May is National Motorcycle Awareness month, which means safe ride should be a top precedence for bikers across the nation. Motorcycling is undoubtedly one of the most excite modes of transportation but it ’ sulfur besides by far the most dangerous. According to CNNMoney, motorcycles killed 23,000 people over a 5-year period and 217 motorbike deaths occur every billion miles. It ’ randomness no wonder motorcycle awareness and base hit has a wholly calendar month dedicated to it. Practicing motorcycle safety international relations and security network ’ thyroxine good for your own benefit, it ’ s besides for the hundreds of other people out on the road at the same time you are. here are some motorcycle safety tips for the adjacent time you take a ride, and before you do therefore don ’ triiodothyronine forget to get your motorbike policy in Chicago .

Wear A Helmet

This should come as no storm to anyone but you would be surprise how many motorcyclists even do not wear helmets. however, the fact remains that helmets save lives. Motorcyclists who ride without helmets are 40 percentage more probably to suffer a black head injury and three times more likely to suffer genius injuries. A guardant helmet provides the greatest sum of security but even the most conservative helmet is safer than nothing at all. Do yourself a party favor and wear a helmet when you ride.

Wear The Right Gear

A helmet international relations and security network ’ t the only kind of protective gearing you should be wearing. In the consequence of a doss your body is completely exposed to the elements, there is nothing between you and the road unless you wear it. Wear a leather crown, gloves, pants, and over-the-ankle footwear. Try to find something with padding if you want to be extra safe. besides protect your eyes and increase your vision by wearing protective goggles. Finding gearing in a brilliantly color will besides increase your visibility to other drivers, which has proven to be a problem for drivers who have hit motorcyclists.

Defensive Driving

A study by the University of South Florida ’ south Center for Transportation Research found that in collisions involving a cable car and motorcycle, car drivers were at mistake 60 percentage of the time. Staying alert and aware of your surroundings will help you monitor your behavior equally well as that of those around you.

Get Insured

It goes without saying that having motorbike indemnity in Chicago will protect you in the consequence of a crash. Motorcycle policy is not required in all states, but it is in the state of Illinois. SaveALot Auto Insurance provides premier motorcycle insurance in Chicago to all our valuable customers. Protect yourself before going out on the road. Find brassy motorcycle indemnity in Chicago at SaveALot Auto Insurance. Get your quotation today !

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