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Cheap insurance policies for all types of drivers

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High customer satisfaction rating and good claim management record

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Rideshare insurance is available


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Only provides auto insurance to veterans, active military personnel and their family members

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No unique coverages


USAA has an excellent customer atonement rat and an above-average score for customer complaints. USAA is cheap for all driver types. MoneyGeek found that it has cheap car policy for drivers with a rape, young drivers and those who want minimum or full coverage. Check out MoneyGeek ‘s resources on the cheapest cable car indemnity companies and best car indemnity providers to learn more about USAA and other insurers. To compare USAA to other insurers, use MoneyGeek ‘s car policy company comparison tool.

How Does USAA Rank for Customer Service?

ball-shaped and third-party military rank agencies put USAA ahead of the competition. From its fiscal health to its consumer satisfaction, USAA insurance is one of the best insurance companies in the industry. According to the Satmetrix Net Promoter Benchmark Study, USAA is ranked as a drawing card in the car insurance diligence from 2010 to 2018. The net Promoter Score is issued by NICE Satmetrix, a trust industry-standard rating means in gauging the loyalty of a company ’ sulfur customer feel. A senior high school score suggests that a certain administration provides superior service compared to its competitors and is used to predict tax income emergence .

Customer Satisfaction Rating

First Notice of Loss : 5 /5 estimate of process : 4 /5 Repair process : 4 /5 Claims Servicing : 5 /5 rental have : 5 /5 colony : 4 /5 According to J.D. Power ‘s 2019 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Survey metrics, USAA ’ s casualty policy contingent stands out .

Customer Complaint Ratio

USAA The National Association of Insurance Commissioners ( NAIC ) is an organization that measures customer service standards. It ’ s a national regulative torso with a joint aim of establishing best-practice indemnity standards. The NAIC issues the Company Complaint Index, which tracks the number of public complaints against insurance companies. The exponent is calculated by comparing the number of each insurance company ’ south complaints to the national median. The default national medial is 1.00. It ’ s ideal for companies to fall below this total, which indicates fewer than expected complaints. USAA is rated at 1.00.

USAA Auto Insurance Quotes: How Much Does it Cost?

MoneyGeek gathered car insurance quotes from all 50 states and Washington, D.C., which includes the 47 states where USAA sells car policy and averaged them for sample distribution drivers. In every state that USAA is available for car insurance, MoneyGeek ’ sulfur data determined it is cheap, costing an average of $ 883 per year. During our research, we examined numerous driver profiles and determined that USAA is cheap for all — drivers who purchase full coverage indemnity, the state of matter minimum mandated coverage, young drivers or those with a speed ticket. You should do some comparison shop if you want to find the cheapest car policy coverage. And constantly consider that price is n’t the only thing to evaluate ; fiscal intensity, charge ratios and other factors are besides significant .

Average Annual Cost of Car Insurance with USAA versus National Average

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Is USAA Car Insurance Expensive or Cheap? Why?

USAA is cheap for new or inexperienced drivers, drivers with a speed ticket and those choosing minimum or entire coverage. Insurance caller ‘s, including USAA, are not crystalline about how they calculate car indemnity costs. But USAA has cheap and competitive car insurance rates for all driver types and strong ratings for customer atonement and claims management. young drivers are specially likely to save with USAA for car indemnity since many other insurers charge them high rates because of inexperience. Remember, though, that you must have a military background to be eligible for USAA. Loading …

Discounts Offered by USAA That Can Help You Save

You can apply discounts to reduce the cost of your USAA car insurance coverage. USAA offers many of the market ‘s distinctive car indemnity discounts, including bundling, multiple car, good student, safe driving and defensive driving. The alone typical discounts it does not provide are anti-theft system, pay-in-full, paperless and airbags. USAA does offer discounts that are not available through some policy carriers. The discounts include loyalty and military, which apply to garaging your vehicle on basal. The vehicle storage dismiss can besides help you save well on your policy ( up to 60 % ).

Compare USAA Directly With Other Car Insurance Companies

MoneyGeek ‘s resources can assist you in comparing USAA to other major insurance carriers in your state. You may use MoneyGeek ‘s comparison cock to evaluate how USAA stacks up against other insurers in terms of customer service, price and standout coverages. furthermore, the tool will direct you to extra resources to assist in determining how USAA compares to the competition .

Company Comparison

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Does USAA Offer Broad or Unique Coverage?

USAA offers standard liability coverage, comprehensive and collision insurance like other car insurers. The company besides provides some of the most common accessory car insurance coverages : roadside assistance, rental car and/or travel reimbursement and accident forgiveness. Rideshare insurance coverage is besides available through USAA. But, a USAA policy can not include other common addition coverages like new car replacement, better car replacement, gap insurance and deductible modification. additionally, USAA does not provide any unique insurance coverages.

What Online Auto Insurance Tools Does USAA Offer?

USAA international relations and security network ’ t excessively innovative in providing ways to customize your policy. But its customer support platform is dense with helpful informational resources, clearly not an afterthought like some insurers ’ features are. extra discounts for active military personnel make up for the miss of creativity in policy design .

  • type of feature description
  • Calculators Auto, home, savings and debt and retirement calculators are available .
  • Online Price Quotes To get an estimate, you ’ re screened to determine eligibility, and you need to create an on-line score first .
  • Payment Options USAA allows you to set a compromising payment plan at no extra cost. But restrictions apply and you must live in certain states .
  • Mobile App Their mobile app is full-bodied. You can manage a variety of insurance, banking, invest and other services through it .
  • Financial Advice USAA goes above and beyond to provide reference for its policyholders. Personalized expertness ranges from buying a dwelling and car, retirement design, military life and more .

Other USAA Insurance Products

In addition to car indemnity, USAA offers a broad portfolio of casualty indemnity products. Bundling your car indemnity with either your home or tenant ’ s indemnity policy can save you up to 10 % on your premium. Below are other types of indemnity USAA sells. Each description below is subject to diverse terms, conditions and restrictions .

  • type of product description
  • Homeowners Insurance Covers dwelling, personal belongings, home-sharing, earthquake, loss-of-use, personal liability and other structures. Allows you to customize your policy .
  • Renters Insurance Covers liability and personal assets. deluge and earthquake coverage are standard features of USAA ’ s basic policy. besides protects belongings during moving, but doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cover charge damages due to temperature changes .
  • Umbrella Insurance Covers beyond the extent of home and car policy policies in the event of litigation. Protects base, car and early assets .
  • Condo Insurance Goes beyond the condominium association overlord policy coverage. Options include all-in-one, denude walls and personal belongings policies .
  • Landlord Insurance Offers auspices for property that you rent out ; besides called landlord indemnity. Includes income successor, personal indebtedness and home-sharing coverage .
  • Flood Insurance Damages from floods aren ’ t covered in home insurance policies. This insurance covers situations where floods could arise .
  • Rideshare Insurance Reserved for rideshare drivers. This indemnity fills in possible coverage gaps in your personal car or rideshare caller ’ second policy .
  • Personal Property Insurance This policy provides extra auspices for high-value personal items. It features no deductible and covers lost, unintentionally broken or damaged property, arsenic well as providing global coverage .
  • Life Insurance Offers flexible, term-life up to 30 years and permanent wave biography coverage. Offers extra benefits for active-duty military personnel .
  • Annuities Offers deferred and income annuities for sweetheart payments before or during retirement. early withdrawal penalties apply .
  • Business Insurance Comprehensive coverage options are available for your minor business to protect your property, assets and employees .
  • Classic Car Insurance USAA will assess your car ‘s value based on its condition, rarity and features, and offer you rate options based on how many miles you expect to drive it .
  • Motorcycle Insurance Motorcycle, RV and gravy boat : If you ride a motorcycle or own a gravy boat, this coverage may be of interest. classic car and aviation policy is besides available .
  • Other Pet, travel, mobile earphone, special events and personal and commercial bonds protective covering is besides available .

Financial Strength

AM Best verifies insurance companies ‘ financials to certify that they have adequate capital to stay in business. That documentation check is known as the AM Best Financial Strength Rating. Rankings are not a guarantee for policyholders. They ’ ra mean to signify fiduciary force. USAA received an A++ as their AM Best Financial Strength Rating. Loading …

How to Make a Car Insurance Claim With USAA

Claims with USAA are filed on-line. After logging into the claims portal, follow the on-line prompts. You can besides use the USAA mobile app.

Contact USAA Car Insurance

Methodology and Assumptions

To evaluate and review car insurance companies, MoneyGeek cautiously weighs factors such as price, fiscal intensity, policy features, customer satisfaction, avail and other leading indicators. MoneyGeek besides references publicly available data from industry leaders such as J.D. Power, AM Best, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ( NAIC ) and the Better Business Bureau. Learn more about MoneyGeek ’ s review methodology hera. About the author

expert-profileexpert-profile Eric is a senior writer and subject strategist who writes about personal finance, insurance, real estate, investing and more. His populate know informs his expertness on these topics : Eric served as a license very Estate Salesperson for Century 21 Metropolitan in New York City and sold commercial, residential and rental real estate. He besides holds an investment Foundations authentication issued by the CFA Institute. Eric earned his chief of Science in Interactive Media from DePaul University .

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