Easy, low-cost car policy on your mobile telephone. Pricing primarily based on how you drive, not who you are. Take the test drive and you could save hundreds.

Root is the easier, more low-cost means to insure your thrust. good drivers can save hundreds on car indemnity with a personalized rate based on your drive. Bundle with renters or homeowners for more coverage and more savings—get a discount on your homeowners policy just for bundling, and renters starts at only $ 6/month. It ’ s low-cost coverage for the things that matter most, and it ’ s all handily located in the Root app.

Root cable car indemnity :
Unlike traditional car policy companies that establish rates on demographics, like your age, marital condition, or sex, we use a mobile app to measure driving demeanor and base rates primarily on how people drive. By removing bad drivers from the equation, we ’ rhenium able to keep our rates abject. effective drivers save up to $ 900 a year. It ’ s the honest manner to price car insurance. There ‘s a reason we ’ ve been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, Wired, The Washington Post, and Fortune Magazine.

Root renters policy :
If you rent your house, condominium, or apartment, you can get renters insurance starting at just $ 6/month. It covers your material when it ‘s in your home and when it ’ s not ( like your bag in a hotel ), damage to your gorge from smoke or fire, a seat to stay if your home is besides damaged to live in, and even medical expenses if person gets hurt in your home. And, it ’ sulfur amazingly cheap. Bundle with car and have everything you need right in the app.

Root Home :
Get personalized security for you, your family, and your belongings with Root Home. Your Root home policy allows you to customize your homeowners coverage to best match your needs, with easy payment frame-up and 24/7 customer military service. Save on your homeowners indemnity when you bundle with auto—it ’ second simple and convenient to bundle right field in the Root app.

To start and see how much you could save, download the Root app nowadays.

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Why choose root car insurance ?

good drivers can save hundreds
• Drive with the Root app for a detached quotation
• Your driver score is the # 1 factor that goes into your pace
• Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate give for badly drivers ( like you would with early companies )

Car indemnity, all in an app
• Customize to fit your budget and pay for your policy
• Add vehicles and drivers
• Make changes and immediately see the difference in price
• File a claim and snap photos to submit in 5 minutes

More benefits
• good driver rebate mechanically applied
• Roadside Assistance included with every policy
• Earn referral bonus offers

Why bundle cable car policy with renters or homeowners ?
• Save on your homeowners or renters policy when you bundle
• Sign up is simple—customize your coverage right in the app
• Personalized protection for you, your home, and your material
• All your policies handily in one app

Download the Root app to get a quote.

Learn more at : hypertext transfer protocol : //www.joinroot.com

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Disclaimer for savings : Based on savings reported by actual customers who purchased a new beginning policy between October 2019 – July 2020 ; changes in coverage levels not evaluated.
Disclaimer for coverage : coverage is available in the event of a shroud passing. Exclusions may apply.
not available in all states.
Disclaimer for Root Home : Root Insurance Agency provides homeowners insurance through Homesite Group Incorporated at go.homesite.com. coverage not available in all states.

Copyright ROOT 2021. ROOT is a registered servicemark of Root Insurance Company, Columbus, OH.
Telematics is not used and resulting represented savings are not applicable in California. referral course of study besides not applicable in California. Visit joinroot.com/califaq for more information. Roadside Assistance purchased as separate coverage in CA.

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