How much is car insurance in Spartanburg?

Area Average Monthly Car Insurance Premium
Spartanburg $92
SC $99
United States $80

Are rates in Spartanburg higher or lower than those in neighboring areas ? How do they compare to the remainder of South Carolina ? What can Spartanburg residents expect to pay for their car insurance ? Find the average cost breakdowns and determining factors in the charts and writeups below : car policy coverage in Spartanburg is about $ 7 cheaper than it is in the rest of South Carolina .
The average cost of insuring your fomite in Spartanburg is above the national rate. The average monthly payment in Spartanburg is about $ 12 more expensive than the rate for the rest of the U.S .
Although these are the median car policy rates in Spartanburg, you could end up paying something different. There are numerous factors taken into consideration by insurance companies when deciding the rate you ‘ll pay for coverage. The concluding dollar measure you ‘ll be asked to pay each month is calculated off of factors such as your historic period, gender, vehicle name and model, driving record, and in some areas, your credit score.

We ‘ve done the heavy lift for you and broken down the average pace for Spartanburg so that you can get a more accurate estimate of what your policy will cost you. And if you ‘re not certain that you ‘re paying the lowest option, just enter your ZIP Code below and find out in equitable minutes !
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Average Car Insurance Rates by Age

Age Range Average Premium
Under 18 Not Enough Data
18-24 $140
25-34 $92
35-44 $88
45-54 Not Enough Data
55-64 $72
65+ $71

It makes smell that older drivers would have more feel behind the wheel, right ? That experience can lead to some serious savings when it comes to car policy premiums. According to the table above, you can see that 18-24-year-olds pay a fortune more than person who is at retirement age .
You can expect to see a decrease in your monthly premium dribble about once a ten or therefore. Once you hit retirement age, however, you may see your rates begin to increase again in Spartanburg .

Average Car Insurance Rates by Gender

Gender Average
Male $91
Female $92

In general, female drivers pay less for cable car indemnity than their male counterparts. In Spartanburg, although men do pay slenderly less on their monthly indemnity rates, the price is about the same for either group .

Average Auto Insurance Rates by Driving Record

Infractions Average Monthly Premium
1 Accident $139
Multiple Accidents $161
1 Ticket $124
Multiple Tickets $175

Your rates can vary wildly depending on your force record. Drivers with clean records will pay importantly lower rates than those with accidents or violations. In Spartanburg, drivers with one accident on their record will experience rates around $ 124 a month. On a alike note, drivers with one slate on their criminal record will be looking at a monthly rate of about $ 139 on average .
When it comes to your monthly poster, accidents, tickets, and early driving infractions can in truth take a toll. That ‘s why it ‘s important to drive safely and keep your record clean so you can get keep your rates angstrom gloomy as possible .

Average Insurance Rates by Vehicle

Vehicle Age Average Monthly Premium
Less Than 1 Year $95
2-3 Years $108
4-5 Years $117
6-7 Years $88
8-10 Years $93
11-14 Years $98
15 Years or Older $84

If you look at the beginning mesa above, the cheapest vehicles to insure in Spartanburg are normally trucks and vans, at $ 82 per calendar month .
car owners, on the other pass, by and large yield around $ 92 per calendar month, while SUV drivers can expect to pay about $ 93 a month for insurance coverage .
You can besides expect to see slightly different rates depending on your vehicle ‘s long time. overall, newer vehicles are going to be the most expensive to insure. once your car is around 5 years old however, your rates may start to dip back down a bite. In Spartanburg, for exemplar, the most expensive vehicles to insure are vehicles four-to-five years old .

Average Car Insurance Rates by Relationship Status

Relationship Average Monthly Premium
Single (never married) $96
Married $79
Divorced $79
Widowed $67

More often than not, those who have settled down into marriage will pay slenderly less for car policy coverage. This occurs because policy companies normally offer particular discounts to policyholders with multiple vehicles that are on the lapp policy .
At a national level, single drivers normally pay more than married couples do for car indemnity. Spartanburg follows that convention, with the difference totaling to around $ 17 a month .

Average Car Insurance Rates by Housing Situation

Housing Status Average Monthly Premium
Own $80
Rent $94
Live with parents $119

Your house condition is another gene that affects your monthly pace. If you rent your dwelling or apartment, expect to pay around $ 14 a month more than if you own your own home in Spartanburg. But if you live with your parents, your rates will be significantly higher .
If you bundle your home or rental insurance and car indemnity policies, you can oftentimes reduce your average premiums, depending on your policy company .

Car Insurance Companies in Spartanburg, SC

Recent trends in car insurance for Spartanburg drivers

Given that average rates are frequently changing, it ‘s a smart move to know the direction your area is trending when deciding when and where to shop.

The cost of cable car insurance coverage in Spartanburg declined from 2016-2017, but began to rise in 2018. This convention has continued through 2021 when rates have most recently hit $ 111 .

How does Spartanburg compare to neighboring areas?

Why are car insurance rates in Spartanburg different from other areas?

There are a kind of factors cable car insurance companies take into consideration when deciding how much to charge for a monthly rate. many factors affecting your policy are based around where you call home. These factors include things like :

  • Availability of off-street parking
  • Amount of drivers in the area
  • Road Safety (how many accidents each locality has)
  • Area laws
  • Area crime rates

Having an awareness of these factors is critical when thinking about buying a new policy or potentially moving to a modern home plate. Get started with a steer like this to get familiar with the average rates of your area .

How can I find the cheapest car insurance in Spartanburg?

Familiarizing yourself with patterns in the average costs of drivers like you will give you a leg up in conversations with policy companies. ultimately, the entirely way to know precisely what your rate will be is by requesting a quotation from those car insurance companies .
fortunately, does all of that work for you. Put in your ZIP below, answer a few questions, and you ‘ll be comparing the cheapest quotes from a bulk of the cable car insurance companies offering car coverage in Spartanburg .
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Spartanburg Insurance FAQs

What factors affect car insurance quotes in Spartanburg? Quotes are calculated by car insurance companies who take multiple factors into consideration, including things you ca n’t control like your sex and age, but besides factors like your marital condition, accredit score, address, and drive record. Why is the cost of car insurance in Spartanburg different from other neighboring cities? Auto insurance companies consider regional factors, such as crime rates, parking situations, and local laws into report when calculating the monthly rate for coverage. Since these can all change from city to city the rates you may see can differ from neighboring areas. Which car insurance company will offer me the cheapest rate in Spartanburg? No one indemnity ship’s company is guaranteed to offer the cheapest rate across the board. Since companies base their rates on factors that differ from person to person, such as repel record, act of drivers on the policy, fomite form and model, and many more, it ‘s a well mind to use sites like to compare multiple quotes at once. Do I need to change my insurance if I move to Spartanburg?

Whenever you move to a newly area, or experience any other major life event such as getting married or finding a new job, it ‘s always a good estimate to re-evaluate your current indemnity policy. Certain companies may offer larger discounts in certain cities, so it ‘s a smart estimate to use services like to compare quotes from dozens of companies side-by-side. Do I need to wait for my policy to expire to switch to a different car insurance company? not at all, in fact you can switch companies at any point, careless of how much clock is left on your current policy. If you ‘re thinking about moving to Spartanburg or have n’t checked out the latest rates in your area for some time, it might be worth your while to take 10 minutes and see if can save you any cash .

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