MoneyGeek ’ s analysis determined that State Farm offers the most low-cost car insurance rates for the average driver in Idaho. several factors impact the cost of your premium, including historic period, driving history, credit rating score and coverage levels. For exemplify, GEICO offers the lowest rates on average for drivers with poor credit. USAA is besides an low-cost option, but only military members and their families can purchase policies .iconribbon cheap car policy

Idaho 2022

The Cheapest Car Insurance in Idaho

Cheapest Minimum Liability Car Insurance in Idaho

generally, the cheapest option for car insurance in Idaho is a minimum indebtedness merely coverage policy. This entirely meets the submit minimal indebtedness requirements. Drivers looking for better protection should consider getting a policy with a higher coverage level. MoneyGeek found that the cheapest minimal coverage car insurance options in Idaho are from :

  • State Farm: $284 per year
  • GEICO: $293 per year

USAA is the cheapest option and costs roughly $ 182 per year. however, it is only available to current and former military members. interim, Idaho ‘s most expensive car policy party is american Family, with an average rate of $ 558 per year for a minimum coverage policy .

Cheapest Minimum Car Insurance in Idaho

These prices are only estimates based on rates for an modal Idaho driver and should not be used to compare indemnity prices .Insurance Rates

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Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Idaho

Full coverage policies with higher liability limits american samoa well as comprehensive examination and collision policy give policyholders protection against most road accidents and off-road accidents in Idaho. While it may cost more than the minimum coverage, it will cover expenses related to damages to your own vehicle. Compare quotes from different car insurers to find the best policy. MoneyGeek ’ s discipline showed that the cheapest broad coverage car policy companies in Idaho are :

  • State Farm: $547 per year
  • GEICO: $572 per year

USAA is the cheapest insurance company for veterans at around $ 358 per class but is only available to current and early military personnel. The most expensive car insurance party in Idaho for a exchangeable policy is Progressive, costing $ 886 per class .

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Idaho

car indemnity companies evaluate premiums based on individual circumstances, so your rate will not match these examples. These prices are based on a policy with comprehensive and collision coverage that allows you to claim up to $ 100.000 for bodily injury per person, $ 300,000 for bodily injury per accident and $ 100,000 for place damage per accident.

How to Compare Cheap Idaho Car Insurance Quotes Online

Most car insurance companies in Idaho have tools on their websites so drivers can get reasonably accurate quotes online. Compare quotes from multiple carriers to find the best policy .

  • Use the same level of coverage when getting personalized quotes. That means if you ask for a quote from one insurer for comprehensive and collision insurance with a $500 deductible, use the same number with other insurers.
  • MoneyGeek’s car insurance calculator allows you to get a general car insurance quote with ease simply by entering your ZIP code. However, drivers seeking a more personalized quote will be required to provide additional information.
  • The cheapest car insurance companies for the average driver in Idaho are USAA, State Farm and GEICO. You can start your search for a policy by requesting a quote from these three companies.

Auto Insurance Calculator

submit Idaho old age 30-65 drive record clean credit score excellent Vehicle Type compact Vehicle year 2020 Liability Coverage state Min Comprehensive and Collision Insurance none sex female

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates

Click the section of the wheel in your price range to see options. low end on average gamey end Click your prefer price range to see company options. Click an insurance company below to visit their review foliate or continue to your individualized quote. company average annual Rates 1 .USAA $ 195 2 .GEICO $ 288 3 .State Farm $ 292

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With a DUI in Idaho

If you have a unplayful driving irreverence like a DUI in Idaho, you ’ ll likely have a more expensive cable car insurance rate. An average driver in Idaho with a clean record typically pays $ 745 per year. Drivers with a DUI pay up an average of $ 1,144 per year. For a full coverage policy, the cheapest car indemnity companies if you have a DUI in Idaho are :

  • State Farm: $599 per year
  • American Family: $759 per year

USAA is the second most low-cost option at an average of $ 711 per class, but it is entirely for current and former members of the military. state of matter grow and USAA are the most low-cost options for a broad coverage policy whether you have a clean record or a DUI .

Average Car Insurance Rates With a DUI

Finding cheap car insurance with a DUI in Idaho can be unmanageable due to policy companies taking on a higher level of risk when insuring drivers with this type of offense on their records. The department of state takes DUIs badly ; those convicted of driving under the charm side up to six months in imprison, fines, fees and license suspension. Between 2009-2018, 612 people in Idaho died in black crashes involving intoxicated drivers. 1.4 % of drivers in Idaho reputation tug after drinking besides much within the last 30 days. If you have a DUI on your record, know that everyone makes mistakes and you can improve your situation with clock and campaign. The following table looks at the image of approximate costs for indemnity in Idaho. policy companies will by and large increase your premiums after a DUI. however, over time, you can lower your rates a farseeing as you drive safely. You can learn more about the real costs of a DUI by reviewing MoneyGeek ’ s comprehensive template.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Idaho for Drivers With an At-Fault Accident

safe drivers spend less money on car indemnity. In Idaho, drivers with blank records pay an average of $ 745 per class. In comparison, if you have an at-fault accident on your drive record, your rate increases to $ 999 annually. MoneyGeek compared car policy policies in Idaho for drivers with at-fault accidents and found the most low-cost providers and rates were, on average :

  • State Farm: $651 per year
  • American Family: $759 per year

If you belong to a military syndicate, you can besides purchase car policy in Idaho from USAA for an average of $ 520 per year .

Cheapest Car Insurance With an At-Fault Accident

Finding brassy car indemnity with a ticket in Idaho may be more difficult, but it can be done. The high cost of distract repel should not be underplay, but individuals with tickets on their records can find fiscal relief if they change their ways. Review the table below to get a sense of approximate costs for car indemnity after getting a tag. The Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles uses a points-based system to track driving violations. Drivers can reduce the points on their license once every three years by participating in a defensive drive course or a traffic safety department of education course. Idaho

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Idaho for Drivers With Bad Credit

Bad credit scores can increase your car indemnity rates in Idaho. On modal, Idaho drivers with low scores pay $ 1,237 per year. That is about double over the average annual rate for drivers with beneficial credit, which is $ 745. The cheapest car policy companies drivers with poor credit rating scores and full moon coverage for Idaho are :

  • GEICO: $898 per year
  • State Farm: $1,001 per year

USAA is the most low-cost choice at around $ 590 per year. however, it is entirely for stream and former military members.

USAA offers the most low-cost rates regardless of credit sexual conquest. GEICO offers lower rates for drivers with bad credit in Idaho than State Farm, the second base most low-cost option for drivers with good scores .

Average Car Insurance Rates for Drivers With Bad Credit

Some Idaho car policy companies penalize individuals with depleted credit scores as they are seen as a higher risk to insure. The dependable news is that policy companies tend to weigh accredit scores differently when creating premiums, making it important for consumers to shop around for the best price. Experian identifies any mark above 670 as “ good. ” As of 2018, Idahoans maintained an average statewide credit rating score of 711. The following mesa looks at how approximate costs for cable car insurance with bad credit can vary by company. low recognition scores can be a pain in many situations. fortunately, there is a draw you can do to improve your credit score. It may take some patience and discipline, but know that it can absolutely be done.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Idaho for Seniors

elder drivers in Idaho tend to have slightly higher car policy rates than young adults and middle-aged drivers in the state. senior drivers in Idaho typically pay around $ 794 per annum. That is $ 49 more than the annual rate for a 40-year-old driver. The cheapest cable car insurance companies in Idaho for aged drivers with full coverage are :

  • State Farm: $541 per year
  • GEICO: $609 per year

USAA is the cheapest option at roughly $ 407 per year, but it is entirely for current and erstwhile military personnel. While annual rates for car indemnity are slenderly higher for senior drivers in Idaho, USAA and State Farm are still the cheapest options for broad coverage insurance .

Average Car Insurance Rates for Seniors

cheap car policy for seniors in Idaho can well be found, provided these older drivers meet specific requirements for their age group. Because drivers aged 65 and older accounted for 19.9 % of black crashes in 2017, car insurers may assess this population as a higher risk than some early age groups. To negate these impacts, seniors should ensure they apply for the type of indemnity befitting their stage of life. Make certain you include factors such as age, type of car and typical total of driving when asking for a quote. Check out the following table to see how policy rates vary for seniors in Idaho. According to AAA, the Idaho DMV requires all drivers over the age of 63 to renew their license every four years. once they reach the long time of 70, residents must apply for reclamation in person. Buying bum cable car insurance as a senior can be done and MoneyGeek is here to ensure you get the best rates.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Idaho for Young Drivers

insurance companies consider young drivers riskier to insure as they ’ re more prone to car accidents than older drivers who have years of feel. car policy providers charge 16-year-old drivers an average of $ 2,290 per year for car policy, while a 25-year-old only pays an average of $ 847 annually. For drivers between the ages of 16 and 25, State Farm is the most low-cost provider .

Annual Car Insurance In Idaho for Young Drivers

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    State Farm


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    State Farm


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    State Farm


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    State Farm


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    State Farm


Drivers aged 21 or below must hold minimal compulsory indemnity as required by Idaho law. By agreeing to a higher deductible with the insurance caller, younger drivers ( or their parents ) may be able to keep their car insurance premiums reasonably low. Out-of-state college students are not required to get an Idaho driver ‘s license, but they must meet the country ‘s minimum car insurance requirements. many indemnity companies offer discounts to students who maintain dear college grades. Students can besides stay on their parents ‘ policies if they live at home. The Idaho Department of Insurance advises college drivers to :

  • Tell the insurance company in writing if a car will be driven in another state for more than 30 days per year.
  • Think twice about letting friends borrow the car. The owner remains liable for any accidents.

Idaho car policy companies typically charge higher premiums for unseasoned drivers due to this population possessing less drive experience. The Idaho Transportation Department ’ randomness 2017 Traffic Crashes Report found that drivers aged 19 and younger were twice american samoa probable to be involved in a clang resulting in injuries or fatalities when compared to other historic period groups. You can review the table above to see how estimate costs add up for insuring high school and college drivers in Idaho. MoneyGeek besides analyzed which companies are coming out on clear of the cheapest companies for 19-year-old drivers.

Insurance Rate Information for Military Drivers and Veterans

When shop for car insurance in Idaho, veterans and those on active duty should look for discounts available specifically to them. many insurance companies offer reduced rates and some employment entirely with military families and vets. Idaho has more than 10,000 active, reserve and civilian-military personnel living in the country but does not grant extensions on vehicle registration while military members are deployed. Be surely to renew by sending the registration fees to the tax assessor ‘s office in your county .

Average Rates for Idaho service members

male 25 years


50 years


female 25 years


50 years


Car Insurance in Idaho: What You Need to Know

Idaho law requires all car and hand truck owners to carry liability coverage, along with uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance. The only option is to post a adhesiveness with the DMV ( more on this shortly ) .

Proof of Insurance in Idaho

Idaho drivers must provide proof of indemnity before registering a vehicle with the DMV. In addition, drivers must show proof of insurance :

  • When stopped by a police officer
  • After an accident involving injury, death or property damage of $1,500 or more

In Idaho, you can store a replicate of your policy poster on a cell telephone and display it as proof of policy when asked .

Minimum Liability Insurance Requirements in Idaho

Idaho jurisprudence requires the follow minimum liability coverage :

  • $25,000 for injuries to one person in an accident
  • $50,000 for injuries per accident
  • $15,000 for property damage

Idaho police besides requires all car policy policies to include uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, which helps you cover costs if you ‘re in an accident with person who has no policy. The submit requires uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance of $ 25,000 per person and $ 50,000 per accident unless you sign a form stating that you reject this coverage .

Alternatives to Insurance in Idaho

As an alternate to buying car insurance, you can leave a $ 50,000 deposit or attachment per vehicle with the state. however, if the accident costs more than that and you ‘re at mistake, you ‘ll be liable for the difference .

How Much Coverage Do You Need in Idaho?

The Idaho Department of Insurance cautions that the minimum state requirements for car policy coverage may not adequately cover all drivers. industry experts suggest purchasing 10 times the state-required minimum liability indemnity coverage — or at least $ 100,000 per wound and $ 300,000 per accident. If your car is modern or valuable, you may want to get collision and comprehensive policy. Collision will help pay to repair or replace your cable car if you ‘re in a crash. comprehensive coverage protects against damage from storms, fire, larceny and natural disasters, such as tornadoes. If you buy a new cable car on financing, the lender will credibly require you to carry both types of indemnity.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Idaho by City

In Idaho, location is a factor that affects the price of car insurance importantly. Drivers in Boise, the city with the largest population, typically pay $ 745 per year for full moon coverage car indemnity. If you live in a different area, your rate may be different. To get more information about car insurance rates specific to your sphere, you can click on your city .

Average Insurance Rate by City in Idaho

coil for more

  • City per annum monthly
  • 1 .Boise $ 745 $ 62

FAQs About Car Insurance in Idaho

When looking for car policy in Idaho, drivers should take versatile factors into consideration. Among the most common questions are centered around the cost of car insurance and how much coverage level is allow .

The cost of car indemnity in Idaho will depend on your individual circumstances and needs. But the median rate in the country for the average driver with a clean record is $ 745 per year or approximately $ 62 per month .

On average, USAA and State Farm offer the cheap car insurance in Idaho based on MoneyGeek ’ s inquiry .

This will depend on your personal needs and driving history. To find the best car indemnity in Idaho, compare quotes from multiple companies .

Improving your credit rating score and avoiding violations on your record can help you get better car policy rates in Kansas .

Compare Auto Insurance Rates

see you ‘re getting the best rate for your car insurance. Compare quotes from the lead policy companies. widget-location-pin About the generatorexpert-profileexpert-profile Katy McWhirter is a professional writer and owner of Heritage Creatives, a boutique historical post agency. She has feel in nonprofit organization management, market, personal finance, politics relations and education from her decade-plus write career. Katy ’ mho oeuvre has been featured in both the United States and overseas, highlighting the need for research-driven, accessible information on fiscal topics. Katy earned her knight bachelor ’ s degree in social entrepreneurship from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, and her master ’ s degree in modern history from the University of York in England. She spends her spare clock time with her husband and two cats, restoring their 1901 home in Louisville and reading up on all things personal finance.

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