Fred Loya had the cheapest minimum coverage policies based on our analysis of the peak car indemnity companies in Lubbock, with an average price of $ 505 per year. The company besides offered the best rates for full coverage, charging $ 905 per class .
overall, rates in Lubbock are cheaper than the Texas express average. The nine insurers in our study charged Lubbock $ 810 per annum for minimal coverage — $ 116 less than the statewide annual average of $ 926 .
Always get quotes from multiple insurers. MetLife, the most expensive insurance company, charged our Lubbock driver $ 3,790 more than Fred Loya for the like coverage .

Cheapest auto insurance in Lubbock: Fred Loya

Fred Loya had the best rates for minimum coverage. Lubbock drivers would pay good $ 42 per calendar month for a Fredy Loya policy that meets the Texas minimum requirements for car insurance.

state farm came in a close second, however, charging just $ 46 a calendar month. We recommend getting quotes from both companies before you purchase a policy .
A chart of the cheapest car insurance companies in Lubbock, Texas.

Compare Car Insurance Rates in Lubbock, Texas

presently insured ? Auto insurance for less than $ 50 a calendar month might sound like a big deal, but bear in mind that the coverage it provides is extremely circumscribed. minimal coverage does n’t protect your own cable car at all, sol if you collide with another driver or have your car stolen, you ‘re fully responsible for its repairs or substitute .

Cheapest full coverage car insurance in Lubbock: Fred Loya

Fred Loya also had the best deal for full coverage insurance. In most cases, USAA has the most low-cost coverage, but Fred Loya stands out because it is a widely available insurance company offering importantly lower rates than USAA. Full coverage is just $ 905 per year. The average price of full coverage in Lubbock is $ 2,612 per annum, so Lubbock drivers save more than $ 1,700 every class with Fred Loya .
While Fred Loya has the best rates, we ‘d recommend contacting State Farm and Geico for quotes, adenine well. Both companies have a better customer service repute than Loya, whose cheap prices camouflage a subpar customer feel .



Annual rate

1 Fred Loya $905
2 State Farm $1,238
3 Geico $2,124
4 Nationwide $2,347
5 Chubb $2,510
6 Dairyland $3,645
7 Allstate $4,643
8 MetLife $4,695
N/A USAA $1,400

ValuePenguin recommends broad coverage to most drivers, but specially to drivers who have a new or expensive car. Full coverage includes collision and comprehensive coverage .

  • Comprehensive coverage: Protects your car from damage that doesn’t result from a collision, such as a wild animal, storm damage or theft.
  • Collision coverage: Pays for repairs to your car after a collision, no matter who is responsible for the accident.

Cheap car insurance for drivers with prior incidents

Drivers with incidents on their record — such as an at-fault accident, a speeding ticket or a DUI — receive higher rates from insurers. Drivers with a poor credit sexual conquest are besides quoted higher rates, though your credit sexual conquest has no shock on your ability to drive safely .
We looked at thousands of quotes in Lubbock and found the best rates for drivers with these incidents on their records :

Cheapest car insurance in Lubbock after an accident: Fred Loya

Fred Loya and State Farm not only offer the best rates for Lubbock drivers with an at-fault accident on their record, but they besides raise rates the least after an at-fault accident. Fred Loya raised rates by $ 218, from $ 905 to $ 1,123. State Farm raised rates by $ 223, from $ 1,238 to $ 1,461 .
overall, average rates for Lubbock residents went up by $ 1,480 after an at-fault accident. Insurers view an at-fault accident as a sign of future gamble and raise your rates to account for that hazard .



Annual rate

1 Fred Loya $1,123
2 State Farm $1,461
3 Geico $3,271
4 Nationwide $3,638
5 Chubb $4,276
6 Dairyland $4,768
7 Allstate $7,213
8 MetLife $9,001
N/A USAA $2,075

Cheapest car insurance for people with a speeding ticket: Fred Loya

Lubbock drivers with a speeding ticket pay $ 193 more per class on average than drivers with a clean record. Fred Loya and State Farm again provided the best value to drivers who have a rush ticket. Neither party raised rates, and both charged importantly less than the city average ; rates were 68 % and 56 % less, respectively .



Annual rate

1 Fred Loya $905
2 State Farm $1,238
3 Chubb $2,510
4 Geico $2,554
5 Nationwide $2,832
6 Dairyland $4,286
7 Allstate $4,643
8 MetLife $4,695
N/A USAA $1,582

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with a DUI: Fred Loya

Fred Loya had the best rates drivers with a DUI on their record, charging 66 % less than the city average .
We found that driving under the influence ( DUI ) in Lubbock increases average rates from $ 2,612 to $ 4,430. That ‘s the biggest increase of all the incidents in our learn, indicating barely how badly insurers take a DUI .



Annual rate

1 Fred Loya $1,514
2 State Farm $1,901
3 Dairyland $3,661
4 Geico $3,685
5 Nationwide $4,649
6 Chubb $5,424
7 Allstate $7,129
8 MetLife $9,812
N/A USAA $2,094

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with poor credit: Fred Loya

Fred Loya had the most low-cost wide coverage for Lubbock drivers with poor credit. In fact, the company charged our sample distribution driver the same rate — $ 905 annually — no matter whether they had very good, average or inadequate credit .
however, this is an strange approach. Most insurers raise rates if you have a low credit score, as they view this as a sign of increased risk. The modal cost of full moon coverage in Lubbock is :

  • $1,673 for drivers with very good credit
  • $2,165 for drivers with average credit
  • $3,262 for drivers with poor credit



Annual rate

1 Fred Loya $905
2 State Farm $1,920
3 Nationwide $2,658
4 Geico $3,015
5 Chubb $3,271
6 Dairyland $4,158
7 Allstate $4,257
8 MetLife $7,011
N/A USAA $2,161

We besides found that Fred Loya has the cheapest rates for low income car insurance in Texas .

Cheapest car insurance for married drivers: Fred Loya

Fred Loya had the best rates for marital drivers in Lubbock. Annual premiums averaged at $ 741, which is 69 % cheaper than the city average. married drivers in Lubbock pay $ 2,381 per year on average — $ 231 less than single drivers .



Annual rate

1 Fred Loya $741
2 State Farm $1,238
3 Nationwide $2,167
4 Geico $2,208
5 Chubb $2,510
6 Dairyland $3,394
7 MetLife $3,879
8 Allstate $4,092
N/A USAA $1,199

Cheapest car insurance for young drivers: Fred Loya

Fred Loya had the best rates for the sample 18-year-old driver in our study. While $ 3,068 per year for car indemnity might not sound particularly low-cost, it ‘s far less expensive than the city median of $ 6,740 per year .



Annual rate

1 Fred Loya $3,068
2 State Farm $3,797
3 Geico $4,424
4 Chubb $6,325
5 Dairyland $8,064
6 Allstate $8,549
7 Nationwide $8,688
8 MetLife $15,290
N/A USAA $2,456

average rates for our 18-year-old sample distribution driver in Lubbock were 158 % higher than average rates for our sample 30-year-old Lubbock driver .
Given these sky-high rates, we urge young drivers to stay on their parents ‘ insurance if they can. alternatively, they can get their rates down with a good scholar deduction or a telematics program .

Best auto insurance companies in Lubbock, Texas

Of the nine insurers featured in our study, USAA, Nationwide and State Farm boasted the highest numbers of customers who reported being “ highly satisfy ” with their most holocene claims .
For more data about these insurers and their customer service reputations, check out our Texas car indemnity learn .

Average car insurance cost in Lubbock, by neighborhood

indemnity rates vary not just by city but by ZIP code, vitamin a well. If you live in an area where accident or crime rates are higher, you ‘ll pay more than person who lives in a ZIP code where accidents are few and crime is infrequent .
Our psychoanalysis identified 79411 as the most expensive ZIP code in Lubbock for car insurance, while the least expensive was 79424 .

ZIP code

Average full coverage cost

Average minimum coverage cost

79401 $2,689 $836
79402 $2,674 $830
79403 $2,674 $826
79404 $2,644 $823
79406 $2,670 $834
79407 $2,538 $797
79409 $2,624 $811
79410 $2,607 $816
79411 $2,696 $835
79412 $2,620 $814
79413 $2,562 $794
79414 $2,559 $807

Show All Rows

Auto theft statistics in Lubbock

Around five cars are stolen for every 1,000 Lubbock residents. The city has the fourth-highest rate of crime larceny in Texas, according to ValuePenguin ‘s analysis of 2019 crime data .




Car thefts

Thefts per 1,000

1 Dallas 1,363,295 10,257 7.5
2 Houston 2,355,606 13,098 5.6
3 San Antonio 1,559,166 7,781 5.0
4 Lubbock 259,208 1,225 4.7
5 Fort Worth 915,237 3,335 3.6
6 Arlington 402,304 1,248 3.1
7 Austin 986,062 3,028 3.1
8 Corpus Christi 329,320 892 2.7
9 Plano 291,611 447 1.5
10 El Paso 686,793 851 1.2
11 Laredo 264,916 258 1.0


VauePenguin gathered car insurance quotes from nine of the largest insurers in Texas. Unless differently noted, our sample distribution driver was a 30-year-old man who drove a 2015 Honda Civic EX and has average credit .
The pursuit limitations were used for the driver ‘s entire coverage policy :

Coverage type

Study limits

Bodily liability $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Personal injury protection $10,000
Property damage $25,000 per accident
Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Comprehensive and collision $500 deductible

ValuePenguin ‘s analysis used indemnity rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurance company filings and are intended entirely for relative purposes. Your own quotes could differ, depending on your driving history, credit score and other factors unique to you .

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