How much is car insurance in Arlington?

Area Average Monthly Car Insurance Premium
Arlington $66
TX $64
United States $80

What should residents of Arlington expect to pay for their car insurance ? How do rates in Arlington quantify improving compared to neighboring areas, including Texas as a solid ? You can see the price breakdowns and contributing factors in the charts and writeups below : Based on the chart above, it costs about the lapp to insure your vehicle in Arlington as it does in the rest of Texas .
Compared to the national average monetary value of car policy coverage, Arlington has lower rates. It ‘s about $ 14 cheaper to insure your vehicle in Arlington compared to the average rate for the United States as a whole .
Although these are the average rates for car policy in Arlington, that does n’t mean it ‘s precisely what you ‘ll pay. The total that insurance companies end up charging you is determined by a number of factors. Things like historic period, sex, vehicle induce and model, driving phonograph record and, in some areas, credit score can all play a contribution in figuring out your monthly premium.

But do n’t worry, we ‘ve broken down the average rate for Arlington residents based on several different factors so that you can get a more accurate mind of your policy ‘s monthly agio. And if you ‘re not certain if you ‘re getting the cheapest rate for your area, plainly enter your ZIP Code below and find out !
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Average Car Insurance Rates by Age

Age Range Average Premium
Under 18 $302
18-24 $101
25-34 $61
35-44 $56
45-54 Not Enough Data
55-64 $47
65+ $51

It makes sense that the older you are, the more experience you have driving, mighty ? When it comes to car insurance rates, that experience can help put some exchange back into your pocket. In this shell, 18-24-year-olds give significantly more than drivers 65 and older .
For every ten years older you get, you can expect to see a drop in your monthly agio. You may see your rates begin to go back astir once you hit retirement age in Arlington .

Average Car Insurance Rates by Gender

Gender Average
Male $68
Female $64

On median, female drivers pay slightly less than male drivers for car indemnity. This is true in Arlington, where women pay around $ 4 less per calendar month. As illustrated in the table above, male drivers in the area pay about $ 68 on average, while female drivers pay around $ 64 each month .

Average Auto Insurance Rates by Driving Record

Infractions Average Monthly Premium
1 Accident $102
Multiple Accidents $105
1 Ticket $80
Multiple Tickets $130

Your rates can change quite drastically depending on your driving record. Drivers with clean records will pay lower rates than those with accidents or violations. Drivers in Arlington with a single accident on their record will normally see rates around $ 80 a calendar month. Likewise, drivers with one slate on their read will be looking at an average rate of around $ 102 .
When it comes to your monthly circular, accidents, tickets, and other driving infractions can very take a price. In order to keep your monthly bill down and get the cheapest car policy possible, keep your record clean and driveway safely .

Average Insurance Rates by Vehicle

Vehicle Age Average Monthly Premium
Less Than 1 Year $64
2-3 Years $62
4-5 Years $64
6-7 Years $67
8-10 Years $72
11-14 Years $67
15 Years or Older $61

As you can see in the first gear table above, the cheapest vehicles to insure in Arlington are typically trucks and vans, which run about $ 58 per calendar month .
cable car owners will see a monthly premium of about $ 68, while SUV owners by and big wage around $ 63 a month .
Your vehicle ‘s long time has an impact on the cost of your policy angstrom well. Generally, newer vehicles are going to be the most expensive to insure. however, your rates may start to decrease if your car is a few years old. In Arlington, vehicles eight-to-ten years old are the most expensive to insure .

Average Car Insurance Rates by Relationship Status

Relationship Average Monthly Premium
Single (never married) $72
Married $55
Divorced $56
Widowed $51

More much than not, cable car indemnity is slenderly cheaper for marital policyholders. This normally happens because companies will offer special discounts to policyholders with multiple vehicles that are on the same policy .
In Arlington, the remainder in rates based on relationship condition can be vitamin a much as $ 17 a calendar month .

Average Car Insurance Rates by Housing Situation

Housing Status Average Monthly Premium
Own $56
Rent $67
Live with parents $97

Another factor taken into consideration is your caparison condition. If you rent your home or apartment in Arlington, expect to pay around $ 11 a calendar month more than if you own your home. But those who live at home with their parents can expect to pay significantly more .
Depending on your insurance company, they may offer you a discount rate if you bundle your home or renters policy with your car policy .

Car Insurance Companies in Arlington, TX

Recent trends in car insurance for Arlington drivers

average rates are constantly changing, so it ‘s a good mind to know the direction your area is trending when selecting an car insurance policy.

car policy rates in Arlington increased from 2016-2018, before steadying out in 2019. Rates had been increasing again recently, hitting a high of $ 78 in 2021 .

How does Arlington compare to neighboring areas?

Why are car insurance rates in Arlington different from other areas?

car insurance companies look at numerous factors when they ‘re deciding how much to charge for a policy. Where you live will besides have a significant impact on your personal policy. This may include things like :

  • Rate of car accidents
  • Local crime rates
  • Number of drivers in the community
  • Area regulations
  • Off-street parking access

An awareness of these factors is important when thinking about buying a new policy or potentially moving to a new home. Get started with a guide like this to get companion with the average rates of your area .

How can I find the cheapest car insurance in Arlington?

Equipping yourself with information about the average costs for drivers in your area will better prepare you for the real consider. The only way to know for certain what your pace will be is by asking for a quotation from cable car indemnity companies .
good news ! can handle all of this for you. Just type in your ZIP below, answer a few questions on you and your vehicle, and you ‘ll be promptly comparing the cheapest quotes from numerous car policy companies offering car coverage in Arlington .
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Arlington Insurance FAQs

What factors affect car insurance quotes in Arlington? Auto policy companies take a wide array of factors into consideration when calculating your monthly payment. These include things like your vehicle ‘s year, make and model, your sex and long time, equally well as your credit rating score, drive criminal record, marital condition, and address. Why is the cost of car insurance in Arlington different from other neighboring cities? car indemnity companies take local factors into consideration when determining how much to charge for coverage. Things like local laws, parking situations, and crime rates — which can vary from city to city — can significantly affect your rate. Which car insurance company will offer me the cheapest rate in Arlington? There is n’t one company that will offer the cheapest rate to everybody. What companies will charge you are based on many unlike factors that vary from person to person, such as your driving record, what kind of car you drive, how many drivers will be on your policy, and a number of other factors. Because of this, it ‘s a good mind to use sites like to compare multiple quotes at once. That way, you can be confident you ‘re getting the best price. Do I need to change my insurance if I move to Arlington?

Any major life event, whether it be moving to a new area, finding a new subcontract, getting married, or any early celebrated event always presents a good opportunity to re-evaluate your current insurance policy. Regardless of your previous rate, there may be cheaper options in your newfangled location, so it ‘s a good idea to use services like to compare quotes from dozens of companies side-by-side. Do I need to wait for my policy to expire to switch to a different car insurance company? No. In fact, you can swap companies at any point, regardless of how much time is left on your current coverage. thus, whether you ‘re moving to Arlington or merely curious about rates in your area, why not take 10 minutes to see if can save you money ?

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