The average monetary value of car indemnity in Seattle is $ 901 per year, or $ 75 per calendar month, for a minimum-coverage policy. The average premium for a entire coverage policy in Seattle is $ 2,086 per year, or $ 174 per calendar month .
Seattle, one of the liveliest and densest cities in the area, has an average car policy rate that is 23 % more expensive than the express average — a $ 395 difference .
In rate to find the cheapest possible rates for your individual background, shop class about multiple insurers and compare prices .
The cheapest insurance company in Seattle offers annual rates for a minimum coverage policy of $ 692 on average. relatively, the most expensive insurance company in the city has an average cost of $ 1,451. This dispute in pricing highlights how all-important it is to get quotes from multiple companies.

Cheapest car insurance in Seattle: Progressive

Progressive and Mutual of Enumclaw have the cheapest minimal insurance policies in Seattle. If you ’ re uncoerced to spend a little supernumerary, State Farm and Geico are two alternatives worth receiving quotes from .
however, if you are a former or current military penis, you ’ re eligible to receive an indemnity policy estimate from USAA, which has the cheapest minimal coverage indemnity policy, overall .
This graph identifies and ranks the three companies in Seattle, WA, with the best rates for insuring our sample driver's car

Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Seattle

presently insured ?


Insurance company

Average annual rate

1 Progressive $692
2 Mutual of Enumclaw $713
3 State Farm $734
4 Geico $769
5 American Family $1,046
6 Farmers $1,390
7 Allstate $1,451
N/A* USAA $411

The cheapest option for indemnity coverage is the minimal liability policy. To put it just, the minimum liability policy is the lowest total of coverage a driver must obtain before legally driving in their state .
Drivers who are insured under a minimum liability policy do not possess certain types of protection. damage caused to your car by natural disasters and crashes will not be financially reimbursed by your insurance company if you ’ ra signed under the minimum level of coverage .
We recommend that Seattle drivers opt for higher coverage limits or extra indebtedness auspices if their car is less than ten years old or valued at more than $ 3,000 .

Cheapest full coverage insurance? Mutual of Enumclaw

Mutual of Enumclaw is the Seattle insurance company with the cheapest entire coverage policy in Washington. The company ’ mho average full indebtedness policy costs approximately $ 1,471 — $ 615 less than the city average. Geico is the second-cheapest option for drivers looking for a wax coverage policy and has an average annual premium of $ 1,607 .
The cheapest insurance company overall, USAA, is merely available to eligible military members. Drivers insured under USAA pay an average $ 1,159 per year, or $ 97 per month .


Insurance company

Average annual rate

1 Mutual of Enumclaw $1,471
2 Geico $1,607
3 State Farm $1,710
4 Progressive $1,998
5 American Family $2,473
6 Allstate $2,950
7 Farmers $3,321
N/A* USAA $1,159

Drivers with full coverage policies receive extra protections that are not provided by a minimal liability policy. A fully coverage policy includes comprehensive and collision coverage in addition to the state minimum insurance prerequisite .
It ’ mho important to note that while wide coverage offers different types of security for drivers, it may not suit your individual needs. Drivers with fresh or expensive vehicles should consider extra coverage to protect their cars .

Cheapest full coverage policy for young people: Mutual of Enumclaw

young drivers in Seattle can find the lowest indemnity rates with Mutual of Enumclaw and Geico .
If you or a member of your family has a military background, obtain a quote from USAA because its rates are cheaper than Geico ’ south .


Insurance company

Average annual rate

1 Mutual of Enumclaw $3,824
2 Geico $4,968
3 State Farm $5,190
4 Farmers $8,813
5 Progressive $10,124
6 Allstate $10,487
7 American Family $15,547
N/A* USAA $4,393

The average monetary value of a full moon coverage policy for a young driver is about four times higher than the average price of a broad policy for a 30-year-old driver. adolescent drivers are classified as gamey risk because they are statistically more probably to be involved in accidents .
young people who are not even financially stable and have thousands to pay in college costs will struggle to find low-cost car indemnity. however, here are a few ways to lower your quote estimate :

  • Teens This is one of the best ways to save money on insurance if you’re a teen driver. Being added to your parents’ insurance plan is half as expensive as purchasing your own individual policy.
  • Check out each insurer’s discount offering. Large insurers typically have a number of discounts available to their drivers. You can receive discounts for being a good student, completing safe driving courses and having an accident-free record.
  • Research small insurance companies. There are many small insurers located in Seattle. Some may have rates that are even cheaper than larger companies like State Farm or Geico.

Cheapest full coverage plan for drivers with an accident history

The Seattle insurers that increased premiums the least following an accident are Mutual of Enumclaw and State Farm. Current and former military personnel qualify for a quote from USAA, the insurance company with the cheapest full coverage policy for drivers with an accident history .



Car insurance quote before accident

Car insurance quote after accident


1 Mutual of Enumclaw $1,471 $2,023 $552
2 State Farm $1,710 $2,052 $342
3 Geico $1,607 $2,330 $723
4 American Family $2,473 $3,749 $1,276
5 Allstate $2,950 $4,257 $1,308
6 Farmers $3,321 $4,392 $1,071
7 Progressive $1,998 $4,693 $2,695
N/A* USAA $1,159 $1,606 $447

At-fault accidents about constantly increase your annual insurance rate .
however, depending on your insurance company, these increases can vary from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. State Farm increased their drivers ’ indemnity rates by an average of $ 342 after an accident. meanwhile, Progressive more than doubled their drivers ’ annual premiums following an accident. These differences demonstrate the importance of comparing rates from multiple policy companies .

Best insurance companies for customer service in Seattle

Insurers should not only be evaluated based on the affordability of their policies but besides on the choice of their service. The indemnity companies with the best customer serve, measured by the frequency of customer complaints, were :

  • Mutual of Enumclaw
  • Liberty Mutual (Ohio Security)



Market share

Complaint index

1 PEMCO 4.73% 0.29
2 Mutual of Enumclaw 1.82% 0.34
3 Liberty Mutual (Ohio Security) 1.07% 0.64
4 Progressive 8.51% 0.91
5 Farmers (Mid-Century) 2.04% 1.01
6 Travelers (Standard Fire) 1.15% 1.13
7 Hartford 1.75% 1.13
8 Farmers 3.60% 1.25
9 American Family 2.86% 1.36
10 Geico 9.35% 1.63
11 USAA 6.42% 1.79
12 Integon 1.48% 1.84

Show All Rows Dealing with an accident or damage to your car is nerve-racking enough. Having an insurance company that is unresponsive, is not available at commodious times or conducts themselves unprofessionally can exacerbate the wholly experience. It ’ mho important that you factor in both customer overhaul and premium costs when deciding on insurers .

Average cost of insurance, by Seattle ZIP code

Your car insurance rates are affected by the area of Seattle you reside in. Each neighborhood has its own crime rate, accident rate and population density .
Residents of Downtown Seattle, the cheapest area of the city, can expect to pay an modal of $ 830 for minimum policy car policy. On the other hand, people who live in Seward Park and Rainier Valley pay an modal annual insurance cost of $ 982 .

ZIP code


Average annual auto insurance rate

98101 Downtown $830
98102 Eastlake / Cascade $881
98103 Woodland Park / Green Lake $887
98104 SoDo / Downtown $864
98105 University District $902
98106 Riverview / Delridge $941
98107 Adams / Ballard $882
98109 Westlake / Cascade $864
98112 Central Area $882
98115 Bryant $925
98116 North Admiral / West Seattle $905
98117 Loyal Heights / Ballard $882

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Auto theft statistics in Washington

Seattle has the lowest rate of automobile larceny out of the four most populate cities in Washington. In 2018, there were approximately 544 cars stolen for every 100,000 individuals .



Car thefts

Thefts per 100,000

Tacoma 215,687 1,877 870.2
Spokane 218,222 1,678 768.9
Vancouver 177,580 1,076 605.9
Seattle 742,759 4,042 544.2

Car insurance companies in Seattle

State Farm, Progressive and Liberty Mutual are the three largest policy companies in Washington. The five biggest policy companies account for over 50 % of direct premiums written to drivers in the express .
If you ’ re debating between selecting a little insurance company versus a big insurance company, there are a few factors to consider. large companies much have more policy and discount offerings for their drivers compared to small insurers. however, little insurers provide consumers with a personalize customer service experience .



Direct premiums written

Percent of direct premiums

1 State Farm 899,740 13.61%
2 Progressive 746,398 11.29%
3 Liberty Mutual 719,486 10.88%
4 Geico 678,528 10.26%
5 Allstate 579,983 8.77%
6 Farmers Insurance 405,500 6.13%
7 American Family Insurance 266,432 4.03%
8 Travelers 141,811 2.14%
9 The Hartford 130,834 1.98%
10 Nationwide 117,650 1.78%
N/A* USAA 487,470 7.37%

Minimum insurance requirement in Seattle, Washington

Washington requires the following coverage for drivers in the state :
Although fulfilling the minimum indemnity requirement is the cheapest option for drivers, it may not be the best for your needs. Bodily injury liability and place damage liability are meant to financially insure other people and their belongings in accidents. If your car is damaged in a crash, the minimal coverage will not be adequate to protect you .


In club to conduct our analysis, data was collected and analyzed from eight insurance companies located in Seattle. Our study used a male sample driver who is 30 years honest-to-god and owns a 2015 Honda Civic EX. Unless explicitly stated, the driver was comparing quotes for a minimum liability policy .
During instances where our driver searched for broad coverage policy rates, the following limits were implemented :

Coverage type

Study limits

Bodily injury liability $50,000 per person / $100,000 per accident
Property damage $25,000 per accident
Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury $50,000 per person / $100,000 per accident
Comprehensive & collision $500 deductible
Personal injury protection $10,000

ValuePenguin ‘s analysis used indemnity rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurance company filings and should be used for relative purposes alone — your own quotes may be different .

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