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presently insured ? State Farm has the best car insurance rates for Omaha, Nebraska, residents. You ‘ll pay barely $ 39 per calendar month on average with State Farm, according to our analysis of thousands of minimal liability quotes across the city. State Farm besides has the best rates for wide coverage car policy, charging an average of $ 115 per calendar month .
Across Nebraska, minimum coverage costs $ 486 per year on average. As the most populous city in the state, Omaha has an average rate of $ 198 more, with Omaha drivers paying an average of $ 684 annually for minimal coverage car indemnity .
ValuePenguin ‘s analysis found that Progressive charges $ 3,244 more per year for fully coverage than State Farm in Omaha. Be indisputable to get multiple quotes, as it could save you thousands on car indemnity .

Cheapest auto insurance in Omaha: State Farm

State Farm has the cheapest wide available rates for minimum liability indemnity in Omaha. A minimal coverage policy includes the lowest possible limits you can legally carry, making it the most low-cost form of car indemnity. State Farm policies in Nebraska cost $ 470 per class ( $ 39 per month ), which is 31 % less expensive than the Omaha city average .
We recommend you check out Farm Bureau and American Family for low-cost minimum coverage a well. ValuePenguin found that Farm Bureau charges just $ 4 more than State Farm does each calendar month, while american english Family charges just $ 11 more .
Cheapest car insurance companies in Omaha, Nebraska.

Compare Car Insurance Rates in Omaha, Nebraska

presently insured ?

Cheapest full coverage car insurance in Omaha: State Farm

State Farm besides has the best rates for full coverage in Omaha. While fully coverage costs an modal of $ 2,488 in Omaha, we found that if you purchase a full moon coverage policy from State Farm, you ‘ll pay 44 % less. The ship’s company charges Omaha drivers fair $ 1,386 per year on average .



Annual rate

1 State Farm $1,386
2 Farm Bureau $1,639
3 American Family $1,962
4 Nationwide $2,221
5 Allstate $2,418
6 Farmers $4,470
7 Progressive $4,630
N/A* USAA $1,174

ValuePenguin recommends full coverage to most drivers, and particularly to young drivers or drivers of fresh cars. Full coverage includes liability insurance, american samoa well as collision and comprehensive coverage .

  • Comprehensive coverage: Covers damage resulting from “acts of God,” such as trees falling or natural disasters, theft and vandalism, as well as other non-collision damage.
  • Collision coverage: Covers damage that results from a crash with another vehicle or a stationary object.

Cheap car insurance for drivers with prior incidents

Incidents on your driving record causal agent insurers to view you as a higher risk and raise your rates. A inadequate credit score besides signals increased risk to insurers, even though it has no impact on your ability to drive safely .
ValuePenguin gathered quotes from ZIP codes across Omaha and identified the cheapest insurers for drivers who have :

Cheapest car insurance in Omaha after an accident: State Farm

State Farm, American Family and Farm Bureau have the best rates for drivers with an at-fault accident on their record. State Farm charges Omaha drivers $ 1,633 per year on average — 53 % less than the city average for wax coverage, which is $ 3,503 .
Rates in Omaha addition by 41 % after an at-fault accident. We broadly recommend comparing rates whenever your force read changes to be surely that you ‘re getting the best softwood .



Annual rate

1 State Farm $1,633
2 American Family $2,236
3 Farm Bureau $2,593
4 Allstate $3,299
5 Nationwide $3,568
6 Farmers $6,272
7 Progressive $6,732
N/A* USAA $1,694

Cheapest car insurance for people with a speeding ticket: State Farm

Getting a speeding slate increases the price of car indemnity for Omaha drivers by $ 596. While no one wants to see their rates go up, it ‘s worth noting that speeding tickets are the least dearly-won incidental in our study. Rates go up by $ 1,016 after an at-fault accident and $ 847 after a DUI citation .
The best broad coverage rates for drivers in Omaha who have been caught speeding on the roads come from State Farm. On average, Omaha drivers pay $ 3,083 after getting a travel rapidly ticket, but we found that State Farm customers pay merely $ 1,509. That ‘s a 51 % decrease .



Annual rate

1 State Farm $1,509
2 Farm Bureau $1,860
3 American Family $1,962
4 Allstate $2,703
5 Nationwide $3,357
6 Progressive $5,612
7 Farmers $6,197
N/A* USAA $1,466

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with a DUI: State Farm

State Farm, Farm Bureau and American Family have the best rates for drivers with a citation for driving under the influence on their record. not only are full coverage rates from these three companies 47 % cheaper than average, but all of the companies raise rates the same measure after a DUI and after an at-fault accident .
A DUI is normally among the more serious offenses drivers can commit, with insurers raising rates 72 % on average. That ‘s why we ‘d strongly urge Omaha drivers to get a quotation from one of these three insurers. It ‘s rare for an insurance company to treat a DUI like a accelerate slate, which is by and large considered a much less serious offense .



Annual rate

1 State Farm $1,509
2 Farm Bureau $1,860
3 American Family $1,962
4 Allstate $3,288
5 Nationwide $4,624
6 Progressive $4,969
7 Farmers $6,014
N/A* USAA $2,449

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with poor credit: Allstate

You could be the safest and most responsible driver in the world, but if you have a first gear credit score, insurers will treat you as a bad driver and agitate you steeper rates. The average annual premium for an Omaha driver with hapless credit is $ 3,331, while a driver with average credit pays $ 1,870 on average and a driver with very good recognition pays $ 1,496 on average.

ValuePenguin ‘s analysis identified Allstate as the most low-cost insurance company for Omaha drivers with hapless credit. Allstate customers pay $ 2,525 per year for broad coverage, which is 24 % less than the city average .
however, drivers should besides be certain to get quotes from Nationwide and Farm Bureau. Nationwide only charges $ 1 more per year than Allstate, and Farm Bureau merely charges $ 7 more per month .



Annual rate

1 Allstate $2,525
2 Nationwide $2,526
3 Farm Bureau $2,607
4 American Family $2,665
5 Farmers $4,078
6 Progressive $4,875
7 State Farm $5,546
N/A* USAA $1,829

Cheapest car insurance for married drivers: State Farm

Married drivers get into fewer accidents than individual drivers, causing insurers to offer them lower rates to reflect their decreased risk. In Omaha, married drivers pay $ 259 less on modal than single drivers ; ValuePenguin ‘s psychoanalysis found that full coverage costs $ 2,229 if you ‘re married .
State Farm offers married drivers the cheapest rates of the insurers in our study ; however, the company offers married and single drivers the lapp rates. Given this overture, you besides might want to get quotes from Farm Bureau, which charges married drivers $ 1,573 per class on modal .



Annual rate

1 State Farm $1,386
2 Farm Bureau $1,573
3 American Family $1,962
4 Nationwide $2,004
5 Allstate $2,349
6 Progressive $3,514
7 Farmers $4,018
N/A* USAA $1,024

Cheapest car insurance for young drivers: Farm Bureau

Young drivers in Omaha pay rates that are 334% higher than rates paid by adult drivers, our analysis found. New to the road, adolescent drivers get into accidents far more frequently than experienced pornographic drivers and are quoted higher rates because of it .
For this reason, we urge young drivers to stay on their parents ‘ insurance if they can. Car indemnity discounts, such as a telematics plan or a well scholar dismiss, are another direction teen drivers can help make their premiums more low-cost .
We recommend Farm Bureau to young drivers looking for cheap insurance. At $ 4,028 per class for full coverage, the company ‘s modal pace is 33 % cheaper than the state average .



Annual rate

1 Farm Bureau $4,028
2 State Farm $4,261
3 American Family $5,033
4 Allstate $5,888
5 Nationwide $8,284
6 Progressive $8,728
7 Farmers $9,126
N/A* USAA $2,766

Best auto insurance companies in Omaha, Nebraska

ValuePenguin surveyed customers of the clear insurers in the country, asking about their atonement with their most holocene call. Of the insurers in our Nebraska study, Nationwide, USAA and American Family had the highest percentage of customers who reported being “ highly quenched ” with their most recent claim .
To learn more about the customer service ratings of the companies featured in our analysis, check out our nebraska cable car policy analysis .

Average car insurance cost in Omaha, by ZIP code

Insurers calculate premiums down to your ZIP code, factoring in local details like crime rates, dealings and the count of uninsured drivers. Drivers who live in Omaha ZIP code 68118 pay $ 2,244 per class for full coverage, while drivers who live in 68111 pay $ 3,062 per year .

ZIP code

Average full coverage cost

Average minimum coverage cost

68022 $2,314 $637
68102 $2,792 $758
68104 $2,812 $782
68105 $2,634 $714
68106 $2,409 $673
68107 $2,654 $721
68108 $2,814 $747
68110 $3,030 $804
68111 $3,062 $820
68112 $2,857 $751
68114 $2,459 $688
68116 $2,299 $649

Show All Rows

Auto theft statistics in Omaha

Omaha had the highest rate of car larceny in Nebraska, according to ValuePenguin ‘s analysis of 2019 FBI crime data. approximately 6.7 cars were stolen for every 1,000 residents .




Car thefts

Thefts per 1,000 residents

1 Omaha 470,481 3,153 6.7
2 Bellevue 53,880 165 3.1
3 North Platte 23,705 51 2.2
4 Hastings 24,778 51 2.1
5 Grand Island 51,821 100 1.9
6 Fremont 26,523 48 1.8
7 Lincoln 291,128 454 1.6
8 Columbus 23,406 33 1.4
9 Papillion 20,580 22 1.1
10 Norfolk 24,698 26 1.1


We collected data from eight of the largest insurers in Nebraska. Our sample driver is 30 years honest-to-god, drives a 2015 Honda Civic EX and has an average recognition score. Unless differently noted, he has a full moon coverage policy with the following limits :

Coverage type

Study limits

Bodily injury liability $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Personal injury protection $10,000
Property damage liability $25,000 per accident
Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Comprehensive and collision $500 deductible

quadrant Information Services provided the data used in this ValuePenguin study. Rates were publicly sourced from insurance company filings. They are intended for comparative purposes merely, as your own quotes will probably differ .

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