfaction A+ fiscal constancy 5


score :


3/5 Affordability 2/5 Claims Ratings 3/5 User Satisfaction A+ fiscal stability 6


grade :


3/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 2/5 User Satisfaction A+ fiscal stability 7


score :


2/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 3/5 User Satisfaction A+ fiscal stability 8


score :


2/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 3/5 User Satisfaction A fiscal stability 9

Liberty Mutual

score :


2/5 Affordability 2/5 Claims Ratings 2/5 User Satisfaction A fiscal constancy

Average Cost of Car Insurance by Postal Code

Your ZIP code is besides a factor that determines your car policy costs. This is because carriers consider elements such as the number of car thefts, accidents and uninsured motorists in your neighborhood. In Amarillo, drivers in ZIP code 79107 necessitate to pay an modal of $ 45 more per class for their car indemnity than drivers in ZIP code 79109 .

  • Zip Code State Minimum

    per year

  • 79109


  • 79107


Factors That Impact Insurance Costs in Amarillo

In addition to individual driver needs and history, location-specific factors like the percentage of uninsured motorists and the rate of black accidents besides contribute to cable car insurance rates in Amarillo. How Amarillo ranks compared to the 300 most populous cities in the United States can have a meaning shock on premium costs .accident2 icon Most Accidents With Fatalities


/ 300handcuffs2 icon Most car Thefts


/ 300uninsured icon Most uninsured Motorists by State


/ 50insurance2 icon personal Injury Protection Required Norain icon Most annual rain


/ 300umbrella icon Most showery Days


/ 300

Methodology and Assumptions

MoneyGeek ’ sulfur median premium rates for Amarillo are based on 100/300/100 comprehensive collision coverage with a $ 1,000 deductible for a 40-year-old male driver. The average driver profiled drives a 2010 Toyota Camry LE and has no tickets or accidents on their record. Additional premiums are added based on coverage type, location and driving record. Learn more about MoneyGeek ’ second data and methodology here. About the generator

expert-profileexpert-profile Mark Fitzpatrick is a senior message coach with MoneyGeek specializing in indemnity. Mark has years of experience analyzing the indemnity market and creating original research and content. He graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts and Johns Hopkins University with a master of Arts .

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